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In Carl Sagans "Cosmos", when did agrarian civilization appear on the 12- month "cosmic calender"?
According to Sagan, all recorded human history in all books of the world, occured in the______ of the cosmic calender.
last 10 seconds
What did William Gibson(No maps for these territories) say would happen if humans gave up all technology? We whould ____?
begin dying off big- time
In the Preface to the text book, the "digital age" is described as the era in which______?
many forms of communication, commerce, and content travel as bits and bytes on computer networks
According to chapter 2, why is King Assurbanipal important?
he built one of the first great libraries, filled w/ knowledge on clay tablets from many foriegn lands
According to the preface, why should students learn about digital media technologies?
students should be critical of developments in the digital age from a postition of knowledge and not ignorance
The library of alexandria was destroyed- lost forever were hundreds of books containing most of the knowledge of antiquity. According to chapter2 , this is an example of______?
the vulnerability of high- centralized media networks
In chapter 1 of the text book, the digital reevolution refers to ____?
convergence of computer networks and satellites w/ the media of newspapers, mags, radio, and TV
In 1983, only 7% of US households had a personal computer. By 2001, the total was over 60%. True/ False
According to chapter 2, what did ptolemy do with the library of alexandria?
sought to bring together all the knowledge of the world into one place
According to chapter 2, which technology provided the first layer of webbing in the global telecommunications networks?
a trade route that linked china, asia, india, and the roman empire was called what according to ch 2?
silk road
According to chapter 1, who were Daniel Bell, John Naisbitt, and Alvin Toffler?
they were thinkers who percieved decades ago that information would transform society in dramatic ways
what were the first networks of human communication?
trails and trade routes
in the online reading, toffler argued that the world is splitting into 3 parts around the globe:_____
agrarian, industrial, and information cultures
how many bytes are in a terabyte?
1 trillion
so far the most complex technology ever invented has been?
the internet
human DNA has how many bits of information?
5 billion
the bits of info in human DNA equals how many books?
statistics suggest the average person spends____hours in front of screens everyday?
what is the most fundamental thing that electronic media does for humans? what is it?
electronic media orient each of us in a specific space and time in the world
what was the evolution of human information according to Carl sagan?
from genes to brains to books to computers to global networks
how did the 20th century technology change our view of the universe? Media technology______
led to the discovery of the Big Bang and knowledge that the universe is expanding in all directions at amazing speeds and are perfct examples of______?
mcluhans global village
what created the Big bang for electronic media?
moore's law
what is the function of a cookie?
it permits computer to be monitored for surveillance
what is Echelon?
a surveillance technology that permits the government to intercept and examine messages sent thru the networks
who is Jeff Bezos and what did he syblolize when he was named "person of the year" by Time in 1999?
founder of
-a sea in human consciouness that will permeate global society (could combine tech and traditional media)
what is the function of RAM?
determines how many software programs can be running at the same time
who was person of the year in 1982 and why?
computer b/c it was destined to "raise production and standards of living
according to ch. 7, how did Gutenberg's printing press undermine the authority of the church?
the printing press destroyed the church's "monopoly on knowledge and social power".
why is the essay "Aeropagtica" important?
the essay argued that truth and falsehood should grapple in a feild of free expression
why is the internet ideal for surveillance?
b/c of the networked nature of computer commmunications
in 1984, what was Winston's job?
he helped re- write history by editing old newspapers so they matched w/ current govt propaganda
in prirates of silicon valley, what happened at the factual meeting between IBM and Microsoft?
ibm agreed to use microsoft's operating system and allowed microsoft to license it to other computer manufacturers.
in pirates of silicon valley, what happened at the fateful meeting between Xerox and Apple?
xerox explained the "graphical user interface" to Apple
In pirates of silicon valley, what factors made Apple and Microsoft successful?
both companies had a visionary leader combined w/ pple who had technological expertise
which event illustrated that electronic media would be a globl communication tech?
the birth of the internet
what event first illustrated that electronic media would be a borderless communication tech?
the invention of radio
which 3 media indutries are converging to create the internet and digital economy?
computers, telecommunications, content- providers
this said to serve as a tool for total surveillance...?
the electronic screen
before i was crushed by corporate media and the courts, Napster illustrated how the internet does what?
creates an additional layer of distrubution between manufacturers and consumers
what is double think?
idea of putting 2 opposite concepts together to make sense (by maintaing war creates peace)
what effect does the internet have on commerce?
the internet eliminates a layer of distribution between manufacturers and consumers
what technological system permits the maximal amount of pple to be watched by the minimal amount of pple?
the panopticon
societies with greater privacy generally have greater what?
what is encryption?
functions like a digital envelope
what was the significance if 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago?
first electrical city and was the precursor to theme parks
what was the first technology to to put electricity into action?
1844 telegraph
when did the radio come out and why was that significant? 20-30yrs later, how many houses had a radio?
1894- concept of wireless
-over 90% radio was borderless
what was the first electronic music media technology? who invented it?
theremin...1919 by Leon Theremin
transistor radio was the first for what?
first to bring mobility
what does to IPod go back to?
transistor radio
what year did the electric guitar come out?
what trends did the beatles symbolize?
-they were the "system" (something new)
-fashion, good looking guys on tv, rep. power of TV

