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Chapter 27 test U.S. history


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Iron horse; 1230 consecutive games
Lou gerhig
loaned large amounts of money to banks, railroads and insurance companies
brown bomber; heavyweight boxing champ from 1937-1949
Joe Louis
Yankee clipper; married marilyn monroe
Joe DiMajjio
was elected to 4 terms as president
Franklin D. Roosevelt
composed Rhapsody in blue; swaney; and Porgy and Bess
George Gershwin
won 4 gold medals at 1936 Berlin Olympics
Jesse Owens
wrote Mainstreet
Sinclair Lewis
found guilty of kidnapping and murder of Lindman baby
Bruno Houptman
acting career spanned 75 years
Lilian gish
100,000 applicants offered and 6,000 jobs offered by
Soviot Union
winner of 1932 presidential election
democratic candidate for president promised people
new deal
Bonus army comprised of veterans of
led U.S. army in evicting bonus army
Dwight Eisenhower
popular puzzle in 1920s
African americans contributed in 1920s
jazz music
the little tramp
charlie chaplin
stock market crashed
October 29, 1929
1928 republican candidate promised
chicken every pot and two cars in every garage
major strike against presidential candidate Al smith
he was catholic
4 causes of the great depression
uneven distribution of income
banks made unsound loans
overproduction in agriculture and industry
decline in forign trade
caused caused textile industry slump during 1920s
flapper style clothing required less fabric
explain the run on the banks
they didn't make sound loans amd ran out of money so people would run to get it before they lost all their savings
experienced land boom during 1920s
people paid only 10% of the cost of stocks and borrowed the rest from their stockbroker bought
on margin
after the stock market crash who said "prosperity is just around the corner"?
what was the original name of the dam built as a relief project during hoover's term?
Broulder Dam
two lines other than employment people woild stand in
author best captured spirit of 1920s
F. Scott Fitzgerald
first radio station to broadcast in 1920
black dancer whose style was considered to bold and suggestive so she moved to paris?
Josephine Baker
what was significant about the movie the "jazz singer"?
it was the first movie with sound
2 pieces of circumstantial evidence that led to guilty verdict in the lindman baby kidnapping/murder
ransom money found in garage
the wood of the ladder according to a wood expert matched the wood flooring in his attic
what was amazing about Jesse Owens performance at the Big Ten outdoor trackmeet?
set 3 world records; and tied 1 with a bad back
voted best female athlete for first half of 20th century
Babe Didrillson Zaboras
explain how neighbors, relatives and friends would try to help a farmer who was going thru foreclosure
they would block off the roads so no one would go to the auction, and then agree not to outbid one another. when they got the items they would give it back to the other guy
label given to detroit during 1930s
city of champs
what would college students hunt for at night and how much would they earn?
a peeny a roach
record that Joe Dimajjio set in 1941
56 consecutive games of getting at least 1 hit
today a person may serve no more than ___ terms or ___ years
How did dearborn police and ford fireman stop 3,000 men from marching on one of the ford plants to present a petition
they shot with machine guns, and released tear gas. the firemen squirted the men with the firehose
why did people try to get arrested for vagrancy?
they would have a place to sleep and food to eat for a night
why couldn't some actors and acresses transition to talkies?
they might have a thick accent or a high pitched voice for their normal roles
why did the rancher slit the throats of 3,000 sheep rather than sending them to market?
they would lose $010 a head
some people would take articles of value to____ shops to grt cash for them
an officeholder with little influence because his term is about to end is called a
lame duck
the german boxer whom Joe Louis destroyed by 2:04 of the first round in 1938 was
Max Schmelling

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