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prof of u of glasgow
supported mechanized manufacturing
argued mill & mine owners were abused by demands of workers b/c of their acts of atrocitites such as destructive acts of their union like attacking them w/acid, demanding high wages and prohibiting fresh hands from coming to their mills and causing them to shut down
believes workers like children are happy & alert & did not endure any horrible condits w/satisfactory wages.
states that a surgeon support that the health of populat has improved since the introd of factory sys where fever and cholera is less common among these mill hands where surr districts had many cases
louis xvi
wrote declarat which reveal his true feelings about fr revolut and was read to the natl assembly after his arrest
explains reasons for his flight from paris to varennes
exclaims that he has no share in making laws, in administrat or finances
protests the monarchy is destroyed & says his powers are not needed anymore
believes all he sacrificed has been repl by anarchy & efforts of natl assembly
has limited power due to parliament
felt need to flee since he had no need to be there since his rts were taken away from him
promises to allow relig respect, govt estab w/no violat of laws & constitut granting liberty & other laws
bethman hollweg
chancellor of germany
g at war w/russia & france
felt g was forced into a war when france attacked them w/o declaring war
before france had assured g that it would respect the zone of 10 km on the frontier
g invasion of belgium b/c france broke its peace
studied law, journalism, politics opp napoleon, republican, chamber of deputies, served twice as prime minister
removed catholic infl from fr.educat & was remembered for his promot of vast extension of fr colonial empire
believed that freance had the need for outlets for exports w/all the difficulty of access due to trade barriers
their market will be taken away by other ppl liek N.Amer b/c of competition
as a superior race have a rt to civilize inferior races
want indochina, tunisia, madagascar for shelters, safe harbors, defenses, supply centers on seas
also need for raw materials like coal that is used in steamships
rights of man
adopted by estates general aka natl assembly, who had legal purpose of writing france's first constitut
declarat was first section of the french constit and composed by three diff committees & voted on by whole natl assembly
men are born & are free & equal in rts, social distinctions based on common utility
political associat to preserve rts of man like liberty, prop, security & resistance to oppression
liberty defines the ability to do anything as long as there is no harm to anyone else
all citizens have rt to positions & employments according to their ability w/o discriminat unless of talents
no one is punished unless he/she broke a law
freedom of opinions thru relig, speech and writing
everyone has a say in the public contribut by representatives or themselves in a force which uphold their rts
prop is a rt no one can take away from another unless due to loss or other reasons
pres of u.s. who decl war on g
christian democrat
issued 14 pts to reconstruct the worl after wwI
emphasized 14th pt to have a natl cooperat thru an associat of nations: league of nations
process of world peace
open peace agreements and diplomacy are made public
freedom of trade, removal of economic barriers, military strength reduced to adequate safety and self determinat(rt to establ indep govt and fulfill its destiny)
press censorship
lenin, mem of russian social democratic party, had measures against counter revolutionary press
bourgeois press-weapons used by bourgeois and were thought to obscure the masses
those publicats were openly resisted their ideas or lower worker's and peasants' govt
have distortion of facts or stir criminal acts will be suppressed
restriction of press until the new order is together & social life sets in
marx and engels
marx analyzed relations of production social classes & idealogy that emerged from the relations
this manifesto was written for the communist league engels worked in his father's branch office in eng and toured many wking class districts & was troubled by the bad condits &
engels collaborated w/marx
belief that there is a class struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat
feudal sys controlled by guilds repl w/manufacturing which repl industrializ led by bourgeois
bourgeois is a product of long course of development and plays a revolutionary part since it relies on proletariat to work and seek capital
stuffle of proletariat against bourgeois seen in combinats against the bourgeois in order to keep up rate of wages
proletariat is a revolutionary class which consists of lowest class of society and interests of majority.
communism supports no separate party opposed to working class, therefore no movement
prolertarians look at common interests of the ppl as a whole leading to abolit of private prop, change in social character of prop(capital), and loss of individuality
some other things: tax, no inheritance, credit in hands of state, means of communicat and transport in hands of state, free educat, equal work, combinat of agricult betw town & country
classical economist
dev theory based on malthus analysis called iron law of wages after making a fortune on stock exchange
believe that the wage of wkers should be at subsistence level in order to lower their rate of reproduct. and decr group of laborers
felt that low wages could serve as contraception b/c if they have high wages , it would lead them to believe that they can support more children and incr their populat & food will decr meaning their prices too would also soar in demand.
