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Who trivia

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Led Zepplin
Keith said,"You're band will float like a lead balloon!" to this band, which inspired them to name their band as so
the first rock opera
Does Pete play with, or without a pick on his guitar?
Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who
the official documentary of The Who
Won't Get Fooled Again
The Who performed this song at the concert after 9/11, Pete's guitar playing was fantastic
It's Hard
The Who's worst album
Live At Leeds
The Who's most famous live performance
Red Gibson
What type of guitar is Pete Townshend's signature guitar?
You Better You Bet
The most famous Who song with Kenny Jones on drums
I'm The Face
The Who's first song as the High Numbers; wasn't a succes
The year The Who was formed
Kenny Jones
The guy who replaced Keith
Pete was intended to play this while Roger played lead guitar
The Who By Numbers
The most unique Who album, it's very sensitive
A Quick One While He's Away
The song that The Who performed at the Rock n' Roll Circus, it made the Rolling Stones want to never publish any live performances
Elton John
This famous musician starred in Tommy (made in 1969), he was the king of pinball
Let's See Action
The Who song that was originally on Pete's album "Who Came First"
french horn
This instrument that John Entwistle played was very useful during the recording of Quadrophenia
Under A Raging Moon
Roger Daultrey performed this song on one of his solo albums, it was dedicated to Keith Moon
Who Are You
the last album that Keith Moon played on
skeleton suit
Entwistle's signature outfit
Under My Thumb
A Rolling Stones song that The Who did a cover of while Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were in jail
After The Fire
A song that The Who performed at Live Aid
Magic Bus
This Who song did not score big on the boards, but became a concert favorite
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
The only Who song that Roger helped write
Who's Next
The Who's top selling album
Zoot Suit
The Who's only album when they were the High Numbers
held a rock honors festival for The Who in 2008
when The Who first saw Keith Moon at one of their concerts, they described him as
My Generation
The Who's most popular song during their youth
Baba O Riley
this song has a long synthesizer opening (dedicated to Meher Baba)
Simon Townshend
plays for The Who now, Pete's brother
drug overdose
Keith died from a
an album, the most famous rock opera
Jimmi Hendrix
Went on tour with The Who during the British Invasion
Bell Boy
One of the 3 songs that Keith Moon sings
I Can't Explain
The Who's first song
The High Numbers
The Who's original name
The Detours
The band that consisted of John, Roger, and Pete
Endless Wire
The Who's most recent album
Kit Lambert
The Who's manager
A Quick One
The Who's first album
Magic Bus: The Who On Tour
The Who's first American album
Pete Townshend
lead guitarist, invented the windmill guitar move
The Beach Boys
Keith Moon liked this band and their music
Love Reign O're Me
One of the hardest rock songs to sing in the history of rock
I'm The Face
The Who's first song as The High Numbers
The number of concerts The Who played during their first 3 months
John Entwistle
considered the greatest bassist of all times, only member of The Who that had musical experience prior to joining The Who
The Who
Rated 29th best rock band by Rolling Stones
White Jumper
Townshend's signature outfit
Keith Moon
the original drummer of The Who, made them play 100% harder
Guitar Smashing
The Who started this routine after each performance
Meher Baba
Pete's spiritual guidance counselor
Long Live Rock
Probably the biggest hit from the Odds & Sods album
Holiday Inn
The Who was banned from this hotel due to an incident with explosive drums
The Confederates
The band that consisted of John and Pete
Mod Band
The Who was this type of band
Zach Starkey
plays for The Who now, son of Ringo Starr
the number of cd's they have
Roger Daultrey
played Tommy, lead singer of the band
The singer of The Police starred as the "Bell Boy" in Quadrophenia
Summertime Blues
A concert favorite of the Who; not one of their own songs

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