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Navy Exam 1


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Distinguish between privateering and pirating.
Privateering was authorized pirating by government for the benefit of the government, pirating was arbitrary for personal gain.
How many ships did Congress first order to be built and what was their class?
13 frigates were ordered to be built.
What is a frigate?
Ship-rigged, flush-decked, mounted between 32 and 44 guns. “Cruisers of the 18th century”
How many of the 13 original ships survive?
What were the first three states that authorized state navies?
Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachussetts
What was the motto of the first navy jack?
Don't Tread on Me
Who was the famous Colonel who fought on Lake Champlain? (He later defected to the British)
Benedict Arnold
Name two of the American colonies' allies.
France and Spain
What was the first country to recognize America as a sovereign country?
Who was the first famous privateer who took the war into British waters and is now buried at the United States Naval Academy?
John Paul Jones
What was the name of the battle where Jones fought in which he spoke the famous line, "I have not yet begun to fight!"
Battle of Flamborough Head
What were the names of the two ships that fought in this battle and which countries were they from?
British: Serapis
American: Bonhomme Richard
Which ship survived?
Why was the British bombardment of Ft. Moultrie on Sullivan's Island unsuccessful?
The fort was made of palmetto logs which absorbed the cannon fire.
What four entities came together at the Battle of the Yorktown?
American army, British army, French army, French Navy
Who were the leaders of each?
American: Washington
British: Cornwallis
French army: Rochambeau
French navy: de Grasse
How many distant stations were there and where were they located?
East India, West India, Pacific, Brazil, Africa, Mediterranean
What was the most important port on the Mexican Gulf Coast during the war?
Vera Cruz.
What was the main purpose of the Wilkes expedition?
Scientific and exploring expedition
Where was the largest amphibious landing in history (at the time)?
Vera Cruz
During the Industrial Revolution what changes were made in propulsion, armor, and weapons?
Steam powered ships, iron armored ships, new cannons, solid shot charges
What was the first 'modern' warship?
HMS Warrior
Who was John Dohlgren?
father of modern ordnance
What was the Peacemaker?
a new type of canon
What were the main objectives of Perry's mission to Japan?
- protect American seaman who were shipwrecked or driven into Japanese ports by bad weather
- establishment of American coaling and supply stations in two Japanese ports
- American vessels allowed to enter Japanese ports for trade
Was Perry succesful?
What was the name of Perry's flagship during his mission to Japan?
USS Mississippi
Why was Vera Cruz considered the most important port in Mexico during the Mexican War?
Once Vera Cruz was taken it was a straight shot to Mexico City
Describe the term paper blockade and its relevance to the American Civil War.
Confederate diplomats tried to convince British leaders that the Union blockade in 1861-1862 was so leaky that under international law it should be considered a "paper blockade" and therefore illegitimate.
The Union forces used the Anaconda Plan to try and cut the Confederacy in half geographically.
The CSA Monitor and USS Merrimack were the two major ironclads involved in the battle of Hampton Roads.
The Civil War broke out where?
Gettysburg, PA
Which Union ship did the CSS Hunley succesfully sink?
USS Housatonic
The Confederacy employed which of the following devices?
torpedoes; submarines; mines; mortar boats
Commodore DuPont, Union Forces, successfully attacked where?
Siege of Charleston
What were the technological legacies of the Civil War?
Industrialization (transport of armies and navies)
The title of Mahan's first book was?
The influence of sea power upon history
According to Mahan what is a navy's function?
Command of the seas
At the battle of Manila bay what happened to the Spanish ships?
All Spanish warships were burned, sunk, or abandoned
According to Mahan, how should a navy be deployed?
Battle Fleets
According to Mahan, where should the coaling stations needed to support the navy be established?
Near geographic "choke-points"
Mahan's first book was based on lecture notes?
Theodore Roosevelt was at one point Assistant Secretary of the Navy?
What is the difference between sea power and sea force?
Sea power is what the sea has to offer, sea force is what you use to gain power.

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