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엑쓰 퍼 지쉬 언 3, 설명:The master plumber's ~ of modern plumbing technique was so riveting(매혹적인) that many of the young apprentice plumbers in the audience forgot to take notes.:박람회:Charlie was overwhelmed by the new fishing equipment he saw displayed and demonstrated at the international fishing ~.:To expound is to give an ~.:The adjective is expository(엑 쓰파즈 이 퉈 뤼 2)
익 스파스 출 레잍 2, 타이르다:When I told my mother that I was going to live in a barrel on the bottom of the sea, she ~ed at great length, hoping she could persuade me to stay at home.
익 스펀쥐 2, 삭제하다:Vernon's conviction for shoplifting was ~ed from his criminal record when lightning struck the police computer.
엑쓰 턴트 1, 현존하는:So many copies of the lithograph(석판화) were ~ that none of them had much value.
익쓰 토올트 2, to obtain through force, threat, or illicit means:The root "tort" means to twist. To ~ is to twist someone's arm to get something.:The maid ~ed money from her employer by threatening to reveal publicly that he collected pornographic videotapes.:The act of ~ing is extortion.(익 스토올 션):Joe's conviction for ~ was viewed as an impressive qualification by the mobsters for whom he now worked.
익쓰 트레 머 티 2, 첨단(the outermost point or edge):The explorers traveled to the ~ of the glacier, then fell off.:극도:Even in the ~ of his despair, he never lost his love for tennis.:궁지:Ruth was at her best in ~; great danger awakened all her best instincts.:사지(四肢):During extremely cold weather, blood leaves the ~ies to retain heat in the vital organs.
익 주 버 뤈트 2, 열광적인:The children's ~ welcome brought tears of joy to the eyes of the grumpy visitor.:overflowing(넘쳐흐르는):Quentin was nearly a hundred years old, but he was still in ~ health; he walked twelve miles every morning and worked out with weights every evening.
퍼 싸드 2, 정면:The building's ~ was covered with so many intricate carvings that visitors often had trouble finding the front door.:허울:Gretchen's kindness is just a ~; she is really a hostile, scheming creep.
팰 러 씨 1, 그릇된생각:That electricity is a liquid was but one of the many ~ies spread by the incompetent science teacher.:adj.fallacious
포우 모조의:~ marble is wood painted to look like marble.:A faux pas(포우 파)literally means false step, but is used to mean an embarassing social mistake.:At the royal banquet(뱅큍 1, 연회), Biff committed the minor ~ of belch(트림을하다)ing in the queen's face.
퍼언 to exhibit affection:The old women ~ed over the new baby, pinching its cheeks and making little gurgling sounds.:아첨하다:The king could not see through the ~ of his court(왕실); he thought all the princes and princesses really liked him.
페스 털 1, 곪다:Mr.Baker had allowed the wound on his arm to ~ for so long that it now required surgery.:For many years, resentment had ~ed beneath the surface of the apparently happy organization.
피 애스 코우 2, 대실패:The tag sale(garage sale:미 (자택의 차고에 벌려놓는) 중고 가정용품[불용품(不用品)] 염가 판매) was a ~; it poured down rain all morning, and nobody showed up.:
파이 엍/ 피 엍 1, an arbitrary decree or order:The value of the country's currency was set not by the market but by executive ~.:The president of the company ruled by ~; there was no such thing as a discussion of policy, and disagreements were not allowed.
픽 먼트 1, 꾸며낸일:The three-year-old told his mother there were skeletons under his bed, but they turned out to be just a ~ of his overactive imagination.:허구:There French-speaking hummingbirds inside my head--are they real, or are they a ~?
플뤄 륃 1, 불그레한:Ike's ~ complexion is the result of drinking a keg of beer and eating ten pounds of lard every day.:Florid is related to floral and florist, so it also means excessively flowery, overdramatic, or ornate.:My brother is still making fun of that ~ love poem Ted sent me.
파 덜 1, 사료:The cattle for some reason don't like their new ~, which is made of ground-up fish bones and Hershey's kisses.:소재:Estelle was less embarrassed than usual when her father acted stupid in public, because his behavior was ~ for her new stand-up comedy routine.
퐈 뤠이 1, 습격:The minute Shelly left for the party, her younger sisters made a ~ on her makeup; they ended up smearing her lipstick all over their faces.:진출:My ~ into the world of advertising convinced me that my sould is much too sensitive for such a sleazy business.
포얼 클로우즈 2, 저당물을 찾아갈 권리를 잃게 하다:If you don't make the mortgage(저당) payments on your house, the bank may ~ on the loan, take possession of the house, and sell it in order to raise the money you owe.:to shut out or exclude:When Tom developed an allergy(앨 럴 쥐 1) to it, he was ~ed from eating his favorite food, corn on the cob.