is against poor laws and believes they are only helping poor ppl become dependent on this kind of help
says that poor laws make poor rich and rich poor
thinks that they should support themselves w/own exertions to bring about a healthier state
wrote an autobiography
reveals lives of women in the early mills of new england
worked as doffer in spinning rm of lawrence mills in lowell, mass as a child
says factory girl was lowest type of exployment for women(degrading occupat)
tells us girls were treated as slaves & were abused
girls range from younger than 10, others 16 to 25
many were doffers who took full bobbins from spinning frames and repl them w/empty ones, some wk for 14 hrs w/1&1/2 hrs for breakfast & dinner
tells us that the incentive to labor was to give educat to the male mems of their family
tells us the 1st strike in lowell for resisting wage cuts was the first time a woman spoke in public and was precedent to succeeding strikes
an orator in house of commons in france, views of mod whig
wanted to limit infl of king's friends in parliament b/c he suspected corruption in govt
saw monopoly of trade in E.India Co.
spokesman for people opposing fr. revolut.
relig is not needed since it creates an incomplete power when there are impediments
believed that power can be abused by flattery, ignorance & elevated self opinion
thinks a perfect democracy is most shameless thing in the world & w/a bad decision no one wants the blame & usu hides in a group b/c it was a collective decision
this leads to ones ruling over ppl who think they know what is right to make others servile in order to achieve their desired needs
feels rts of man are said to be equal but men do not have equal things since the law allow men to have advantages to benefit himself
says govt exist in abstract perfection allowing men to have a rt to everything & anything men want
states that these ruling ppl have a job of controlling other ppl's passions which may hinder the rts of individuals
liberal aristocratic family
joined socialist community & worked to have women incl in revolutionary struggle
was commissar of social welfare
pioneered civil marriage, divorce legal abort, social services for housekeeping, & child raising
believed that socializat would free woman of domestic duties where woman's job of cooking dinner was organized by a public restaurant and kitchen under communism
also laundries where clothtes will be washed, ironed and clothes mending centers so that women have an opportunity to go out to meetings and concerts and read
child can be independently working by 10 yrs
communist society helps parents w/homes for small babies like kindergartens, children's homes, hospitals, health resorts for sick children. other helpful resources are free school lunches, free distribut of textbks, warm clothing and shoes
responsibility of child is passing from family to collective
child grows up & recognizes loyalty to collective
new relationship betw sexes where marriage based on servitude of women repl by free union of 2 mems of worker's state united by love and respect
declarat of indep
Thomas Jefferson, committee mem appted by congress
put into action by july 4, 1776
discussed that all men are crated eequal meaning each has indiv rts(life, liberty, pursuit of happiness)
govt repr by ppl who have rt to abolish and alter it if destructive
wanted to break away from GB for reasons: tyranny over colonies, refusing to listen to the colonies, abolishing their laws makes judges dep on his consent, cuts off trade, imposes taxes w/o consent, deprives them trial by jury allow armies to attack us
want to be fdre and indep states w/full power to impose taxes, concl peace, have alliances, have trade, etc
American Anti-Imperialist League
ppl like Andrew Carnegie & william james were against american imperialism & founded this league to go against annexion of philippines
believe imperialism is hostile to liberty & usually turns into militarianism
think that this dominat over other ppl is criminal aggression & disloyal to govt
demand war against liberty end & give philippines their indep
oppose reelect. of those in white house or congress who betray amer liberty
deny need for citizens to support govt in this situation
hitler on treaty
leader of germany known as fuhrer, joined the nazi party
wrote a bk called mein kampf meaning my struggle
racial anti-semite, believed in the elimination of ppl who were not of pure aryan race like jews, blamed jews their horrible conditions, thinks that germany should expand their empire
in this speech , he tells us about his three demands
1. setting aside of peace treaty meaning ignoring or refusal to accept it
2. unificat of g (regaining lands lost in t of v)
3. land & soil to feed our nation

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