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European History 19.2


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Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
a nuclear power plant in Russia that had an accident and killed a lot of people
corporations with branches in many parts of the world
Multinational Corporation
selling off state owned industries to private investors
someone concerned about the environment
a form of pollution in which toxic chemicals from in the air fall back to the earth as rain, snow, or hail
Acid Rain
increase of world temperatures
Global Warming
How do the nations of the global north and global south depend on each other?
the nations of the north control all the capitol, trade and tech, but they need cheap labor from the south to keep their economies going
What obstacles do developing nations face?
geography, population and poverty, economic dependence, economic policies, political instability
How has economic development increased the potential for widespread damage to the environment? Two examples –
More cars = more greenhouse gasses = more ozone damage

More industrialization = more chemical and nuclear plants = more chances for accidents

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