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George Kennan-"Long Telegram" 1946
He was an expert on the Soviet after the war. He said Soviets were naturally aggressive, hypermasculine, and cant be talked to reasonably
Alger Hiss
testified before HUAC,
Fair Employment Practices Commission of 1941
FDR put forward this plan and this stopped Randolph from marching on washington
"open skies"
mutual aerial surveillance. The U.S. can fly over the Soviet Union to see their nuclear centers and the Soviet Union can do the same.
Non-Aggression Pact of Aug. 1939
was between Germany and Soviet Union. They won't invade each other and gets half of Poland
March on Washington of Aug. 28, 1963
many people met at the Lincoln memorial in support for bill on civil rights
"passive civil disobedience"
breaking the law in a peaceful, nonviolent way
Tripartile Pact of Sept. 1940
Italy, Germany, and Japan came upon an agreement to help each other out when attacked
Atomic bomb of Nagasaki of Aug. 9, 1945
Second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki
Operation Mongoose of 1961-1962
meant to destabilize cuba, they were trying to discredit castro. 30 attempts to get rid of him and all failed
Fordney-McCumber Tariff of 1922
Highest tariffs for that time
Chiang Kai-shek
was fighting agaist Mao but had to flee to Taiwan
Battle of the Bulge of Dec. 1944-Jan. 1945
last attempt to weaken allied forces. We beat germany and had a clear path to Berlin
A. Philip Randolph
leader of a labor union for blacks, wanted to put together a march on washington
nixon doctrine
the U.S. will not do the majority of fighting in countries threatened by communism, will provide aid
Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, and Japan
the "Greensboro 4"-Feb. 1960
4 black freshman that go into a white restaurant and asked to be served and are denied, do it over and over again
Washington Naval Conference of 1921
the desire to decrease in armory (weapons, military)
malcolm x
was for black rights but in a violent way if necessary
Mao Zedong
leader of the People's Republic of China. Was communist
U.N. General Assembly
was made up of different countries that can have a representative sit in at the meetings to discuss things
Josef Stalin of Soviet Union
Communist leader of Soviet union. Did not like capitalism
Lyndon B. Johnson
sworn into the presidency after JFK died
richard nixon
Republican running in the election of 1968, he wins
Whittaker Chambers-"Pumpkin Papers"
testified against Hiss and had documents to persecute him
Rio Pact of 1947
Between U.S., Latin American nations, and Canada. All agreed to come to each others aid to fight communism
Martin Luther King Jr.
wanted redemption and reconciliation for the U.S.
V-E day of May 8, 1945
Victory of Europe
Nine-Power Pact of 1922
Dealt with China and open door policy. They would declare to leave China alone and let everyone trade with them.
Che Guevara
makes Fidel a communists
"southern Manifesto" in 1956
they said that the Brown cases were an abuse of power
Emperor Hirohito of Japan
Emperor of Japan. He wants to increase consumption and ditch the open door policy to get China. He also builds up the navy
Nikita Khrushchev
came to power in Russia after stalin dies
Prime Minister Winston Churchill
P.M. of Britain. Asked U.S for credit and escorts for British merchant ships.
D-Day of June 6, 1944
Invasion of Normandy
Revenue Act of 1932
was a way to pay for all the subsidies. Taxes of rich people and gas
Cuban Missile Crisis of Oct. 1962
a very tense 13 day stand-off between the U.S. and soviet union. the soviets backed down first
Joseph Welch
attorney for the army to fight McCarthy
"Freedom Rides"
blacks that rode a bus city to city to try to bring about change
Lee Harvey Oswald
assassinated Kennedy in Dallas by shooting him
Thurgood Marshall
brought the Brown v. BOE to the supreme court saying segregation was wrong
V-J Day of Sept. 1945
Victory over Japan
the needs and interests of an individual is not as important as the needs and interests of the government
Division of Germany of 1949
Stalin separated his half of germany with a wall
the "red telephone"
a land line between moscow and the white house in case tension rised they could negotiate
MLK Jr.'s famous "I have a dream" speech
gave this speech at the Lincoln memorial in support for bill on civil rights
Executive order 9981 of 1948
it called for the integration and equality in the Armed Forces
Atomic bomb of Hiroshima of Aug. 6, 1945
First atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
Senator Joseph McCarthy
claimed he had a list of 205 people who were communist in the state department. He said there were communist in the army
Munich Conference of Sept. 1938
P.M. Neville Chamberlain met with Hitler and asked him to stop taking over other countries. Hitler agreed but 6 months later took over rest of Czech.
Battle of Britain of Aug.-Oct. 1940
Hitler wanted to take over Britain. Hitler eventually gave up.
Postdam Conference of July 1945
Germany is sectioned up into 4 pieces of influence between U.S, Great Britain, France, and Soviet Union
Ngo Dinh Diem
U.S. picked leader for S.Vietnam.
