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Selected people to be killed and who would stay
Oscar Schindler
Protected his Jews that worked for him.
prejudice or hatred of Jews
Josef Goebbles
In charge of the Nazi propaganda.
Work Refugee Board
Worked to help Jewish refugees and to protect Jews in Country allied to Germany
Railroad cars
Would overpack people into a small train car.
Taking Jews away somewhere
Jewish council who tried to protect Jewish lives
Aryan Race
The perfect German race
strict limits on imagration
Concentration camp
Jews were taken there. over 10,000 in all
dismissal of Jewish workers
Star of david
What jews had to wear on their clothes to show they were jewish
which a single party without opposition rules over political, economic, social, and cultural life
Herman Goring
#2 man behind hitler. Told Heydrich to set up conference for the final solution
Zyklon-B gas chambers
People would think they were taking a shower and then gas would come out of the vents. After that they were cremated.
Allied powers
countries who fought Germany (Brittian, France, Russia, US...)
Dominican Republic
Wa the only one to do something about the Jewish refugees in the Evian Conference.
Josef Mengele
Also known as the Angel of Death. Main Doctor at Auschwitz. He did the steralization of Jews, and liked to work with twins.
to make a person or group of people look evil
someone who cooperates with the enemy
Eliminated opposing jews
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw Jews Tried to attack the Nazi's. Worked for a little then the Nazi's set the Ghetto on fire.
not to associate with a certain group
Grew up with anti semitism in Austria
Voyage of the Saint Louis
Brought Jews to Cuba but were not allowed entrance. Then passengers were split between England, Belgium, holland, and france
The holiday when jews celebrate their liberation from slavery
a violent attack on the Jews that the government did not prevent
The killing of one group
belief in racial superiority
a person who is blamed for the mistakes or crimes of others
Varian Fry
Wrote for american Journal. Raised money and went on secret mission. Smuggled out people from france
a person who has been forced to flee their homeland for reasons of safety
Heinrich Himmler
Rose to the highest position. Carried out final solution.
Final solution
The extermination of all European Jews
Hitlers guards
Raoul Wallenerg
Worked for american refugge board. Distributed passports
to use advertisements to make things look good or evil. Nazis controlled books, radios, newspapers, and education.
the Jewish population was required to live. Environment of isolation
labor camps
where jews worked
Voelkisch movement
a movement made up of people who thought Jews were not German
Reinhard Heydrich
Chaired the Wansee conference. 2nd after himler
Units assigned to kill jews
THe meeting that organized the final solution
the proposed improvement of the human species by encouraging or permitting reproduction of only those people with genetic characteristics judged desirable.
Simon Wiesenthal
Tracked down Eichmann. Was a Nazi hunter
Adolf Eichmann
In charge of transportation of Jews and extermination. Fled to Argentina then later brought to Isreal to be tried and executed. Only person to be executed by Isreal.
Biggest concentration camp
Extermination camps
Jews are taken here for the sole purpose of being killed
Nuremberg Laws
Took all of the Jews civil rights away
Night of Broken Glass. when Jews were persecuted and bussneses, synogogues and books were destroyed.
Rabi Stephen wise
Jewish Rabi, pleaded to the president to do something. Set up World Jewish Congress

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