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Ancient Greece Study Guide


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What was Greece\'s landscape primarily made up of?
Hills and mountains.
What is an oligarchy governed by?
A small group of the richest, most powerful citizens.
What was the result of the Peloponnesian War?
The Golden Age began.
The Seven Wonders of the World were alike because?
They were all man-made.
A Macedonian king who conquered Greece and made it part of his empire.
A philosopher who questioned Athenian laws, customs, and religion.
An Athenian leader who worked to allow poor citizens to take part in governement.
A poet whose works were part of the culture shared by all of Greece.
A historian who wrote about Ancient Greece and its culture.
In 600BC, how were Athens and Sparta similar?
Leaders had to be citizens. Life revolved around the acropolis and agora.
In 600BC how were Athens and Sparta different?
Athens emphasized farming and education; Sparta emphasized military power. Sparta had an oligarchy; Athens had a democracy. Women in Sparta had rights; Athenian women did not.
How might the geography of Greece have led to the development of many separate city-states rather then a single united empire?
Greece had mountains, peninsulas, islands, and lack of fertile land. These features created natural bounderies which made it difficult to travel from place to place.
What are two main crops of Ancient Greece?
Olives and grapes, wheat and barley.
What was the largest city-state in Greece in the 700BC? What made it so strong?
Sparta, because of its strong military power.
What did Socrates teach?
Why was Socrates put to death?
He questioned Athenian values and was convicted of urging the young to revult against them.
How did Alexander the Great affect the history of his time?
He spread Greek culture, and united world from Egypt to India into an empire.
What device did the Alexandrians develop for their harbor?
A lighthouse.
How long did it take Alexander to complete his conquests?
Eleven years.
Name the color of the rings in the Olympics in the order that they appear.
Blue, black, red, yellow, green.
What were the main attributes, militarily speaking, of Athens and Sparta?
Sparta: Army (land) Athens: Navy (water)

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