Eleanor Roosevelt
put forward civil rights, she met with A. Philip Randolph, to talk about civil rights for blacks
"Venona Files"
contained transmissions between Moscow and certain U.S. cities. We did have spies working for stalin in certain parts of the govt.
barry goldwater
accused Johnson of being soft, was johnson's opponent in the election of 1964
House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)
created to look into communist acts, they focused a lot on the hollywood movies
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee of 1960
a group to support non-violent desegregation
Executive Order 9066 of Feb. 1942
put Japanese in internment caps. About 120,000 were in the camps
Massive Retaliation
they let the Soviet Union know that if they threatened any U.S. interest, the U.S. is willing to use muclear weapons to deal with them.
Freedom march from selma to montgomery, AL in march 1965
march to promote voting for blacks
Tehran conference of Dec. 1943
Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, and FDR meet here in Iran to talk about operation overlord
Gov. Orval Faubus
didn't allow de-segregation to occur in Arkansas
Ho Chi Minh
leads resistance inside Vietnam against France. He is communist
Fulgencio Batista/ Fidel Castro
Batista is a dictator, Fidel overthrows him and sets himself up as a dictator
Desegregation of Central High School in 1957
9 students were picked to go to a white school to start de-segregation
Eisenhower Doctrine of 1957
military aid and troops in order to protect any middle eastern country that feels threatened by communism
gold standard
America went off the gold standard and switched to currency instead of a dollar being equal to gold
Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930
Highest rates passed in U.S History
gulf of tonkin resolution of 1964
gave Johnson unlimited power to deal with this problem, he didn't need a declaration of war
Berlin Blockade of 1948-1949
was done by Soviet Union. They tried to stop aid going to Germany
Reconstruction Finance Corporation of 1932
biggest government intervention during peace time
Alfred E. Smith
Ran in the election of 1928. He was a Democrat, ran against Hoover
Adlai Stevenson
Democrat running against Eisenhower and Nixon in election of 1952
Neutrality Act of 1939
was a way to give weapons and ammunition to cash paying countries.
"war on poverty"
to eradicate poverty: medicare and medicaid, expanded social security, HUD, food stamp program, free legal aid to the poor
Bay of Pigs Invasion of April 1961
CIA was training at the bay of pigs but castro knew about it and met them there
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
one who met with Hitler at the munich conference to sort things out with Hitler's reckless acts
Gamal Nasser in 1956
leader of Egypt, U.S. gives him money but takes it away when he accepts money from communist
Herbert Hoover
Ran in the election of 1928. He was a Republican, ran against Alfred E. Smith
Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren
picked by Eisenhower b/c he thought Warren would be conservative
First New Deal of 1933-1935
Created "Bank Holiday, Federal Emergency Relief Administration, Agricultural Adjustment Act and National Industrial Recovery Act, and Public Works Administration
P.M. Mossadegh/ Shah Pahlavi in 1953
CIA got rid of Mossadegh and put in Pahlavi in Iran.
Brown II in 1955
said that de-segregation had to happen with all deliberate speed
Liberation of Nazi concentration camps
Americans go to concentration camps to let the people free and we make the germans walk through them to see what their leader had done.
Gen. william westmoreland
he requested more military aid in S.Vietnam
Yalta conference of Feb. 1945
Churchill, FDR, and Stalin met again to see who gets to take revenge on Berlin. Stalin gets to after he agrees to help fight japan.
Social Security Act
Gave purchasing power to the needy. It set up a pention plan so people can retire at 60
Allied Powers
United Kingdom, France, Soviet Union, United States, China
21st Amendment
overturned Prohibition
Enigma Machine
machine that made codes for Hitler. He thought we hadn't broken it but we had
National Liberation Front
troops that fought the Viet cong troop in S.Vietnam that were from N.Vietnam
Atlantic Charter of August 1941
list of principles to be upheld to keep fascist countries away.
Charles Evans Hughes
led the Washington Naval Conference and made the Five-Power Treaty
Adolf Hitler
appointed chancellor of Germany. He didn't like Communism and Jews
Bonus Army of 1932
Marched to congress to try to get their bonus pay early.
Julius and Ethel Rosenburg
spies in the U.S. working for the Soviet Union and they were executed
Kellogg-Braind Pact of 1928
Addressed an international call to outlaw war. Over a dozen nations signed this Pact
Invasion of Poland of September 1, 1939
was by Hitler and this starts WWII
Rosa Parks in Dec. 1955
she refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person
Lend-Lease Program of March 1941
the authorization of military supplies or anything else to countries who we fancied
"5th Amendment Communists"
were made to testify and most went to jail, they were blacklisted in hollywood
it was a blockade from cuba. no more shipments to cuba and told the soviet union they needed to move their missiles out of cuba
Attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941
Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.
Domino Theory
if one nation falls, the other nations will too.
