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__________ _________ was the punishment for many crimes
Capital punishment (execution)
Little was known about this civilization until this century
List two reasons why early civilizations developed around large rivers
1. Rivers frquently overflowed, making the surrounding land fertile
2. Irrigation was used to provide water for areas around rivers
What was the Fertile Crescent?
Astrip of land that formed an arc between the mediterranean sea and the persian Gulf
___________ was the eastern part of the Fertile Crescent
Located between Tirgris and Euphrates Rovers
means "land between rivers"
Most of Mesopotamia is in
Some people believe this is where the garden of Eden was located
Earliest major civilization
First people to build ziggurats
Large temples that were the center of worship and trade
invented cuneiform
wedge-shaped writing
Probably the first system of writing invented
Collection of Sumerian stories and legends
Epic of Gilgamesh
Supposedly a Sumerian king
People that invented the wheel.
The Sumerians invented the
The Sumerian's most famous king was
During his rile, a system of law codes was written called
Hammurabi, Code of Hammurabi
This became a guideline for many later civilizations
Code of Hammurabi
The code followed the idea of an ___ for an ___ and a _____ for a ____
eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
The code followed the idea of an ___ for an ___ and a ___ for a ___
eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Name the reasons for studying history
1. History helps us understand the past
2. History helps us understand the present
3. History contains many fascinating facts
4. A proper understanding of history can enabe us to avoid the mistakes of the past
What is history?
The record of the past
What does BC and AD mean?
Before Christ and Anno Domini (in the year of the Lord)
The Amorites lived in Babylon, they were called the
Old Babylonians
The Amorite's most famous king was
The Assyrians were specialists in ________
Assyrians made extensive use of ____ weapons including ____ ____________ ____.
iron, iron bettering rams
Often were extremely cruel-they tortured, beheaded, burned, skinnned, impaled, enslaved and dismembered their enemies
The Assyrian's capital city _______ had a large library of cunieoform tablets located there.
The Old Testament book of Jonah tells about the prophet Jonah preaching in this city
The ________ were known as the New Babylonians during the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar, they ______ the city of Babylon to serve as their capital city
Chaldeans, rebuilt
Nebuchadnezzar built a huge palace there, he built the _____________ ___________ ___ ______________ which contained __________ _______.
Hanging Gardens of Babylon which contained tropical plants
These gardens and the city's walls were "one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World"
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The ____ conquered the Chaldeans
Unlike the Assryians, they were very leniant with the people they conquered as long as these people didn't rebel
The ___________were the greatest traders of the ancient world, skilled sailors, and started colonies throughout the Mediterranean Sea
The alphabet we use today is based on their
The Hebrews believe in _______ god(s)
Our knowledge of the Hebrew history is based primarily on the
Old Testament
today the Jewish religion (_____) is based on their ideas (whose?)
Judaism is based on their ideas, the hebrews
A small groups of HEBREWS LEFT ____________ to settle in present day ___, led by _________
Mesopotamia to settle in present day Isreal, led by Abraham
The Hebrews were also known as the ________
Hebrews were also known as
Israelites and Jews
Hebrews then moved to Egypt during a _____-led by
They later became slaves in Egypt
THe Hebrews
They were led out of Egypt by __ (discussed in the ___ ________)
Moses, disvussed in the Old testament
They returned to the area around around __________ _______ ________
present day Israel
The Jewish holiday _________ celebrates the Hebrews leeaving Egypt
The Hebrews were organized into __tribes named for the __ sons of Jacob
Known as Israel
THe Mosaic Law- (___ total laws,____don't, ___ do) was named for _____
Moses, 613, 365 don't, 248 do)
These were the laws which governed the Hebrws
Mosaic Laws
First three kings of Isreal
saul, david and solomon
Old testament says he killed a giant named Goliath in his younger years
Jewish place of worship
jewish religious teacher
What does the Jewish Bible contain?
Only the old testament
Ruler of Egypt, was a king, on a few occasions was a queen
Appointed by the pharoah to serve as his assistant, smiliar to a present day prime minster
Each early ruler usually had a _________ built for himself
what did the pyramid serve as?
a monument for the pharah and as a tomb
A small groups of Hebrews left Mesopotamia to settle in _______ ____ ________-led by Abraham
present day israel
The Hebrews were also known as _______ and ____
Israelites and Jews
Hebrews moved to Egypt during a ____________-led by ________'s ___________ named ___________
famine, led by abraham's grandson named JACOB
Egyptians believed in ___ ____ _______
life after death
Egyptians were ___________-
The Egyptians believed pharoahs were ____
Bodies of poor people were ____ in the desert sand and were sometimes better preserved than those ______
buried, embalmed
They thought that _____ person would need his ____ again in the afterlife
dead, body
an embalming process called _______ was used to preserve the bodies of important people
figure that had the head of a human, ___ or ____ and the body of a
, ram or hawk, lion
The huge sphinx carvd near the pyramids was called hte q
Great sphinx
Was buried in a small unfinished tomb probably meant for a government official
King Tut
Was not an important pharoah
King Tut
Due to location, India was virtually separated from the rest of the wrl and there forhad limited contact with
the other civilizatnios
seasonal wind that normally brought heavy rains for a few months each year
earliest civilization in greece, developed along the island of crete
minoan civilization
it appears that on of their acitvites was bullleaping
minoan civilization
because of its location in the mediterranean sea, it became a trading center
minoan civilization
MOst of the buildings were destroyed-this was caused by 4 things
1. volcano
2. earthquake
3. tidal wave
4. invaders from the greek mainland
much is unknown about the _____________ because
much of their writing is undecipheredq
ruled by a king

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