퍼 뤤 직 2, 법의학의:Before seeking an indictment, the prosecutor needed a report from the ~ laboratory, which he felt certain would show that the dead man had been strangle(교살하다)d with his belt.
포얼 스딸 2, to thwart, prevent, or hinder something from happening:To ~ embarrassing questions about her haircut, Ann decided to wear a bag over her head for the rest of her life.:Let's ~ a depressing January by not spending any money on Christmas presents this year.
포올쓰 웨얼 2, <한말을>취소하다:The thief had previously testified that he had been in Florida during the theft, but a stern glance from the judge quickly made him ~ that testimony.끊다:For my New Year's resolution, I decided to ~ both tobacco and alcohol; the I lit a cigar and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the new me.
폴 테이 2, 강점:Lulu doesn't really have a ~; she doesn't really do anything particularly well.
퍼얼뜨 롸잍 1, 솔직한:When the minister asked Lucy whether she would take Clayton as her lawfully wedded husband, she answered with a ~ "No!".
파스 털 1, encourage:Growing up next door to a circus ~`ed my love of elephant.:촉진하다:By refusing to be pressued into burning its "controversial" books, the library will foster new ideas instead of smuthering them.
프뤡 먼 태어 뤼 1, incomplete:Since the Coup leaders refuse to allow the press into the country, our information is still ~ at this point.:단편적인:She has only a ~ knowledge of our national anthem; she can sing the first, fifth, and eleventh lines, and that's all.:프뤠그 멘트 2, to break into pieces.
프뤁 풀 1, 수확이많은:The collaboration between the songwriter and the lyricist proved so ~ that last year they won a Tony for Best musical.opp.fruitless:A ~ search turns up nothing.:fruition프루 이쉬 언 2, 결실:To reach ~ is to accomplish or fulfill what has been sought or striven for.
퓨울 타오르게하다:Her older's sister's sarcasm only ~ed Wendy's desire to live several thousand miles away.:자극하다:Harry ~ed Harriet's suspicions by telling her out of the blue that he was not planning a surprise party for her.
펄 머 내잍 1, to denounce vigorously; to protest vehemently against something:In every sermon, the bishop ~s against the evils of miniskirts, saying that they are the sort of skirt that the devil would wear, if the devil wore skirts.:The old man never actually went after any of his numerous enemies; he just sat in his room ~ing.:The principal's fulminations(펄 머 내이 쉬언쓰 3)had no effect on the naughty sophomores; they went right on smoking cigarettes and blowing their smoke in his face.
개프 결례:In some cultures, burping after you eat is considered a sign that you liked the meal. In our culture, it's considered a ~:실수:Michael Kinsley defines a politician's ~ as "when one inadvertently tells the truth."
갤 버 나이즈 1, 자극하여..하게하다:The student council president hoped his speech would ~ the student body into rebelling against standardized tests. But his speech was not as galvanic(갤 바하 닉) as he would have liked, and his listeners continued to doze in their seats.
갬 벝 1, (졸 등을 희생시키는) 초반 첫 수:Bobby's opening ~ at the chess tournament allowed him to take control of the game from the very beginning.:계략:Meg's gambit to get a new car consisted of telling her father that everyone sles in her class had a new car.
개 멑 1, :the full range: run the (whole) ~ of expression 갖은 (표현)을 다하다 :The baby's emotions run the ~ from all-out shrieking to contented cooing.:My professor said that my essay covers the ~ of literary mistakes, from bad spelling to outright plagiarism.
가할 널 1, earn:Mary's articles about toxic waste ~ed her a Pulitzer Prize.:모으다:Steve continues to ~ varsity letters, a fact that will no doubt ~ him a reputation as a great athlete.
개쓰 트롸 너 미 2, the art of eating well:I have never eaten a better meal. It is a gastronomic.
줴 네 뤽 2, 흔한:The machinery Pedro used to make his great discovery was entirely ~; anyone with access to a hardware store could have done what he did.:상표 등록이 되어 있지 않은 <상품명약 등>:Instead of buying expensive name-brand cigarettes, Rachel buys a ~ brand and thus ruins herh health at far less expense.
줴 너 씨쓰 1, origin; creation; beginning:~ is the name of the first book of the Bible. It concerns the ~ of the world, and in it Adam and Eve realize that it is never wise to listen to the advice of serpents.:It's hard to believe that the Concorde has its ~ in the flimsy contraption built by the Wright brothers.
절 매인 2, 관계가있는:"whether or not your mother and I give you too small an allowance," said Cleo's father sternly, "is not ~ to my suggestion that you clean up your room more often.":적절한:One of the many ~ points he raised during his speech was that someone is going to have to pay for all these improvements.
그래 터쓰/그뤠이 터쓰 1, 무료인:Since Gary drove his car through the Whitney's plate-glass living room window, he provided them with a new one, ~.
