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mexico history


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Mexico's coastline is
~ 70,000 KM or ~ 6,000 miles long
what is mexico's highest point?
Pico de Orizaba 18,555 feet
2nd highest in north america
What are the major mountain chains in Mexico
the Occidental(Western) sierra Madres and the Sierra Madres del Sur, The Oriental (Eastern) Sierra Madres
What is Mexico's biggest holiday (after christmas and the Day of the Dead). What does the name mean and what does it celebrate
Cindo de Mayo the 5th of May which celebrates the 1862 victory ober the french at the battle of puelba
when is Mexico independence day
september 16th (declared in 1810, gained in 1821)
what is the typical living arrangement in many mexican families?
many generations living in one house
at which birthday does a mexican girl or boy have a special celebration honoring them?
What and when is the Day of the Dead
Nov 2nd, they celebrate and honor their dead ancestors
What do people in the state of Oaxaca do during the Day of the Dead holiday?
they make their ancestors favorite food and leave it on the grave
what do people do in other states for the Day of the Dead holiday?
they take flowers, alters, candles, or stuffed animals
What day is similiar to our April Fools Day?
December 28th -- Day of Innocent
What items are often found in a pinata?
candles, toys, money, balloons, confetti, candy
name two great early civilizations in Mexico
aztecs and maya
Mexico's government was modeled after what country
What are some of the major similarities between Mexico and USA
Both are a Federal System of government and the three branches of government are the same
What are some major differences between Mexico and the USA
Mexican president runs for 6 yr term instead of 4 yr term in the USA
Is Mexico and Developing or Developed country
Which Spanish conquistador conquered Mexico and what year did he do it
Hernando Cortez
Mexico is what part of what region of North America
Southern part of North America also known as Central America
What famous river forms the natural border between Mexico and the United States
The Rio Grande
(The big river)
What is Mexico's staple crop
Mexico has climates in what two extremes
Deserts and Tropical Rain Forests
Who was Panco Villa
Mexican revolutionary war hero 1910-1920 Bandidt and murderer of Americans over the US border
What is the smallest state in Mexico
What is the largest state in Mexico
What is in the middle of the Mexican flag and what is the story behid it
An eagle sitting on a cactus with a snake in its mouth. The Aztec god told his people to wonder the land until they found this and that's where they were to build their great city
What dog is named after a Mexican State
What are the top imports and exports of Mexico
(USA, Canada and Germany are the greatest trade partners)
Imports - Industrial machines and electronic equipment
Exports - Petroleum, coffee
What religion comprises 90% of the population
Roman Catholic
Most children named after a saint and they usually celebrate ____________ rather than their own birthday
their saints birthday
(Towns usually celebrate their saints day too)
What are most of the houses made of in many areas in Mexico
Adobe (a type of sun dried brick)
What is the capitol city of Mexico
Mexico City
Is some areas, few people have TV's. Most people in these areas have
Transistor Radios run on batteries
Parties are called
Naps are called
Businesses close between what hours for lunch and a nap
2pm to 4pm
When do Mexicans eat their main meal
Popular foods include
Tortillas, frijoles (black beans), cabrito (baby goat in the north), turkey (on the Yucatan Penn.), salsa, guacamole
How is Baja California divided
Norte (north)
Sur (south)
What is Baha Norte's capital
What are the two best known and most visitied cities in Baja Norte by Americans
Tiajuana and Encenada
What is the Yucatan
The penninsula in Southern Mexico
What is the capital of Chihuahua
(across from El Paso, TX
What state is just south of Chihuahua
Cindad is the city
Cindad, Juarez was named after Benito in 1888
What is the language of Mexico
(62 indigenous dialects)
What is the name for the most well known Mexican music
Over sixty percent of the population are Mestizos. What does this mean
It is a racial mix of Indian and Spanish
Who is the current president of Mexico
Vincente Fox
Children are required to go to school between what ages
4 and 14
At what grade do most children stop going to school
Who was Father Hidalgo
He was the priest who started the revolution for independence from Spain. He was executed by troops loyal to Spain in 1811
In 1836 American settlers broke from Mexico and established a separate nation called
Who were the most famous Americans involved in creating the new nation of Texas
Sam Houston
Steven Austin
Davy Crockett
Who was the Mexican villan in the new nation of Texas
General Antonio de Santa Anna
What was the most famous battle in the extablishment of the new nation of Texas
The Alamo
Who was Benito Juarez
He was govenor of Oaxaca where he was imprizoned by Santa Anna, who had siezed the national government. He escapted to New Orleans and returned to Mexico to overthrow Santa Anna. He served as the Mexican president for two separate terms.
What are known tourist areas
Cozumel, Guadalajara, Cancun, Veracruz, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Acapulco

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