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In Carl Sagans "Cosmos", when did agrarian civilization appear on the 12- month "cosmic calender"?
According to Sagan, all recorded human history in all books of the world, occured in the______ of the cosmic calender.
last 10 seconds
As discussed in class, where is the "golden record" right now?
hurtling thru the cosmic void toward the next stars
this video is the most realistic depiction of how artificial intellegience might work?
Hal 9000 computer from 2001: "A Space Odyssey"
which media technology was not shown in 2001: A Space Odyssey?
In tron, which economic system prevails in cyberspace?
In 2001: A Space Odyssey, where did Dave go on his final journey?
deep space and cyberspace
In Tron, how is the issue of privacy handled?
people have an information disk that protects privacy and freedom
In Tron, how is surveillance maintained?
by computer code
In Koyaanisqatsi, what was symbolized by the time- lapse photograghy?
the acceleration of modern life
In Koyaanisqatsi, what symbolized the emergence of the information age?
patterns of the city were followed by similar patterns on computer chips
In Naqoyqatsi, what was meant by the opening images of the film show in class?
technology is creating a fully- mediated universe
In "No maps for these territories", how did William Gibson describe the media world we live in?
we live in a post- territorial world where we can know what's going on anywhere, w/o being there
In "No maps for these territories", what did William Gibson not say about the internet?
the internet will be as important as the TV
What did William Gibson(No maps for these territories) say would happen if humans gave up all technology? We whould ____?
begin dying off big- time
In the Preface to the text book, the "digital age" is described as the era in which______?
many forms of communication, commerce, and content travel as bits and bytes on computer networks
According to chapter 2, why is King Assurbanipal important?
he built one of the first great libraries, filled w/ knowledge on clay tablets from many foriegn lands
According to the preface, why should students learn about digital media technologies?
students should be critical of developments in the digital age from a postition of knowledge and not ignorance
The library of alexandria was destroyed- lost forever were hundreds of books containing most of the knowledge of antiquity. According to chapter2 , this is an example of______?
the vulnerability of high- centralized media networks
In chapter 1 of the text book, the digital reevolution refers to ____?
convergence of computer networks and satellites w/ the media of newspapers, mags, radio, and TV
In 1983, only 7% of US households had a personal computer. By 2001, the total was over 60%. True/ False
According to chapter 2, what did ptolemy do with the library of alexandria?
soughgt to bring together all the knowledge of the world into one place
According to chapter 2, which technology provided the first layer of webbing in the global telecommunications networks?
a trade route that linked china, asia, india, and the roman empire was called what according to ch 2?
silk road
According to chapter 1, who were Daniel Bell, John Naisbitt, and Alvin Toffler?
they were thinkers who percieved decades ago that information would transform society in dramatic ways
what were the first networks of human communication?
trails and trade routes
in the online reading, toffler argued that the world is splitting into 3 parts around the globe:_____
agrarian, industrial, and information cultures
Guglielmo Macroni is important b/c he used his companies to ______?
create the first modern telecommunications network that spanned thousands of miled over the vast regions of the globe
why is nicholas negroponte considered an important media theorist?
newspapers and books are distributed as "atoms" of paper, while digital media are distributed as "bits" in networks
what is George Gilder's media theory?
he belived that digital technology is creating a telecosm w/ a massive communication space made possible by infinite bandwidth
why is Alvin Toffler considered an important media theorist?
media technologies are creating a microscopic world of information that exists inside computers
how many bytes are in a terabyte?
1 trillion
so far the most complex technology ever invented has been?
the internet
human DNA has how many bits of information?
5 billion
the bits of info in human DNA equals how many books?
statistics suggest the average person spends____hours in front of screens everyday?
True/ False
the # of neurons in the human brain is approximately the number of stars in the galaxy
milky way
what was the main reason why humans invented books and computers?
b/c of the evolutionary need to store info. outside our bodies
what is the most fundamental thing that electronic media does for humans? what is it?
electronic media orient each of us in a spaecific space and time in the world
what was the evolution of human information according to Carl sagan?
from genes to brains to books to computers to global networks
what was the first human made object to leavve the solar system?
the voyager electronic satellite
As discussed in class, information evolves best under what conditions?
in open networks where there exists freedom of thought
how did the 20th century technology change our view of the universe? Media technology______
led to the discovery of the Big Bang and knowledge that the universe is expanding in all directions at amazing speeds and are perfct examples of______?
mcluhans global village
what created the Big bang for electronic media?
moore's law
According to the introduction, what did Jeff Bezos sympbolize when he was named "person of the year" by Time?
a sea change in human consciousness that will permeate global society
what is the function of the CPU?
does the thinking inside of computer
what is the function of a cookie?
it permits computer to be monitored for surveillance
what is Echelon?
a surveillance technology that permits the government to intercept and examine messages sent thru the networks
what is said to "level the playing feild"? why?
the internet b/c it is a global technology that allows smaller firms to compete w/ larger ones
what is the function of the memory (aka RAM)?
it determines how many software programs can be running simultaneously
who was the person of the year in 1982, according to "Times"? why?
the computer b/c it was destined to "raise the production and standards of living"
how did gutenburgs printing press undermine the authority of the church?
it destroyed the church's "monopoly on knowledge and social power"
according to chapter 7, why is the essay "Areopagtica" important?
the essay argued that truth and falsehood should grapple in a field of free expression
Americans embraced the surveillance society after 9/11
it was well embraced before then
what is the function of a hard drive?
it stores most of the information inside a computer
what was the Supreme Courts decision concerning the Communications Decency Act? why?
b/c it violated free speech rights
the roots of the internet can be trace back to what?
Vannevar Bush's 1945 theory of a hyperlinked network
how many web pages were online in 2005?
around 600 billion
In the onlin reading, "The Surveillance Society", David Brin argues what?
that the "first amendment offers the best protection for privacy"
this is said to be ideal for surveillance b/c of its network nature of computer communications..?
who said: "we are on the cusp of creating a global consciousness"?
Steve Jobs
which media issue was raised by will smith's wife in "Enemy of the State"?
who will make sure that the govts surveillance agents do not secretly violate the fourth amendment
In war games, what was symbolized by the WOPR supercomputer playing tic-tac-toe again and again?
the stupidity of nuclear war
why did fail?
govworks failed b/c their website wasn't as good as the competition
in "1984", what was Winston's job?
he helped re- write history by editing old newspapers so they matched w/ current gov't propaganda

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