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world history fra 6th exam3


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he wanted the city to reflect the glory of the empire
Whay did Darius fill Persia's capital city with gold, silver, and beautiful artwork?
became farmers and grew food for the wealthy
In Athens, most of the boys from poor families...
a small city-state
Which of the following best defines a polis? (a marketplace where goods were traded, a high holl on which a fortress was often built, a period of great achievements, a small city-state
many English words and expressions come from Greek mythology
Which of the following shows that Greeks strongly influences our language? (English words are spelled using the Greek rules of spelling, the English language is based on teh letters of the Greek alphabet, the English language was first spoken in ancient Greece, many English words and expressions come from Greek mythology
"rule of the people"
What does democaracy mean?
A Jewish house of worship
the Minoans
built an advanced society on the island of Crete
At what age were Spartan men done serving in the army?
a government in which only a few people have power is called ...
some Greeks gave aid to other Greeks who rebelled against Persia
What caused Darius to first become angry with the Greeks?
the Jews there took their own lives
How did the event at Masada end?
Mosaic laws guide Jews' daily lives
How are Mosaic laws different from the Ten Commandments?
a volcanic eruption ruined their cities
led to the end of the Minoan civilization
Which holiday celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple?
They were strong and healthy.
Spartan women also received physical training. Like the men, they learned how to run, jump, wrestle, and throw javelins. What conclusion can you draw about Spartan women?
Yom Kippur
according to the Jews it is the most holy day of the year
the Exodus
Which event do Jews remember when celebrating Passover?
From an early age, Spartan boys were trained to be ...
making Persia's empire strong
Make an inference:As ruler of Persia, what do you think Darius was most interested in doing? (developing a powerful army, defeating the Greeks in battle, building many roads in Persia, making Persia's empire strong
strong and well organized
Which of the following best decribes the Persian army? (weak and ineffective, powerful but cowardly, brave but disloyal, strong and well organized
in geographical terms, the land of Greece is a large ...
Sparta became the most powerful city-state in Greece
What was the result of the Peloponnesian War?
the Greeks did not unite to fight Philip
What allowed Philip of Macedonia to easily conquer the Greeks?
Which Greek hero has been the subject of dozens of films?
people who receive messages from God

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