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cut off an area by means of troops or warship to stop supplies or people from coming in ot going out - to close off a countrys ports
coercive acts
very harsh laws intended to make massachuettes pay for resistance
to send out of country aliens who are considered dangerous
daughter of liberty
women who organised groups to support the boycott of british goods
a formal request
activities armed at weakening established goverment
formal expression of opinion
henry clay and john calhoun were known as what
leading war hawks
who was known as the swamp fox
francis marion
where did the patriot forces endure a winter of terrible suffering
valley forge
concurrent powers
powers shared by the states and the federal goverment
companies of civilians soldiers who boasted that they were ready ot fight in a minutes notice
how did the colonists protest british taxes
movement during the 1700's that spread the idea that knowledge reason and science could improve society
to leave or withdraw
the prophet
tecumseh's brother and inspired other native american to go back to their old customs
policy that goverment should interfere as little as possible in the nations economy
to give official approval to
what system did the framers build into the constitution to keep any one branch of goverment from gaining too much power
the federal system / checks and balances
valley forge
british general howe and his forces spent the winter in comfort in philadelphia washington
hired soldiers - to fight also called hessians
armed private ships
articles of confederation
ratified in 1781 and superseded by the constituion of the united states in 1789
domestic tranquility
maintaining peace within the nation
bill of rights
provided adequate protection of individual rights
judiciary act of 1789
added a sereies of district courts to the federal court system
what did george washington do after the war
washington retired and returned to his home in moint vernon
shays rebellion
frightened amny americans. they worried whether the goverment could control unrest and prevent violence
money paid for protection
who suggested the great compromise
roger sherman
stamp act
placed a tax on almost all printed material. Newspapers, pamplets, wills and playing cards
commitee of correspondence
an organization that used meetings, letters, and pamplets to spread political ideas through the colony
tea act
saved teh east india company and gave rights to ship tea to the colonies without paying most of the taxes
the introduction to a formal document especially the constitution
green mountain boys
small group of new englanders captured the british fort ticonderoga
war hawks
republicans during madisons presidency who pressed for war with britian
customs duties
takes on foreign imported goods
who was " the crisis" written by
thomas paine
where did the constitutional convention and the signing of the declaration of indendence take place
treaty of ghent
was a peace agreement signed in december 1814 in ghent belgium
whati is the final authority under the federal system
what type of goverment do citizens rule through elected representitives
louisiana purchase
doubled the size of the united states and cost 15 million
battle of tippecanoe
was proclaimed a glorious victory for americans
this act was renamed the " intolerable acts "
coencive acts
after which american victory did the french openly announce support for the united states
to enlist soldiers in th army
what are the first ten amendments called
bill of rights
who urged native americans to return to the customs of their ancestors
the ceremony in which the president takes the oath of office
sugar act
stopped smuggling between the colonies and the west indies. Lowered taxes on molasses imported by colonies, also established a special courts to hear smuggling cases
american colonies who remained loyal to britian and opposed the war for independence
rag figures representing unpopular tax collectors
where did the patriots suffer the worst defeat of the war
kings mountain
who was a major advocate of womens rights
Abigail adams
what did george washington think of political parties
the thought of the evils of the political aprties and entanglement in foreign affairs
boston massacre
fight between towns people and soldiers
naturalization act
made it difficult for white aliens - not african americans - to become citizens
where did the patriots score a victory on christmas night 1776
a group of civilans trained to fight in emergencies
taking no side on a conflict
after which battle did tecumseh join forces with the british troops against americans
battle of tippecanoe
to leave without permission
to fall in value
guerrilla warfare
a his an run technigue
favoring one side of an issue
incoming money
a positon of not taking sides in a conflict
person who risks money in order to make large profit
who did we purchase the louisiana territory from
a powerful shawnee built a confederacy amoung native american nations in indiana, ohio and michigan
Who led the Green Mountain boys
Ethan Allen
who was the presiding officer at teh constitutional convention
george washington
a goverment in which citizens rule through elected representitives
formally change a public official with misconduct
battle of new orleans
americans achieve a decisive victory in the war of 1812
treaty of greenville
12 indian nations in the great lakes region signed the treaty and opened up most of ohio to the white settlement
conestoga wagons
sturdy vehicle topped with white canvas and used by the pioneers to move west
to prepare fo an election
francis scott key
young attorney who wrote the star spangled banner
boston tea party
men disguised in mohawks and armed threw 342 chests of tea overboard
enumerated powers
powers belonging only to the federal goverment
writs of assistance
leagal documents that enabled officers to search homes and warehouses for goods that might be smuggled
the shot around the world refers to the actions of the minutemen where
Lexington and concord
implied powers
powers not specifically mentioned in the constitution
to cancel an act or law
a period of low economic activity and widespread unemployment
a continuous rise in the price of goods and services
agreement between two or more sides in which each side gives up some of what it wants
what department handles relations with other nations
state department
who drilled the patriot soldiers at valley forge
freidrich von steuben
forcing people into service, as in the navy
what established the federal court system
judicial act of 1789
a tax on imports or exports
great compromise
under franklins leadership the convention appointed a frand commitee to try and resolve thier differences
judicial review
the right of the supreme court to determine if a law violates the constitution
a traditon
waht law created a territory out of lands north of the ohio and east of the mississippi rivers
northeast ordinance
judical review
the right of the supreme court to determine if a law violates the constitution
people that members of congress represent
ideas or information designed and spread to influence opinion
immigrants living in a country in which she or he is not an citizen
electoral college
a special group of voters selected by their state legislatures to vote for the president and vice president
armed private ships
xyz affair
refers to the 3 french aagents
soldiers who runa way from battle or war
an order prohibiting trade with another country
declaratory act
stated that parliment had the right to tax and make decisons for the british colonies - in all cases whatsoever
Who wrote the declaration of indendence
thomas Jefferson
Who wrote ' common sense "
thomas paine
how did the louisiana purchase affect the land size of the united states
double the size of the united states
popular sovereignty
political theory that goverment is subject to the will of the people.
consisting of two houses or chambers especially in legislature
a surprise attack
a formal plan of goverment
after which battle did king george III agree to give the americans their freedom
who was the first secretary of state
thomas jefferson
intolerable acts
took away many rights of the massachuettes colonist
what was america's first constitution
bill of rights
to set aside for a particularpurpose especially funds
american colonies who were determined to fight the british until american independence was won
a law or regulation
national debt
the amount of money a national goverment owed to other goverments or its people

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