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Religion Trimester 2 Exam


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foregiveness of sin
Acts of the Apostles
the book of the New Testament that describes the early days of the church: how GodÂ’s news was proclaimed to the nations; how Peter, Paul, and other disciples formed the Christian communities.
a sexual relationship between a married person and someone other than a husband or wife
the belief that the sun, moon, planets, and stars control our lives
the rejection or denial of god
an excessive desire for wealth or gain; greed
in MatthewÂ’s Gospel, a set of guidelines for Christlike living that will make us happy and lead us to eternal life
words or actions that insult God or show hatred toward God
the act of injuring a personÂ’s good reputation by telling lies
Capital Sins
the seven evil tendencies that are the source of all sins; the capital sins are pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth
Capital Virtues
the seven good habits that are contrary to the seven capital sins; the capital virtues are humility, generosity, chastity, meekness, temperance, love of others, and diligence
a virtue that controls sexual desires by conforming them to right reason and Christian faith
Communion of Saints
“Holy things” especially the Eucharist, which units the believers who from the body of Christ; the spiritual union of all the members of the Church: those on earth, in heaven, and in purgatory
true sorrow for sin with the intention not to sin again; contrition includes conversion, a resolution to change oneÂ’s life according to JesusÂ’ teachings
Coucil of Jerusalem
a Church meeting in A.D.49 that decreed freedom from most Jewish laws for Gentile Christians
a scared contract or holy agreement; a solemn binding pact between two or more persons
a statement or prayer listing religious beliefs; the ApostleÂ’s Creed is an example of a prayer listing religious beliefs
a system of misguided religious beliefs and practices thatÂ’s centers around a strong leader
: wising evil upon a person, place, or thing
the lack of trust in GodÂ’s goodness and mercy
the act of unnecessarily reveling something true but harmful about a person
a letter in the New Testament originally sent to a community or an individual telling how Christmas can apply the message of Jesus to daily life; St. Paul wrote most of the epistles
the practice of putting people to death because they (or others) feel that life is too difficult or because they are not productive
to take in a day only one full meal and two lighter meals that do not equal the main meal; Catholics must fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday form their 21st birthday to their 59th birthday
Hebrew scripture
the first main Scripture, the stories of GodÂ’s dealings with humankind before Jesus came; the Old Testament
Holiday of Obligation
a special feast that Catholics are bound to celebrate by participating in the Eucharist
the virtue of desiring eternal life with God and trusting God to assist one in attaining it; confidence in God; hope is one of the three theological virtues infused into the soul at baptism
anyone or anything a person considers more important than God
wholeness of character; uprightness; honesty
a virtue that enable one to give others what they rightfully deserve; fairness; justice is one of the cardinal virtues
the reign of God over all people in the everlasting kingdom of heaven; the rein of Christ over GodÂ’s people in this world
Liturgical year
the annual cycle in which the Church celebrates the whole mystery of Christ (i.e., his Paschal Mystery) and honors Mary, the angles, and the saints; these mysteries are celebrated in Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, and other acts of public worship
one who witnessed to Jesus Christ through suffering or death; one who prefers to suffer or die rather than give up his or hers faith or principles
Mental Reservation
speech that intends a meaning different from the spoken words when there is a good reason for concealing the truth; the listener must have some clue that the reservation is being made
a virtue that enables one to be kind and forgiving to others
an action is a moral whenever it is done with knowledge and free consent; actions can be made morally good or morally bad
an appeal to God to witness the truth of oneÂ’s words
a virtue that inclines one to do what lawful authority commands or desires
anything that has to do with seeking something beyond human nature from something superhuman that is not divine
Paschal Mystery
the suffering, death, resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus through which humankind was saved from sin or death
the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples, and the Church was born as a society; originally as a Jewish harvest feast

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