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Chapter 16


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This side increased taxes, sold war bonds, and printed greenbacks for finances
Sherman took possession of what important city
The South's costliest victory
Battle of Chancellorsville
Founded American Red Cross
(Clara) Barton
What did Lincoln's party call itself the 2nd time
union party
Leader of South at 1st B. of Bull Run - helped by Johnston and Jackson
Lincoln delivered this declaring all slaves in Rebel states free at a latter date (if still rebels)
Emancipation Proclamation
Where Stonewall Jackson got his nickname
First Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas Junction)
War began on what date
April 12, 1861
made supreme commander of the armies of the United States (in 1864 - after Chickamauga)
Union ship that was restored by South and renamed the Virginia
At this battle Stonewall Jackson was shot by his own men
Battle of Chancellorsville
Man who defeated McClellan in the Seven Day's Battle (ended Peninsular Campaign)
(Robert E.) Lee
Here Grant earned his nickname: "Unconditional Surrender" Grant
Fort Donelson
Union commander of Fort Sumter - reported to Lincoln that they were about out of supplies
(Robert) Anderson
Lincoln always denyed that the South had ______, because it was unconstitutional
What did the North have in her favor
The fort that never fell to the South
Fort Pickens
Lincoln put this man back in charge for the Battle of Antietam
Union leader at First Battle of Bull Run
(Irvin) McDowell
Union wanted to capture this important rail center in Tennessee
Place where Lee surrendered to Grant
Appomattox Court House (in a private home)
Lee's first attempt to invade the Union - the bloodiest single day of the war
Battle of Antietam
This battle fought near Chattanooga - Union won
Battle of Chickamauga
This amendmnet abolished slavery completely
Grant went East and put this man in charge of the West
What did the South have in her favor
leaders (and devotion to a cause)
Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware: these states are known as what
border states
man who gave speech before Lincoln's Gettysburg address
(Edward) Everett
Got "In God we Trust" put on coins
(Salmon) Chase
This side suffered severly from inflation
Britain helped South obtain ships - what was this argument called
Alabama Dispute
Union's ironclad ship that fought the Merrimac/Virginia
Real Union hero in the West - Lincoln's most valuable general
(Ulysses S.) Grant
Lincoln called for volunteers for how many months (denying South suceeded - only squelshing a rebellion)
Years for Civil War
This union leader was best for his organization and training skills - too cautious
(George B.) McClellan
When Union took two men off British ship - almost started war with Britain
Trent Affair
This state was formed because one state was part Confederate and part Union
West Virginia
the most decisive battle of the war
Lincoln's assasin
(John Wilkes) Booth
McClellan's plan to get to Richmond by Sea - it failed and Lincoln fired him
Peninsular Campaign
fired first cannon at Fort Sumter
(Edmund) Ruffin
Second Invasion of Union where
Surrender on what date
April 9, 1865
Conferate General that seized Fort Sumter
(Pierre G. T.) Beauregard
capital of Confederacy
Richmond (Virginia)
Grant's campaign that ended the War
Wilderness Campaign
Lincoln killed on April 14, 1865 - this was what holiday
Good Friday
Which sides used a draft?
The fort at which the war began
Fort Sumter

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