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European History Chapter 6, Section 4


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A three-man governing board, set up by Napoleon, to replace the Directory
Concordant of 1801
Napoleon used the Concordat of 1801 to make peace with the Catholic Church. The Church was kept under state control, but religious freedom was given to Catholics.
Napoleonic Code
a civil law code that embodied Enlightenment principles, such as equality for all (male) citizens before the law, religious toleration, and advancement based on merit
Confederation of the Rhine
Napoleon's designation for the former Holy Roman Empire. All the previously linked provinces of the empire now formed the Confederation of the Rhine, under France's rule
Battle of Trafalgar
A battle where the French fleet suffered great losses at the hands of the British, killing Napoleon's dreams of conquering England
Continental System
Napoleon used the Continental System of trade, blocking off European ports from Brittish goods. He attempted to take the British out economically, by stopping their trade with Europe.
A ballot in which voters say yes or no. Napoleon used four plebiscites to ask the people if they should increase his power.
Adding countries or territories to another country. Napoleon annexed the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Italy and Germany to France.
shutting off ports to keep people and/or supplies from moving in and out
Descripe Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power.
Napoleon used his military successes to wedge himself into the head of French politics. He was a smart man, who always "asked" the people for more power. By keeping a balance of order, military might, and Enlightment ideals - he seemed a welcome relief for a country recovering from its bloody revolution.
What revolutionary reforms where undone by Napoleon?
Napoleon took away women's rights as citizens. He also supported order and religious tolerance towards the Catholic Church.
How did Napoleon preserve some of the principles of the Enlightenment?
All citizens were equal under the law in the Napoleonic Code. Napoleon supported religious tolerence and advancement based on merit.
How did Napoleon come to dominate most of Europe?
Through annexing whole countries onto France, as well as placing his relatives on the thrones of Europe. He made his brother Joseph the King of Spain. He also forced aliances through most of Europe.
Why did Napoleon's efforts to subdue Britain fail?
Napoleon did not have the military might against Britain that he did against Europe. He could not defeat the British fleet. He tried to defeat them economically, but since the British still had strong trade routes to America and India, he couldn't cripple them economically.

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