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History and Culture Game


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What was the long wrap worn by Roman women called?
the palla
What was the term for a woman's long dress?
a stola
What was a man's toga called?
toga virilis
What name was given to the good luck charm worn by boys until age 16?
What were "insulae"?
apartment buildings
On what river is Rome located?
the Tiber
Where (on which hill) did most wealthy Romans live?
the Palatine
What is the major mountain range which runs down the middle of Italy?
the Appenines
What was Rome's primary sea port?
What area was considered the center of public life?
the Forum
What was the main Roman sewer system called?
the Cloaca Maxima
What building material was invented by the Romans?
What was the most famous place where chariot races were held?
Circus Maximus
What is the name of the most famous road that connected Rome to the citiies south of Italy?
the Via Appia or Appian Way
On how many hills was the ancient city of Rome situated?
Who founded the city of Rome in 753 B.C.?
Where did the military training and athletic events take place in early Rome?
Campus Martius
What name was given to unmarried women who took a vow of chastity to serve as prietesses?
Vestal Virgins
How was a Vestal Virgin who broke her vows punished?
She was buried alive
What were the Sybilline Books?
ancient books containing oracles (advice about the future)
In ancient times, where were the Sybilline Books kept?
In Cumae
Define "Fas"
favorable omens
Define "Nefas"
unfavorable omens
Who was the Pontifex Maximus?
the chief priest
What is a cubiculum?
a bedroom
Who wore the toga praetexta?
Boys under 16
Who wore a toga over the tunic?
Only Roman citizens
What is the entry hall of a Roman house called?
What is the Latin word for family?
What name was given to each household's private gods?
the Lares and Penates
What name was given to the peaceful period during the reign of Augustus?
the Pax Augustus or Pax Romana
Where (on which hill) was the Temple of Jupiter located?
on the Capitoline
What term meant the first name?
the praenomen
Which part of a Roman name indicated the clan?
the nomen
What was the third part of a Roman name called?
the nomen
What was the culina?
the kitchen
What does "Senatus Populusque Romanus" mean?
the Senate and the Roman people
In which law code were the legal rights of the Roman citizens spelled out?
The Twelve Tables
Whom did a Tribune represent?
The people, the lower class
What was the name given to the order in which politically ambitious Roman citizens held office?
the Cursus Honorum
What is the highest position in the cursus honorum?
What is the Latin term for dining room?
the triclinium
What was the Latin term for study or office?
the tablinum
What was the opening in the ceiling of the atrium called?
the compluvium
What pool caught the rain water in the atrium?
the impluvium
What was the open courtyard with garden and columns called?
the peristylum
What was the father of the household called?
the paterfamilias
What was the term for the absolute power granted to the father over his household?
patria potestis
On what day were slaves free to speak their minds?
the Saturnalia
Who were in charge of observing the flight pattern of birds?
Roman priests called "Augurs"
What is the Latin word for temple?
Which temple always kept its doors open in times of war?
the Temple of Janus
Which temple was home to the sacred flame?
the Temple of Vesta
Who became the first of the emperor?
On what day was Caesar killed?
the Ides of March
(March 15)
Who was the last king of Rome?
Tarquinius Superbus
Who was the first king of Rome?
What Roman priests were in charge of observing the organs of sacrificial animals?
Haruspices (s. haruspex)
Which gods made up the Capitline Triad?
Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva
During what years was Rome a monarchy?
753 B.C. -509 B.C.
What structures brought water into Rome?
What was another name for the Flavian amphitheater?
the Coloseum
What term refers to the free bread and many public games meant to keep the lower classes happy and quiet?
Panem et Circenses
What were the Roman bath complexes called?
Thermae or Balnea
What Latin name was given to the highest social class that included the nobility?
What were the well-to-do citizens called?
Equestrians or Equites
What term was given to working class citizens?
plebians or plebs
What were slaves called?
What hat did a slave wear during the manumission* ceremony?
*when he was set free
the pilleus
What was the term for a freedman or former slave?
a libertus
What Roman slave organized a revolt in 73-71 B.C.?
What was the symbol of the monarchy (a bundle of rods tied to an axe) called?
What is the Latin word for another Roman symbol of power, the eagle?
From what northern tribe did some of the Roman kings come?
the Etruscans
When was the Roman Republic?
508 B.c. -27 B.C.
How many wars were fought between Rome and Carthage?
Where is Carthage located?
In northern Africa. It is now Tunisia.
What Carthaginian general was defeated in the final war?
What modern country was known as the Roman province Hispania?
What modern country was known as the Roman province Gaul?
When was the beginning of the Roman Empire?
27 B.C.
What date officially marks the collapse of the western Roman Empire?
476 A.D.
In what year did Vesuvius erupt and destroy Pompeii and Herculaneum?
79 A.D.
Who was defeated by Octavian in a battle which marks the end of the civil war?
Mark Anthony
Amitte tempus!
Lose your turn!
Habe tempus iterum nunc et serius!
Have another turn now and later!
Cape chartulam alicuius!
Take someone else's card!
Da chartulam alicui!
Give one of your cards to someone else!
Reverte ordinem ludi!
Reverse the order of play!
Chartula bona!
This card counts as a bonus point!

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