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How old is the Jewish people?
over three thousand years
Who does the Bible say Jews descend from?
a mesopotamian nomad named Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Where did Jacob's family prosper and multiply?
Goshen, a northern Egyptian province
What was the name of the mountain where Moses received God's law?
Horeb or Sinai
What is the law of Moses called by the Jews?
The Torah
Who is a Jew (according to Wouk)?
A man or woman who undertakes to worship the God of Abraham
If a Jew converts to another faith, is he still a Jew?
in the eyes of the world, he is a converted Jew
What is the nearest thing to an encyclopedia that Jews have?
The Babylon Talmud
How many commandments does Judaism (the law) have?
six hundred and thirteen
What is the core of Judaism?
Right conduct to other people
What is the only strictly Jewish symbol in the 10 Commandments
the Sabbath
What does the Sabbath achieve?
keeps fresh in people's minds the idea that visions could exist
Under what conditions do the restrictions of Sabbath law vanish?
in the presence of emergency
What is the nature of the Jewish Calendar?
a nineteen-year cycle with 7 leap months
What is the spring festival of Judaism called? (two names)
Passover and Pesakh
What is a seder?
a retelling of the Exodus story in dramatic pageant
What holiday is it associated with?
Passover or Pesakh
What is Shavuos or Pentecost?
summer festival celebrating harvest
When is Pentecost?
fifty days after the second day of Passover, when the barley is brought in
What is Sukkos?
The autumn harvest festival
What is Sukkos called in English?
When does Sukkos occur?
The fifteenth of Tishri (autumnal equinox)
What does a family build on Sukkos?
a hut in your yard
What are the High Holy Days?
The Days of Awe--the period from Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur
What is Yom Kippur?
The Day of Atonement
What is Tisha B'Av?
The Ninth of Av--like Pearl Harbor Day for Judaism
What is Purim?
Wild rioting like Mardi Gras--Haman-Hating
What is Hanuka?
a gloomy mid-winter commemoration of the Maccabean wars
Who were the Maccabees?
the people who cleansed the temple of the Greeks
In the beginning, what was the function of the synagogue?
a popular law school
What is the main function of the synagogue today?
the complete reading of the Torah, once every year
What are the Sh'ma and Shmone Esrai?
Sh'ma: Hear, Shmone Esrai: The Eighteen. They're prayers.
In what language is Jewish prayer performed?
preferably Hebrew, though sometimes it can be in native tongue
Is Jewish prayer free-form or memorized?
What is one scripture every jew knows by heart?
Deutoronomy 6:4p
What does Kosher mean
pure, or fit
What is a mezuza?
mini scroll, placed at entry to home or around girls' necks
Jewish law on slaughter demands that the slaughter be:
single-stroked, painless
What laws discipline Israel to holiness?
dieting laws
What is a bris?
the event of circumcision
What is a mohel?
a professional jewish circumcizer
What and when is a bar mitzvah?
a coming of age celebration at thirteen
What is a Bas-Mitzvah?
coming of age celebration for girls
What is a Kaddish, and when is it said?
Kaddish is a prose-poem praising God, and it's said at the funeral
How long is Shiva, and what is done? How long is a shloshim?
Shiva: 7 days, they sit on a stool and take phone calls. Shloshim: thirty days, except for mother or father--then it's one year.
What do Jews call the Old Testament?
It's split. The law is halakha, and the rest is hagada.
What is the Talmud? What is the Mishna? What is the Gemara?
Talmud = Mishna + Gemara. Mishna is a report of legal decisions of judges over 400 years. Gemara is commentary on that.
What are the parables and allegories of the Talmud called?
The core of Jewish common law is __________
The Talmud
What kind of damages does "an eye for an eye" refer to?
all kinds
What is the slow veto in Jewish law?
veto of a slow social process
Who was Maimonides? Who was Rambam? Why is he important?
Maimonides was Moses ben Maimon, called Rambam. He wrote the Mishna Torah at the end of the twelfth century
What is the Shulkhan Aruch? Who produced this work?
the blackstone of jewish law, produced by Joseph Caro.
Who are Hassidim and what is the Cabala they practice?
hard core jews who hold out against western influence, the cabala is a compilation of poems and such
When and where did the reform movement start
Germany, early nineteenth century
Who are the Reform Jews?
Jews who have pretty much justified almost no practice of traditional law

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