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Final Exam HIS 122


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36. Who was the Shi'ite holy man who viewed the U.S. as the great Satan
Ayatollah Ruhollan Khomeini
Who did Richard Nixon appoint as his new vice presedent under the 25th ammendment
Gerald R. Ford
25. Who succeeded Francois Mitterand as President of France in 1996
Jacques Chirac
Who Boris Yeltsin named to be the acting President of Russia when he resigned
Vladimir V. Putin
22. Name of the building attacked in Washington D.C. by terrorists on 9/11
28. Who was assassinated in 1978 and his body was found in a car in Rome
Aldo Moro
37. Who attacked Iranian airfields and oil refineries begining the Iraq-Iran war in 1980
Saddam Hussein
38. Who the Soviets installed as the President of Afghanistan after they kiled President Amin in 1979
Babrak Karmal
40. Who was the leader of the PLO
Yasir Arafat
45. Who was the President of Panama that was removed from power in 1989
Manuel Noriega
46. Who was the Haitian President for life that was forced out of office and fled the country in 1986
Jean Claude Duvalier
26. Who was the German chancellor that led his country from the status of despised outcast to that of a valued Western ally
Konrad Adenauer
18. What Country did Ronald Reagan send money and advisers to support the Conta Rebels
23. Name the British Prime Minister who held the post the longest in British history. (11 years)
Margaret Thatcher
32. Who was the Soviet leader that had an attempted coup made against him in 1991
Mikhail Gorbacheu
29. Who succeeded Franco in Spain in 1975
Juan Carlos
30. Who was the leader of the Polish labor union called Solidarity
Lech Walsea
50. Who overthrew Ali Bhutto in 1977
Mohammed Zia al Hag
19. Whose major success in foreign policy was leading the coalition in the Persian Gulf War
George H. W. Bush
34. Who are Asia's "Four Tigers"
South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Singapore
31. Who was the Yugoslavian leader that began to use ethnic cleansing tactics in Kosovo in 1998
Josip Braz Tito
44. Who became the leader of Chili after the coup in 1973
General Auguste Pinochet
24. Who replaced John Major as the British PM in 1997
Tony Blair
27. Who was the chancellor during Germany's reunification in 1990
Helmut Kohl
1. Who dubbed the term "Iron Curtain"
Winston Churchhill
41. Who took power from the Libyan monarchy in 1969
Muammar el-Kaddafi
42. Who was the founder of the African National Congress (ANC)
F.W. Deklerk
35. Who was the Shah of Iran who attempted a rapid modernization of his country which he called the White Revolution
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
47. Who was Mao's long-time associate who restored China's industrial productivity after the Cultural Revolution
Zhou Enlai
12. Who the Soviets installed as president when they invaded Afghanistan in 1979
Hafizulla Amin
16. Whose administration was brought down by the Watergate scandal.
Richard Nixon's
8. Name of the Soviet leader during the Cuban missile crisis
Fidel Castro
10. Who was president when the Paris Accord was signed
Richard Nixon
5. Who was the Soviet foreign minister when Stalin died in 1953
Vyacheolav Molotov
13. Whowas the U.S.president that promised a "New Frontier" spirit for America in 1961
John F. Kennedy
43. Who was the President of Chile overthrown in a bloody coup in 1973
Salvador Allende
49. Who was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards
Indira Gandhi
7. Name the first artificial satellite put in orbit by the Soviets in 1957
21. Name of the organization the terrorists belonged to that crashed commercial aircraft into the World Trade Towers
11. Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge
Pol Pot
2. Name the organization that the United States and its allies established in 1949
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
20. Name of the three countries that signed NAFTA
Canada, United States & Mexico
6. Who gave a speech entitled the "Crimes of the Stalin Era" i 1956
Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev
17. Who was the U.S. president when Iranian militants took 53 hostages in 1979
James Earl Carter Jr.
9. Name of the Vietnamese holiday in which the Viet Cong launched an offensie in 1968
3. What the United Nations termed the combat in Korea
Police Action
14. Who became president after John Kennedy's assassination
Lyndon B. Johnson
48. Who was the Chinese premier during the Tiananman Square demonstrations in 1987
Deng Xiaoping
Who became the president of Egypt after Anwar Sadat was assassinated in 1981
Hosni Mubarak
4. Who was the head of the Soviet secret police (KGB) when Stalin died in 1953
Lavrenti Beria

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