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history unit 2 greece and rome


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Define rhetoric
art of public speaking
a. Do you think the reasons the Athenians gave for choosing government officials by lottery were good reasons?
b. What other method would you propose if you were an Athenian reformer?
a. No, not everyone is fit for a government role. They might not be good in the posistion.
b. Former members of the council could vote, or everyone could vote. People also could be required to pass a test.
Describe how worship of Greek deities influenced architecture, art, and athletics.
Architecture - parthenon was a temple to Athena and they built temples as places for deities to live.
Art - scluptors of the golden age only carved deities or heroes
Athletics - the Olympics were a religious festival in honor of Zeus
Show how the Greek emphasis on the individual was demonstrated both in the Olympic games and in the fine arts.
Olympics - competition was individual instead of teams
Fine arts - showed individual people's physical and mental condition
How was the ancient Greek's emphasis on reason and individuality revealed in their arts? Cite examples from architecture, sculpture, and drama.
Architecture - used optical illusions, geometry, and used their brains
sculpture - carved individualized and realistic people
drama - showed human emotions
Identify Sophists
Greek, professional teachers who provided higher education. about 500 BC
Identify Socrates
one of Greece's greatest philosophers. Greek, 400 BC
Identify Aristotle
Great philosopher of ancient greece. Wrote 200 + books. Greek, 300 BC
Identify Herodotus
First greek historian. Seperated fact from legend, wrote about persian wars. greek. 400BC
Identify Thucydides
historian of ancient greece - wrote about peloponnesian war. 1st scientific historian. Greek 400BC
Identify Pythagoras
mathematician who tried to explain everything in mathematical terms. greek, 500BC
How did Socrates and Hippocates each contribute to the intellectual life of ancient Greece?
Socrates - developed teaching technique called Socratic method. Taught people to think clearly
Hippocrates - contributed to medicine field - view medicine as a science. taught proper hygeine and that disease are natural not supernatural
Compare and contrast Alexander the Great's original goal and the goal he finally chose for his empire. Why did his goals change?
At first he wanted to punish Persia for its invasion of Greece(get revenge). Later he wanted to create an empire that would unite Europe and Asia and combine the best of Greek and Persian cities. His goals changed as he conquered more terrioty and he realized that Greeks could learn from the Persian culture.
Deife Sect
a group within Judaism - a group of religios people
Define Messiah
a deliverer chosen by God
Define matyr
people who chose to die rather than give up their beliefs
Define bishop
interpreters of christian belieft. Administrators of regional chruch affaris
Define Patriarch
bishop of a leading city such as Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem
Define pope
head of all churches
Why might the Romans in Judea espescially have responded harshly toward anyone arousing strong feelings among the Jewish people?
They're afraid of rebellion, they don't want to endanger their rule.
List some of the ways in which Christianity diverged from Judaism to become a distinct religion rather than a sect.
- believet that Jesus is Messaiah
-Jesus is the Son of God
-everyone can joing, including Gentiles
-believed in new testament

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