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Government 2


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A promise to be loyal and to support the government of the United States is ?
Pledge of Allegiance
Who convinced France to help the United States in the Revolutionary War? He also offered to pay for all the tea that was dumped into the Boston Harbor.
Benjamin Franklin
The first Preident of the United States was ?
George Washington
A list of our country's most important rights and freedoms that was added to the constitution is ?
Bill of Rights
What war was fought by the American colonies to end British rule?
American Revolution
Money people pay to support the government is ?
The leader of the United States government is ?
A book that comes out every year with information on many different subjects in called?
The plan of government for the United States that explains what the different parts of government are and outlines the most important laws is?
An agreement reached when each side gives up some demands is ?
A document written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 that explains why the colonists had decided to free themselves from England is ?
Declaration of Independence
The capital of the United States is ?
Washington, D.C.
A place where the government of a state or country is located is ?
The part of the United States government that makes laws for our country is ?
Who was the first President to live in the White House?
John Adams
Anything such as a monument or holiday that is set aside to remember a person or event is ?
A part of the American government that makes sure laws follow the constitution is ?
Supreme Court
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? He died on July 4th, fifty years after the Declaration of Independence was written.
Thomas Jefferson
The place where the President lives is called the ?
White House
To choose by voting is to ?

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