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ch 23 history


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national origins quota act
reduce europe immigration, prefer europeans, no asians
sacco and vanzetti
2 immigrants tried falsely for murder
marcus garvey
jamaican immigrant, organize negroes organization to free africa
al capone
gangster who led gambling, prostitution, and bootlegging in chicago
washington naval conference
us,japan, and britian discuss naval issues in peace in East
general motors
take over Ford motors. produce many car models
radio corp. of america
establish 1st national network of stations
the man nobody knows
the new testament retold easily to understand by Barton
mcnary-haugen plan
ship surplus farm products abroad. tax processing crops
teapot dome
scandal with Fall. navy oil reserve
harlem renaissance
black writers and poets gain large audience but doesnt help segregation
duke ellington
led orchestras and made jazz popular
henry l. mencken
critic, wrote for american mercury
the great gatsby
gave Fitzgerald fame
john t. scopes
trialed for teaching evolution
harold "red" grange
football player. joined pro football
babe ruth
famous baseball player. red sox sold to yankees
equal rights amendment
equal rights between men and women
women with bobbed hair and short skirt. defied social
charles lindbergh
solo flight across atlantic ocean
model a
new car design øf ford. huge advertising

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