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History Vocab

Digging up history firsthand!


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the remains of a huge artifact such as a statue
events that happened before the invention of writing
radio carbon dating
a scientific method for determining the age of once living things by measuring the amount of carbon 14 remaining
movement of groups of people from one place to another
oral tradition
the legends, myths, and beliefs that a culture passes from generation to generation by word of mouth
to uncover artifacts or fossils by digging
the remains or imprint of a once living thing
pot shards
broken peices of pottery used to date artifacts or fossils
pirmary source
a firsthand account; a record made by a person who saw or took part in the actual event
a record of events in the order in which they happen
kitchen midden
an ancient trash heap
an object made by or shaped by humans from long ago
ice age
long periods of time where glaciers advance and retreat, covering large parts of the earth's surface
cultural diffusion
the exchange of ideas and material goods from one culture to another
archeologist paleoanthrologist
a scientist who locates and studies things left behind by people
secondary source
a second hand account; a record based upon a primary source

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