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Roman Culture Test


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Cicero's years of life
106-43 BC
Date of the 1st Triumvirate
60 BC
Date of Octavian's birth
63 BC
Date of the Founding of Rome
April 21, 743 BC
How else would Rome be named if it wasn't for Romulus?
For Roma, the woman who burnt the ships.
What is the Rape of Sabines?
They were orginially all men, but then they invited the Etruscan women.
What did the Vestal Virgins do?
They kept the eternal flame lit and they practiced Divination (augury).
What happens to a Vestal Virgin if she is seduced?
She is buried alive.
From what years was Rome ruled by kings?
753-509 BC
What was the Rape of Lucretia?
Sextus Tarquin raped Lucretia, the ideal woman and wife, and it was the cause of the Republican Revolution.
What was the Republican Revolution?
-Etruscan monarchy overthrown
-Tarqinius Superbus was defeated in rebellion
What happened in 494 BC?
The Plebian Triumvirate was established.
Who were the Patricians?
Aristrocratic class whose families supplied Rome with political and military leaders.
Who were the Equestrians?
People who provide horses in military campaigns.
Who were the Censors?
They took the census.
Who were the members of the 1st Triumvirate?
Pompey, Caesar, Crassus
Who was Titus Livius?
-AKA Livy
-recorded history of Rome
-142 politically sensitive books
-famous book: Ab Urbe Condita
What were the years for the Second Triumvirate?
43-33 BC
Who were the members of the Second Triumvirate?
Marc Antony, Lepidus, Octavian (Augustus Caesar)
Who were the Julio-Claudians?
-Imp. imperial family
-ruled Rome for 100 years
-provided 1st 8 emporers
-laid foundation for politics of Rom
What epic was commissioned to tell the story of Rome in the way of Homer?
Virgil's Aeneid.
Who was Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus?
1. Octavian
2. Augustus
3. the Divine Augustus Caesar

Adopted by Julius Caesar
Who was Pliny the Older?
Writer who died looking at Mt. Vesuvius.
What is the Rebellion of Boudicca?
Celtic tribe in Britain revolted
-many warriors women
Who was Pliny the Younger?
Roman official
Nephew of Pliny the Elder
9 books of letters
Who was Constantine the Great?
1st emporer to support Christianity (monotheism)
-moved capital to Constantinople (Istambul)
Who was the last Roman emporer?
Romulus Augustulus
-ruled for 10 months
What were the years named after to measure them?
consuls, kings, and/or emporers
What does AUC mean?
Ab Urbe Condita - from the founding of the city
What is the Nundinae?
Market Day (every 9th day)
What are the 'kalends'?
the 1st day of the month
What are the 'nones'?
5th or 7th day
What are the 'ides'?
13th or 15th day
What is the famous ides of March?
The death of Caesar
What are the 2 parts of teh day?
6 AM - 6 PM
What is the Siesta - Sex?
Around 6 PM
What is the salutatio?
Morning greeting to patron - at Atrium.
What was the 1st measure of time?
The sundial - horologium.
What is the 2nd measure of time?
The waterclock - clepsydra.
Who was Sulla?
-Roman general
-led aristrocratic party during CW
-made dictator
Who did Crassus defeat?
Who was Gnaeus Pompeius?
-Pompey the Great
-Important Roman politician and military leader
-member of 1st triumvirate
Who killed Cicero?
Marc Antony
What did Lex Pompeia state?
granted Latin right for foreigners to marry and trade with citizens and could become citizens

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