Korea, Communism, and Corruption. This was Eisenhowers plan
General Douglas MacArthur
led the peace plan in Korea, *President ordered him to send arms and troops to South Korea *Did not seek congressional approval for the decision *Set the precedent of waging war on executive authority alone
Birmingham March of 1963
march for desegregation. many people were beaten and JFK sent in troops to protect them
Good Neighbor Policy
FDR's foreign policy of promoting better relations w/Latin America by using economic influence rater than military force in the region
hubert humphry
Johnsons vice president and was running for president, is a democrat, election of 1968
black nationalism
a belief in the separate identity and racial unity of the African American community
Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949
in response to the blockade to get supplies to the people of Germany. Made Soviet Union give up
voting rights act of 1965
federal oversight over all elections in the south, removed discriminatory measures so blacks could vote
Walter Millis's The Road to War of 1935
suggests that Great Britain and France made Germany look worse than they were
give leader what he wants so he will not retaliate
Korean War of 1950-1953
Communist North Korea invades South Korea. Americans gets scared and U.N leads a peace plan in Korea
Operation Fortitude
George S. Patton led this operation into Germany to find Hitler and the others toward Berlin
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
An organization founded by MLK Jr., to direct the crusade against segregation. Its weapon was passive resistance that stressed nonviolence and love, and its tactic direct, though peaceful, confrontation.
"the great society"
social programs: National endowment for the arts, museums, education facilities, endowment for humanities
Battle of Midway of June 1942
put the allies back in power. The U.S broke the code so they knew they were going to midway.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of 1949
U.S, Canada, Iceland, Great Britain, Turkey, and a big chunk of Europe. Was security to fight Europe
Jacobo Arbenz/ Castillo Armas in 1954
CIA steps in and gets rid of Arbenz and puts in Armas
"daisy girl ad"
aired on TV against goldwater, scarred americans and they voted for johnson
Khrushchev's plan to change things, he let political prisoners go and changed the industrialization to things Russia needed
Truman Doctrine of 1947
U.S must extend both military and/or economic aid to any nation that is neglecting communism internally or externally
paris peace accord of jan. 27, 1973
it re-establishes the 17th parallel in Vietnam
Admiral yamamoto
Commander in Chief of the Japanese Fleet.
Five-Power Naval Treaty of 1922
Called upon all parties to put a 10 year ban on military stuff. Also to accept a ratio for balance of naval power
Warsaw Pact of 1955
like NATO but they agree not to let capitalism into their countries
"bloody sunday" on march 7, 1965
when the freedom marchers were attacked by the police and americans saw this happen on TV
Nye Committee of 1934
set up to study the causes of why the U.S was in WWI
Morgenthau Plan
wanted to wipe out Germany's industrial community to make it farmland
Executive Order 9835 of 1947
dealt with communism in the U.S. Enabled the FBI to do extensive background checks
Army-McCarthy Hearings of 1954
He accused people in the army of being communist
2nd Red Scare
fear of communism being in the U.S was big after Korean War
Operation Overlord of June 4, 1944
tricked the germans into thinking two invasions would happen where they wouldn't
must contain the threat of communism before it spreads to other countries
Security Council
made up of U.S, Great Britain, France, China, and Russia. More powerful than the General Assembly
Wealth Tax Act
Designed to pay for the acts created by the second new deal. Targeted wealthy people.
Civil rights act of 1964
forbid job discrimination, prohibited any discrimination in public facilities
Federal Farm Bureau of 1929
Help farmers during the Great Depression
New Frontier
Kennedy's plan, supports civil rights, pushes for a space program, wans to cut taxes, and increase spending for defense and military
Manhattan Project
research for nuclear weapons, it was in Los Alimos, NM
Richard Nixon
did not win the election of 1960, Kennedy did
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
in charge of European zone
Marshall Plan of 1947
wanted to prevent countries that were not doing well economically falling to communism.
gulf of tonkin incident of aug. 2-4, 1964
U.S. ship was fired upon by the N. Vietnamese
Buying on Margin
only have to put down a little money and rest is paid by loans
Benito Mussolini of Italy
hated communism and wanted a roman empire, taking over the mediterranian
"Black Tuesday"
October 29, 1929 Stock Market Crash
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower/Richard Nixon
Republicans in election of 1952
General Douglass MacArthur
Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific
National Security Council #68. said soviets would seek world domination, could launch nuclear attack, U.S must not negotiate with them
National Security Act of 1947
created several agenices: department of defense, national security council, center for intelligence act.
Brown v. BOE in 1954
Warren claimed that segregation was unconstituional
National Labor Relations Act
Designed to increase consumer spending by allowing workers to get better wages
Harry S. Truman
comes into office after FDR dies
Court-Packing Scheme of 1937
Hoover asked the Supreme court to make a separate section for people sitting on the supreme court over 70
Works Progress Administration
Another round of public works job. It was to employ the unemployed
Second New Deal of 1935-1937
Created National Labor Relations Act, Social Security Act, Works Progress Administration, and Wealth Tax Act
Rape of Nanking of 1937
Japanese invaded China and raped the women and took all the resources of the land
the "Johnson Treatment"
a saying for how Johnson got what he wanted always
The Dawes Plan of 1924
Germany stopped paying reparations in 1923 because they couldn't afford it. They lowered Germanys reparation amount and asked banks and wealthy people to pump some money into Germany
James earl ray
convicted of killing Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 and sentenced to 99 years in jail
robert kennedy on June 5, 1968
was running for the election of 1968 when he was assassinated by a palastinian
Percentage Deal of Oct. 1944
broke up countries between stalin and Great Britain, was created on a napkin, never happened
"Atomic Diplomacy"
to control other countries out of fear we might use it on them

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