*they were the sybol of freedom and free spirit
this era celebrated dancing as a lifestyle...?
what were the 2 main genras of the mid- late 70s?
hip-hop/ rap & punk
this startedin NY using turntables..? this was a symbol of rebellion and also created a new style?
what trends did the sex pistols symbolize?
were a sign of rebellion vs. system
-has own fashion
-quest of individuality (which soon becomes part of the system)
what is synthesbian? texture mapping?
-virtual actor (they aren't real)
-how they create virtual chracters, giving them a 3-D shape (more depth &texture)
what was the the first video game developed by MIT and was played over phone lines?
space war (1982)
how much is the video game industry worth now?
muli-billion dollar industry
this is said to be connected to violence?
video games
in 1904 the myth of Town Square was created...what was it?
tower was a copy of buildings in europe
-entertainment capital of the US
this was said to be the pre- cursor of the big screen?
nasdaq technology
what was disney trying to create w/ disneyland?
wanted u to feel like u were in a real virtual world....3-dimensional, tv mediated world
what was the connection between disney and ABC?
disney needed the money and abc needed a show
-abc would help disney, if they could make a tv show
in synthetic pleasures what american city is discusses &why? in what way's are real and virtual merging together?
las vegas b/c it is a fully mediated sort of city
-they have a simulated golf course, cyberspace weddings
why is kraftwerk important?
band that was the first electronic band
what did DJ Spooky in "better living thru circuitry" say out sampling?
electronic music is bout sampling and re mixing the songs...that is the way society runs
what are some pros and cons of digital media lifesytle?
-increases quantity of info. that can be stored, acceesed and used
-freedom increases
-increases connection and network

-artificial..less interpersonal
-database controlled by the powerful
-surveillance, less privacy
what trends did EA capatalize on?
the rise of sports culture
what is the 79th richest nation?
-virtual reality (economy of video games)
what were the 5 main points learned from Time warners "pathfinder" website?
1.dominant players in traditional world of mass media don't really reighn in cyberspace matter how wealthy a company is, there is a limit to amout of resources it'll commit to digital media development media audience may not be attracted to a simple repurposing of content that appeals to a more traditional, off line audience

4.the commercial failure of digital media arms of traditional media organizations has largely been due to the inability to demonstrate a solid business model (banners dont work)

5.newcomers to media suchas Yahoo!, AOL,etc, may be more in tune w/ the net generation
(one of the problems is that they grow to large to fast)
this is said to be the "fifth news medium"..?
digital media
this has set the stage for those who gather in cyberspace...?
traditional and digital media
what is said in the conclusion section of chapter 11?
people will want much more, not less news and information from digital media
what is the EM Forster Story?
Vashti lives underground w/ only "The Machine" available to communicate thru. Her son Kuno, who lived on the other side of earth believed we haven't annihilated space, but the sense thereof. It has blurred every human relation. The son later asked to see the mother & she claimed that she could already see him thru the screen.
what does Ithiel de Sola Pool mean by "technologies of freedom"?
technologies are progressive, increase efficiency, and facilitate &democratze communication among members.
what were the main critisims offered by clifford stoll,, david shenk, and michael noll?
-talks bout the loss of face to face communication
-tries to convince reader that too much information creates to much confusion for society
-claims tech. isn't living up to the hype
In the Moby reading, what are the 2 carefully crafted elements?
the business ventures and the everyman musician who drives them

*business: sells music to commercials and soundtracks
what is Brittanica?
virtual real- estates
in the matrix what did the blue and red pill symbolize?
b- believe whatever u wana believe

r-morpheaus tells him about the matrix

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