그뤼 버쓰 1, 통탄할만한:The losses on both sides were ~; the battlefield was covered with bodies, and the steam ran red with blood.:쓰라린:The memory of all the times I've yelled at my children is ~ to me.
그뤼 미쓰 1, 우거지상을하다:Don't ~, dear, or your face will freeze that way.:Tom couldn't help ~ing when he heard that the Pettibones were coming over for supper; he had hated the Pettibones ever since they had borrowed his riding lawn mower and ridden it into the lake.우거지상.
가이즈 외관:Every night the emperor enters the princess's room in the ~ of a nightingale, and every night the princess opens her window and shoo(쉬하고 내쫓다)him out.:가장:How could I help trusting Hortense? She had the ~ of an angel!
허 비취 우 웨잍 2, 길들이다:Putting a clock in a puppy's bed is supposed to help ~ it to its new home, but most puppies become homesick anyway.:habitue허 비취 우 웨이 2, 단골:Alice is a ~ of both the bar at the end of her street and the gutter in front of it.
핼 씨 언 1, 평온한:Why does everyone talk about the ~ days of youth? Most of the kids I know don't exactly live serene, carefree lives.:화창한:The ~ skies are a good harbinger(할 빈 절 1:조짐)of a pleasant vacation.
할프 같은말을귀찮게되풀이하다:"Will you quit ~ing on my hair?" Tim shouted at his mother. "I don't have to get it cut if I don't have to!"
해 뤼 1, 유린하다(남의 권리나 인격을 함부로 짓밟음):The soldiers vowed to ~ their opponents until they finally surrendered the town.:괴롭히다:No wonder that mother has a ~ied look. She's been taking care of six children all day.
해이 너쓰 1, 가증스러운:Bruno is a ~ villain(빌 런 1, 악한); his crimes are so horrible that people burst into tears at the mere sound of his name.
호어 뤼 1, (늙어서) 흰:The dog's muzzle((개고양이 등의) 주둥이 ((코입 부분))) and clouded eyes betrayed her advanced age.:늙은:The college's philosophy department was a bit on the ~ side; the average age of those professors must have been at least seventy-five.:진부한:Don't you think that joke's getting a little ~? You must have told it twenty times at this party alone.
휴 브뤼쓰 1, 오만:Steven has a serious case of ~; he's always claiming to be the handsomest man on the beach when he's really a ninety-seven-pound weakling.
임 뷰우 2, 불어넣다:Was it the young poet's brilliant writing or his dashing appearance that ~ed the girls with such a love of poetry?:물들이다:Henrietta soaked her white dress in a bathtub of tea to imbue it with a subtle tan color.
임 패쓰 1, 막다른골목:We seem to have reached an ~. You want to spend the money on a pair of hockey skates for yourself, while I want to donate it to charity.
임 피이취 2, 탄핵하다(공직에 있는 사람의 부정이나 비행 따위를 조사하여 그 책임을 추궁함, 또는 그 절차):Congress is still trying to decide whether to impeach the president for spilling fingerpaint in the Oval Office.:의심하다:It' not fair to ~ my morals just because I use swear words every once in a while.:비난할여지가없는:If the president proves to be a man of ~ honor, he will not be ~ed.
임 피 큐 니 어쓰 3, 무일푼의:Can you lend me five million dollars? I find myself momentarily ~.
임 피이드 2, ..에지장을주다:The fact that the little boy is missing all his front teeth ~s his speaking clearly.n.impedement(임 패 더 먼트 2)Irene's inability to learn foreign languages was a definite ~ to her mastery of French literature.
임 팬 딩 2, 임박한:Jim's ~ fiftieth birthday filled him with gloom; he was starting to feel old.
임 패 너 트뤄 벌 2, 꿰뚫을수없는:The fortress on the top of the hill was ~ to the poorly armed soldiers;although they tried for days, they were unable to break through its thick stone walls.:불가해한:This essay is utterly ~. There isn't one word in it that makes sense to me.:헤아릴수없는:I was unable to guess what Bob was thinking; as usual, his expression was ~.
임 페 뤄 티브 2, completely necessary:The children couldn't quite accept the idea that cleaning up the playroom was ~; they said they didn't mind wading(헤치고지나가다)through the toys strewn(뿌려진) on the floor, even if they did occasionally fall down and hurt themselves.:명령:A doctor has a moral ~ to help sick people instead of playing golf, unless, it's his day off.
임 페취 우 워쓰 2, 충동적인(성급한):Jeremy is so ~ that he ran out and bought an engagement ring for a girl who smiled at him in the subway.
임 플뤄 케이 션 3, 함축:When you said I looked healthy, was that really meant as an ~ that I've put on weight?:결과:A 100 percent cut in our school budget would have troubling ~s; I simply don't think the children would receive a very good education if they didn't have teachers, books, or a school.

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