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American Studies 2 CP Midterm


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Charles Lindberg
Made first solo trip in the Spirit of the St. Louis
terrorist group of white sourhterners who used violence to keep blacks from voting
Kellogg- Briand Pact
this treaty was signed by 15 nations who pledged not to make war against each other except in self defense
new style of woman
Cash and Carry
way around Neutrality act (1937) belligerants buy supplies, pay before hand & carry in their own ships
genocide of European Jews by Nazi's
Teapot Dome Scandal
former US navy oil reserve secretly leased to priavte oil companies to make a profit
Casablanca Conference
planned the strategy of european allies
unrestricted submarine warfare
germans state that they will sink any ship whitin british waters without warning
New Deal
the 3 main goals made by FDR 1. relief for the unemployed 2. plans for recovery 3. reforms to prevent another depression
Franz Ferdinand
Arch Duke of Austria hungary, assasinated
Yalta Conference
Meeting between allies -priority would be unconditional surrender of Nazi Forces
Battles of Iwo Jima/ Okinawa
2 of the bloodiest battles that occured as Americans moved closer to Japan
Francisco Franco
Spanish dictator who rises into power after Spanish Civil War in 1936
September 1, 1939
German troops invaded poland beginning WW2
sussex pledge
Agreement with Germany to restrict U-boat Warfare
Neville Chamberlain
prime minister of Great Britain before World War II
GI Bill
act passed by congress that rewarded veterans of WW2
Winston Churchill
Britain's new prime minister during WWII who pleaded for US aid
German Submarines used to attack US in WW1 and 2
Calvin Coolidge
took office when Harding died
Good neighbor policy
halted direct intervention with Latin American politics
Adolph Hitler
Leader of the Nazi during WW2
21st Ammendment
Repeal of the 18th Ammendment (prohibition)
consumer economy
An economy that depends on a large amount of spending by consumers.
British Ship, sunk by U-boats on May 7th, 1915, killing 128 Americans and causing America to go to war.
Joseph Stalin
Became dictator of Russia, believed in Communism
battle of guadalcanal
first allied offense in the pacific, invasion of Japanese held island
Henry Ford
Invented the Model T automobile, began using the assembly lines to mass produce cars
a Japanese pilot who carried out suicidal attack on a target
Warren Harding
29th president from 1921 - 1923 died in office
selective service act
drafting men into military service
Red scare
a period of general fear of communists
central powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Ottoman Empire
second new deal
new set of rules and reforms by FDR
court packing controversy
FDR proposal to add up to 6 new judged to the Supreme Court
island hopping
strategy of capturing some Japanese islands and avoiding others
Lend-Lease Act
US supplied allies with war materials in exchange for military bases
Atlantic Charter
a conference b/w FDR and Churchill declared the Allies' war aims,
October 29, 1929
The american stock market crash "Black Tuesday"
let people do for themselves, government stays out
bank holiday
closing of banks to keep depositers from bankrupting
Bonus Army
unemployed WWI veterans who marched tp washington to demand their war bonuses
Japanese internment
nearly 120,000 Japanese put to live in specific areas due to fear of them being enemies
allies in WW1
Great britain, france, and russia later joined by the US an Italy
Neutrality Acts
banned arms sales or loans to countries at war
Charles Degaulle
leader of Free France
brain trust
Group of expert policy advisers who worked with FDR in the 1930s to end the great depression
John J. Pershing
Lead naval attack on Europe
vladmir lenin
leader of russian revolution
German military strategy involved armored attacks and air assults
Dust Bowl
the area of the Great Plains where wind erosion caused soil loss during the 1930's
battle of the coral sea
A battle between Japanese and American naval forces that stopped the Japanese advance on Australia.
Fourteen points
Wilson's plan for lasting peace in europe
not participating in foreign affairs
economic system in which all means of production are owned by the government.
final solution
decision to murder ANY jew
an agreement to suspend military operations
Douglas MacArthur
He defended the Philipines and during WWII he led the army from Australia to defeat Japanese
Benito Mussolini
Creator of the Fascist Party in Italy.
Wagner Act
made to protect people's right to set up unions
"He kept us out of the war"
Wilson's campaign slogan
Al Capone
Gangster wanted by the government for the illegal sale of alcohol
a seaport in N France: site of the evacuation of a British expeditionary force of over 330,000 men under German fire
Hiroshima/ Nagasaki
Where US eventual dropped Atomic Bomb

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