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Great Depression 2


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True/False: Private organizations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army began providing direct relief to the needy.
African American music
What did The Civilian Conservation Corps provide young men with?
Jobs in conservation projects
True/False: To help older Americans, Dr. Francis Townsend proposed the Old Age Rovolving Pension plan.
Why did much of the Great Plains become the "Dust Bowl" during the 1930's?
Large dust storms resulted from drought and misuse of land.
John L. Lewis was president of what?
United Mine Workers
The CCC provided jobs for who?
Young men in rural areas such as erosion projects
The official closing of banks during March 6-9, 1933 was known as what?
The Bank Holiday
Buying on margin is what?
Buying stock by paying only part of its price.
During the Dust Bowl many farmers in _______ migrated to _________.
Great Plains; California
Groups of shacks built on the edges of cities during the early part of the Great Depression were known as what?
Giving the needy immediate assistance such as food or money
direct relief
FDR promised what in the first of his many fireside chats?
He ordered the closing of all the nation's banks.
Through the _______________ the government helped raise farm prices by buying surplus crops for distribution for the poor.
Agricultural Adjustment Act
What happened to people when the Great Depression hit the United States?
Many people lost their savings and their jobs.
The special session of Congress called by President Roosevelt in 1933 was called the ____________.
Hundred Days.
Investing money at a low price hoping to make a big profit is called
People were hoping he would end the Great Depression so they elected him president.
Franklin Roosevelt
When the the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to allow Marian Anderson to use their hall for a concert, who resigned from the organization?
Eleanor Roosevelt
The New Deal was Franklin Roosevelt's plan to end the _____________.
The rights of workers to join unions and bargain collectively were protected by what?
the Wagner Act
What group gave part time employment to more than 4.5 million middle and high school students?
The National Youth Administration
Which of the following was NOT a baseball star of the 1930's? a. Satchel Paige, b. Lou Gehrig, c. Dizzy Dean, d. Korrel Kearney.
d. Korrel Kearney
What was the name of the radio show about a Martian invasion?
War of the Worlds.
True/False: Some people were opposed to the New Deal because they feared goverment interference in their lives.
What major factor contributed to the Great Depression?
True/False: Many people who invested in the stock market bought their stocks on margin.
Any kind of building project that would benefit the people. An example of this would be roads.
public works
True/False: A sit-down strike is one in which workers remain the factory but continue to work.
This story was told in the first full-length animated film.
Snow White
Who held the top box office draw in Hollywood from 1935-1938?
Shirley Temple
__________ played an active role in helping the underprivileged.
Eleanor Roosevelt
A Catholic priest who used his radio program to criticize the New Deal
Charles Coughlin
_________ was the first woman to serve in the President's Cabinet.
Frances Perkins
________ provided funding for those too old or disabled to work.
Social Security
When the government spends more money than its revenues it is called
deficit spending
How did the FDIC relate to banks?
It insured banks in order to provide confidence in the banking industry.
The Wagner Act guaranteed workers what?
the right to join unions
Who was President at the beginning of the Great Depression?
Herbert Hoover
What paid farmers to plant fewer crops in order to raise prices?
The AAA.
A new style of jazz music, popular in the 30's was
What were the Fireside chats?
They were F.D.R.'s radio talks.
What was the name given to Roosevelt's advisors who were young professors and lawyers?
Brain Trust
What ws the date of the stock market crash? (day, month, year)
October 29, 1929
What was the Black Cabinet?
African American leaders who advised President Roosevelt.
True/False: The Great Depression did not affect family life in the United States.
___________ believed that private charity, not federal aid, was the "American way."
President Hoover
Supporters of the New Deal argued that...
...the federal government took on a necessary role in regulating the economy
What do you purchase when you invest in a company?
The __________ were World War I veterans who demanded immediate payment of their war bonuses.
The Bonus Army
The TVA provided _______ for rural areas.
What is a continuing drop in stock prices called?
bear market
He was a former relief supervisor in New York-headed FERA.
Harry Hopkins
The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) attempted to do what?
eliminate unfair competition and prevent business failures
Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Great Depression?

overproduction; unsound banking practices; stock market crash; poverty and racism
poverty and racism
Huey Long organized what?

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