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Social Studies Test Chapter 26


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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation- Insured saving accounts wages, prices, and working conditions.
Popularity of the movies
Favorite pastime, Escape from toughness of everyday lives. Gave hope to Americans for the future. Movies- Snow White, Gone with the Wind, and Wizard of Oz.
Herbert Hoover
Becanme president in 1929, 7 months before stock market crash, he did little during the depression b/c he thought the government shouldn't become directly involved in helping the crisis, he thought businesses should work it out, blamed for the depression,Hoover blankets,Hoovervilles,Hoover stew, Hoover leather.
Opposition to the New Deal
Cvernment could become to powerful, invasive in lives spreding more than the have dept.
Franklin Roosevelt
1933 President who helped get the country out of the Great Depression, created New Deal, bank holiday, Emergency Bank Act, died in office 1945, Fireside chats Black Cabinet.
Three Goals Of the New Deal
Relief for the poor, recovery for the economy, and reform for the economy.
Packing the Supreme Court
FDR wanted to have 6 new justices in the Supreme court, who would vote for his New Deal. It split up the Democratic Party.
Elanor Roosevelt
1st lady, acted as president's eyes and ears, fought for womens rights and African American justice.
Black Tuesday
The day the stock market crashed.
Bank Failures
The banks made unwise loans, couldn't cover the withdraws. Depositors lost thier money, bank holiday.
Workers Progress Admininstration- put jobsless to work making clothes,building hospitals, skools, playgrounds, airports, employed artists,writers, and musicians.
Bank Holiday
All banks in the U.S. were closed for 4 days.
Jesse Owens
Track and Field athlete, won 4 gold medals for the U.S. in the 1939 Olympics, beat the Aryans who thought they were superior.
Father Coughlin
Created his own political party, turned on FDR -criticized him on his radio show.
National Industrial Recovery Act- Allowed each industry to write codes for standards for production, wages, conditions, and they stopped price cutting.
Tennesse Valley Authority- Build dams supply cheap hydro-electronic power to states. Set up skools and health centers.
Civillian Conservation Crops- $1 a day to single men 18-25 to plant trees and build parks.
Frances Perkin
1st women to hold cabinet position appointed as secretary of labor by Rossevelt.
Agricultural Adjustment Act- Paid farmers not to grow certain crops.
Fransis Townsend
Got the government to give everyone ages 60+ to get a $200 pension every month and spend it to boost the economy.
Huey Long
Senator from Louisiana, thought the New Deal didn't help the poor people so he called for heavy taxes on the rich using the motto"share the wealth".
Stock market crash
Stocks plummeted and people lost out their money b/c of buying on margin.
Dust Bowl
Years of overworking and over grazing the land and high winds. Dust blew around the land, drought. The great plains where hit.(states: nebraska, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico)
Mary McLead Bethune
She was appointed to the head of the National Youth Administration's Division of Negro Affairs. 1st African American to lead government agency
Bonus Army
WWI veterans who wanted their bonuses. So they set up campsnear the capital building until they were thrown out by the army.
Social Security Act- Set up a system of pensions for older people,cash for disabled workers, children whose parents died, and insurance fo the unemployed.
Brain Trust
FDR asked college professors about how to put the economy back to where it was before the depression.

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