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Intorduction to world Religions DSST 2


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The christians feast that is associated both with the visit of the magi to the infant jesus and with jesus baptism is the
A pentecost
B ecstasy
C assumption
D epiphany
The most pervasive buddhist influence on neo confucianism in the 14th century is most clearly found in the
A insistence on a metaphysical basis for thought and reality
B proliferation of mystical sects and cults
C complete renunciation of
Which of the following was a particular belief of the maitreya cult that developed our of theravada buddhism
A the existence of the buddha as a divine figure
B a heirarchy of six heavens
C the existence of a future buddha who would come in
Which branch of protestantism is known in the united states as episcopalianism, after its form of gevernment by bishops
A lutheranism
B anglicanism
D calvinism
Each of the following elements is generally required of a Hindu marriage ceremony inorder for it to be considered legal EXCEPT
A the gift of the bride by the father
B The seating of the bride and groom on a platform
C the clasping of hands
Which of the following wa historically a school of Taoist philosophy
A Cheng-i
B K'ou Ch'ien-chih
C hung Lao
D ch'uan Chen
Arab society before islam has been characterized as given to indulgence in sensual pleasures, largely because
A the arabs revered the human body as a temple of god
B they had no code to guide them
C They viewd time to be synonymous with de
The primary purpose of most of the midieval christian crusades was to
A proselytize in Muslim lands across the mediterranean
B recover jerusalem from muslim control
C recover Constantinople from Muslim control
D dislodge the Muslims f
Historically, the first mention of the Hindu concept of Karma appeared in the
A dharmasastras
B upanishads
C itihasas
D Bhagavad Gita
The social ideal of Taoist religion was revealed in the
A three soverigns
B Tao - te Ching
C Classics of Great Peace
D I ching
As the tradition of theravada buddhism matured, a gap developed between conservatives and liberals that eventually created an entirely new buddhist tradition. This conflict centered on the issue of the
A Role of women in the monastic tradition
In the time of Jesus, th rabbinic Jewish community was wary of messianic movements promarily because
A they inspired a zealotry that upset the balance of priestly authority
B They exposed the community to Roman response
C the idea of a mes
Which school of Hindu philosophy considered the vedas to be inflalible texts authored directly by god?
A Mimamsa
B vedanta
C samkhya
D nyaya
Which of the following Taoist religious sects emphasized monasticism and ascetiicism and is considered the most significant school in late taoist history
A the way of the celestial masters
B ch'uan Chen
C the way of great peace
D huan
Sufism, the mystical tradition of Islam grew largely in response to the
A increasingly conservative and repressive traditions of Islamic society
B growing materialism of muslim society and its rulers
C economic difficulty faced by many wh
In what way has the Holocaust of WWII altered Jewish doctrines
A the catalog of food taboos has expanded to exclude many german customs
B the nationalist Zionist movement has been created
C jews are no longer permitted to undergo martyrdom
What is the term used to name the indigenous christians of Egypt
A nestorians
B Jacobites
c Copts
D Chalcedonians
According to the Yogacara school of Buddhism, the path to realization is associated with
A breaking a link in the chain of causation
B specific techniques that destroy impure dharmas
C recognizing the false duality between samsara and Nir
Each of th following is one of the four books used as the textual bassis for Neo-confucianism except the
A I-ching or book of changes
B analects
C book of mencius
D doctrine of the mean
During a traditional bar mitzvah ceremony, which of the following is typically performed or chanted last
A congregation delivers the benediction
B celebrant recites special blessings which signal the rationale of the event
C sabbath is acc
In hinduism the notin of trimurti or three forms is manifested by the
A three classical aims in life
B sign of the mandala
C coalescence of the gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva into one form with three faces
D three ways of liberation
Traditional Jewish practices during the religious holiday of Dukkoth are historicaly interpreted as
A recalling the life of the israelites in a temporary shelter during their migration from egypt
B a strict observance of the Torah's food taboos
Which of the following was the first form of Buddhism to attract NAmerican converts in significant numbers
A Zen
B lamaism
C theravada
D Singon
Regarding the souls or personality status after death the ancient Hebrews appeared to believe
A that life ended permanently with the stopping of the breath
B in two different afterlives for the rightous and for sinners
C in a complex heir
Which of the following effects on the hindu tradition was created by the spread of the bhakti movement across the indian subcontinent
A the increasingly prominent role of woman saints such as mira
B the diminishing function of sanskrit texts as
Of the four christian gospels the one that is not considerd synoptic is the gospel of
A matthew
B mark
C john
D luke
Which of the following are historical events that occurred inthe ninth month of the islamic lunar calendar, which established it as the holy month of the observance of the ramadan fast
a muhammads victory at the battle of badr
B the birth of Mu
A & D
Each of the following is one of the human bodys cinnabar fields, named in taoist meditative practice, except
A head
B chest
C abdomen
D limbs
In the Islamic tradition, the term hanif denotes
A the act of remembering gods name
b a text containing traditional reports of Muhammads words and example
C a type of pre islamic arab who believed in the existence of one god
D the rej
Probobly the most noteworthy historic legacy of the second commonwealth of jews is the
A book of Isaiah
B beginnings of the rabbinic tradition
C editing of the first five books of the Bible by the priestly aristocracy
D book of deute
What is the term for the belief that all events including human action are determined by causes external to human will
A animism
B menesism
C determinism
D structuralism
In the christian tradition, the feast observed onteh fiftieth day after easter, commemorating the day of holy spirit enabled the apostles to speak on different languages and spread the word of jesus is
A epiphany
B shabouth
C transformat
The rabbinic jewish tradition expresses its rules regarding food taboos in a manner described as making a fence around the torah, or establishing rules to prevent inadvertent violations of torah statutes. Which of the following items are commonly banned
Traditional chinese religion held that an emperor reigned only because
A he had been born into the position
B he had recieved the mandate of heaven as a reward for his virtue
C he had conquered his opponents
D a god had chosen to desc
In the classical Hindu tradition of the Upanishads, the supreme being who pervades and transcends the human soul(atman) and the universe and is ultimately indescribable is
A brahaman
B vishnu
C brahma
D shiva

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