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Battle of the Books 2006


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Who lived in the flat below Coraline's?
Miss Spink and Miss Forcible
What are some of the names of the terriers that Coraline's neighbors own?
Hamish and Andrew and Jock
What were Spink and Forcible's former job?
What does Miss Spink first call Coraline?
What does Miss Spink tell Coraline that Hamish should avoid eating?
The Fruitcake
What does the crazy old man with the mustache tell Coraline he is training?
A mouse circus
How do the songs that the crazy old man for the mouth go?
Oompah Oompah
What will the white mice only play?
Toodle oodle
What does the old man decide to try to get the white mice to do as he wants?
Try a different type of cheese
What is the first thing that Coraline explores after moving in?
The Garden
What do Miss Spunk and Miss Forcible warn Coraline about the dangers of after she first moves in?
The well
How many days was Coraline at her new home before she discovered the well?
What animal did Coraline find while exploring?
A hedgehog
What did the rock that Coraline find look like?
A frog
What did the toad that Coraline find look like?
A rock
What was the history program about that Coraline decided to watch?
Protective Coloration
What is Coraline's last name?
When Coraline is bored, what room does she ask her father that she can explore?
Drawing Room
Where was the hot water tank?
In a cupboard in the kitchen
How many blue objects were in Coraline's house?
How many windows were there in Coraline's house?
How many doors were therein Coraline's house?
How many doors opened and closed in Coraline's house?
Where does the door that doesn't open first lead to?
A Brick wall
What recipe does Coraline's father make that she doesn't like?
Leek and potato stew with a tarragon garnish and melted Gruyere cheese
What does Coraline make for herself after she doesn't like her father's food?
Microwive chips and pizza
What color coat does Coraline wear when she goes out?
What color scarf does Coraline wear when she goes out?
What color and type of books does Coraline wear when she goes out?
Yellow Wellington Boots
What part does Miss Spink say she played that people came to see?
What part did Miss Forcible play?
What did Miss Spink resemble when she was bundled up?
A large fluffy egg
Who delivered flowers to Miss Spink's dressing room?
According to Miss Forcible, what will happento Miss Spink if she gets lost?
It wil bring on her shingles
According to the old man, why don't the mice like the mist?
It makes their whiskers droop
What is the message that the mice have for Coraline?
Don't go through the door
What did Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's flat smell like?
Furniture Polish and dogs
What color was the teacup that Miss Spink and Miss Forcible gave Coraline?
What did Miss Spink and Miss Forcible give to Coraline to eat?
A dry Garibaldi biscuit
What is Miss Spink's first name?
What is Miss Forcible's first name?
What do the tea leaves tell Miss Spink about Coraline?
That she's in danger
How does Miss Spink first suggest Coraline avoid getting into danger?
Don’t' wear green in her dressing room
How does Miss Forcible suggest that Coraline avoid danger?
Don' mention the Scottish play
What object does Miss Spink give Coraline from the jar?
A stone with a hole in it
How many blouses does Coraline's mother buy for her?
How many hair clips does Coraline's mother buy for her?
A half dozen
What is the first thing that Coraline notices about her "other" mother?
Her skin is as white as paper
What are Coraline's "other mother's" fingernails like?
Long and sharp
What does Coraline's other family serve her to eat when she first arrives?
Golden Brown roasted chicken, Fried Potatoes and Tiny Green Peas
What does Coraline's other mother think that Coraline would like to do after she eats lunch?
Play with the rats from upstairs
What color is Coraline's room in the "other" house?
Off putting shade of green and a peculiar shade of pink
What is the first word that flashes in lightbulbs outside the "other" Miss Spink and Forcible's door?
How does the cat respond when Coraline asks its name?
"Cat's don't have names"
What does the dog ask Coraline for when she tries to enter Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's "other" home?
A ticket
What was the other Miss Spink doing on stage?
Riding a one wheel bicycle and juggling balls
What was the other Miss Forcible doing on stage?
Skipping behind Miss Spink, scattering petals
What was the new Miss Spink wearing?
Green Tights and High Brown Boots
What was the new Miss Forcible wearing?
A white dress and flowers in her hair
Why does the dog tell Coraline that he shouldn't eat toffees?
It makes him drool
What type of chocolate does Coraline give to the dog because she doesn't like it?
What does Coraline eat for breakfast the morning after her parents don't return?
Canned Spaghetti
What does Coraline eat for lunch the afternoon after her parents don’t return?
A block of cooking chocolate and an apple
What did Coraline eat at Miss Spink and Miss Forcibles place after she realized her parents were missing?
Three digestive biscuits, a glass of limeade and a cup of weak tea
What does Miss Spink tell Coraline to tell her mother after she is told that Coraline's parents are missing?
That Misses Spink and Forcible found the Glasgow Empire Clippings
Where does Miss Forcible tell Coraline that she will be staying?
With April's Niece
Where does April's niece live?
Royal Tunbridge Wells
Who is the main character of Coraline's story that she writes?
What happens to Coraline's character from her story at the end?
Her feet turned into Sausages
What time was it when Coraline woke up alone in the middle of the night?
What does Coraline's parents write on the mirror backwards?
Help Us
What crime does Coraline try to report to the police?
What does policeman suggest that Coraline do?
Ask her mother for a mug of hot chocolate and a hug
How many stings does Coraline's father have on his body?
What creature does the other mother summon to bring her the key?
A rat
What did the black jeans that Coraline find in her closet in the other house seem to be made of?
Velvet Night
According to Coraline's other father, why is there no point in exploring
There isn't anywhere but here
How many plums are there in the painting of the fruit in Coraline's study?
What object does Coraline find on the mantelpiece?
A snow globe
What does Coraline's other mother say is sharper than a serpent's tooth?
A Daughter's ingratitude
What snack does Coraline's other mother offer that is disgusting to her?
What does Coraline's other mother tell Coraline can do if she is good?
Play with the rats
Where does Coraline's other mother lock her when she doesn't behave?
in the mirror
What do the children in the mirror tell Coraline is the first thing to go?
What does the other mother prepare for Coraline after she leaves the mirror?
Cheese omelette
What does Coraline's other mother swear on?
Her right hand
What does Coraline have to find in order to win the game against her other mother?
The souls of the lost people
What color is the fire that drifts from the stone as seen through the mirror?
What color is the yoyo that is left in the toy chest?
Vivid Pink
In what object are the souls located?
What did the creature in the theatre resemble?
The younger versions of Miss Spink and Miss Forcible combined into one
From where does the other mother remove a key?
Her tongue
What does Coraline find set into the floorboards in the flat?
A large metal ring
Who does Coraline find in the hidden room in the flat?
Her other father
What did the old man's flat smell like in the other world?
Like all of the exotic foods in the world had been left to go rotten
What happens when Coraline steps closer to the crazy old man in the other world?
He falls apart
What color is the other mother's blood?
Black and tarry
How does Coraline stop her other mother?
She throws the cat at her
What is the only thing Coraline doesn't eat when her father makes her pizza?
What type of creature is Coraline's other mother?
a beldam
What is the crazy old man's name?
Mister Bobo
Which doll does Coraline say dropped her cake?

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