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19th century literature


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leading abolitionist newspaper; helped form American public opinion against slavery + abolition
the liberator
democracy, made democratic values popular, like hard work, individualism, and money-making; tyranny of the majority, violence of party spirit classic on 19th c. america
democracy in america
objected to paying taxes to support Mexican War; justifies peaceful disobedience
On Civil Disobedience
influenced issuance of Emancipation proclamation
uncle tom\'s cabin
poor whites suffered b/c of political + economic power of southern planters, condemned slavery
The impending crisis of the south
freed all the slaves in states still in rebellion against the union, changed purpose of civil war from political to moral purpose
Emancipation Proclamation
reminded citizens of the sadness of the war, the evil of slavery + the necessity of avoiding harsh treatment of the south hopes for Reconstruction of the South + reunion of US
second inaugural address
single tax on the unearned increase in land values to break up land holding monopolies + fund a better life for all Americans, people\'s ability to effect change led to reforms of the Progressive Era + New Deal
Progress and Poverty
exposed the broken promises + treaties of the US gov\'t. to the Native Americans, caused Dawes Severalty Act of 1887
A Century of Dishonor
utopian novel, forsees demise of class divisions + unfair competition by 2000 inspired Americans, led to Progressive Era + New Deal reforms
Looking Backward
rich were obligated to spend some of their wealth for the poor
The Gospel of Wealth
squalid living condition in NYC, inspired officials to pass Progressive housing reforms + other stuff
How the Other Half Lives
determined that a country\'s strength depends upon itsi naval forces, lead to prosperity + world power. US, Germany + Japan expanded navies prior to WWI
The influence of sea power upon history, 1660-1783
frontier experiences +values determined American development historians began to study neglected westward movement
The significance of the frontier in american history
african americans could learn skilled trades to improve living standards + stuff, before = rights, delayed civil rights movement
the atlanta compromise
gold and silver better than currency crystallized differences between industrialists + farmers
The Cross of gold

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