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CJ 120


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When was the BOP founded
the subcultural prison refers to those that are
broadest view of corrections is the
Macro approach
the year 1998 is significant because the nonviolent population reached
One million
Which federal institution became the systems super maximum prison following the closing of alcatraz
today prisons are
All of the above
the (?) is considered to be the most educated and professional prison system in the nation
Correctional staffs consist mostly of
white officers
has the highest average salary for corrections officers
which is not considered a source of stress on most corrections officers
the precense of a guard subculture rookies to
ALL of the above
the guard subculture is based mostly on
informal procedures
in the formal training of corrections officers, recruits are commonly told
not to trust inmates and avoid doing them favors.
officers who suceed, earning additional mobility into the prison hierarchy, are known as the
refers to power deriving from formal authority to command
refers to power deriving from an officers ability to earn respect and admiration of prisoners
architecture of stateville was modeled by the work of
architecturally stateville is classified as a
"the ability to deal with volatile prisoners has
nothing to do with sex and size
women officers like their male counterparts, are attracted to corrections work because of
job security and salary
the work of corrections officers has undergone transition because of
all of the above
female inmates represent appromimately
6 percent of the nations prison population
a prominent theme in the history of women and punishment is the persistant emphasis on female
overriding objective of early institutions for wayward women is to
Instill feminitiy
women were sent to reformatories, instead of custodial insitutions, were
all of the above
two prevailing explanations of female crimiality are
opportunity and socialization
generally the womens movement tends to be a
all of above phenonomenon
evidence shoes that women rarely engage in
violent crimes
the term total institition was coined by
which institution serves as californias super maximum security prison
pelican bay

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