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CDC 2W051A Volume 2


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How does the MASO process munitions for shipments?
According to applicable AF instructions.
Who must ensure munitions shipments are properly safeguarded during transport?
Transportation officer and the MASO.
Since the forecast/allocation process gives the authorization to have munitions assets, what process is used to physically get the assets?
The requisition process.
What are munitions items that are installed onto an aircraft, or part of an aircrew life support system called?
Time Change Assets.
Who assumes full responsibility for the accountability of all ammunitions items received by their organization?
Organizational commanders.
What is the source document for all direct input transactions?
The transaction history.
Explain the traits for personnel desiring to be a munitions controller.
Adapt well to stress, and speak clearly and concisely.
Which munitions agency is notified first in case of an accident or incident?
Munitions Control.
State the purpose of a recall.
To bring personnel back to their duty section quickly.
What is often used as the guide to make emergency action checklists.
Unit operational plans.
State the main purpose of an emergency action checklist.
To ensure in an emergency situation all required actions are taken.
What must the door of a munitions control facility be constructed of?
Solid wood or metal with a peephole.
State the purpose of the control or maintenance key.
Disassembly and lock maintenance.
Why is master keying prohibited?
It would degrade the security of your munitions assets.
How often are locks inspected and lubricated?
every 6 months.
Reserve stocks of high-security locks and cylinders require what type of control?
safe, metal box, or similar container secured by a GSA spproved 3 position combonation lock.
Who authorized personnel to issue and receive keys?
Munitions Supervision.
Who authorizes key tranfers between individuals?
Key issue authorities.
What are you verifying when auditing locks, cylinders, and keys?
Verifying the locks on the building are the same as shown on the AF IMT 2427.
List three items contained in the monthly forecast.
Fire drills, TCTO actions, munitoins requested to support aircrew training.
What is the purpose of the weekly scheduling meeting?
It is the final refinement to the monthly plan and results in the weekly flying and maintenance.
Who attends the weekly scheduling meeting?
Munitions Flight Chiefs and all section and element sueprvisors.
Why does Munitions Control use the weekly flying schedule?
To inform maintenance on what type and how many munitions items required, and as a tool to direct line D for teh timely and accurate delivery of a/c loads.
How can you make changes to the flying schedule before the first crew ready time?
AF IMT 2407
What is munitions control 2000?
A database utilized to maintain status and tracking of munitions activities on an installation.
Who is required to use Munitions Control 2000?
All munitions squadrons and flights supporting aircraft.
Who determines which trailer information (if any) will be maintained in Munitions Control 2000?
Munitions supervision.
What two databases are used to manage missiles?
Who is the sole accountable official for munitions assets at an Air Force location?
The MASO - Munitions Accountable Systems Officer.
Explain the major difference between the rank requirements of the MASO of a conventional account and a nuclear account.

A) Conventional - munitions/missile/space maintenance officer (21MX), Aircraft maintenance officer (21AX), Munitions SNCO (2W0XX), Civilian Equivelent (GS-9 or above).


B)Nuclear - (21MX) or permanent civil servant (GS-11 or higher)&n

Who is normally the appointing official of the MASO?
The wing or group commander.
What computer database does the MASO use to maintain accountability of munitions assets and also provides "real-time visibility" to higher headquarters?
What is the material required, besides mobility equiptment and peacetime operating stock, to support wartime activites?
War Reserve Material/WRM.
Where are the WRM assets stored?
Operating bases, dispersed in the AOR, afloat on prepositioned ships, at selected locations for air deployments, and at depots.
What two documents make up the WCDO?
Detailed logistics allocation report and Tactical Air Missile Program.
How does the MASO determine WRM munitions supportability?
By comparing on-hand balances to WRM allocations, and orders shortfalls to the requirements through the repositioning process.
What are starter stocks?
WRM material which are prepositioned in or near a theater of operations to last until resupply at wartime rates are established.
What are swing stocks?
WRM which is pre-positioned ashore or afloat for meeting war reserve requirement of more than one contingency in more than one theater of operations.
What four munitions WRM positioning programs does the GAP integrate?
Afloat prepositioned fleet (APF), STAMP/STRAPP, operational in place theater stocks, conus stocks.
What does the MAJCOM do with all annual munitions forecasts from the unit?
Collects forecast from the unit, compiles information, and forwards the entire MAJCOM forecast to the USAF ACP.
What is the primary means of requisitioning and allocating munitions required for training and operational needs?
The annual munitions forecast.
What are the primary causes of munitions shortages?
Poor forecasting and overstatement of requirements.
What is an allocation?
The quantity of munitions items allocated to a command or theater based on a fair share of the stockpile for a designated fiscal year.
Prior to loading the allocations who must ensure obsolete levels are deleted?
What identifies the intended use of munitions items, and are assigned during the forecast and allocation process?
Category codes.
What is established to control requisitions against an item and to ensure all contingency and training requirements are supported?
Munitions stock levels.
What program is used to request supplemental allocations and authorize loading them into CAS?
Supplemental Allocation Authorization Request (SAAR).
What is the goal of the supplemental allocation authorization request program?
To expedite the approval/disapproval process and to increase visibility of the process and items approved to establish future demand levels.
Who can authorize a unit to local purchase munitions managed items?
Item manager at the appropriate ALC.
When one unit requisitions assets and the assets required are excess at another unit in the command, what action is likely to take place?
Redistribution from one unit to another.
Why do we "call-forward" munitions assets?
To offset transportation funding deficits.
WRM all-up-rounds missiles with the GCU removed are referred to by what name?
Stubby missiles.
What type of requisition has the highest priority?
Items that have caused an aircraft or missile to precome partially mission capable supply or not mission capable supply.
What is the first step in the receipt process?
In-check the assets.
When is the responsibility transferred from the carrier to the munitions personnel?
When the in checker signs for the property.
What is the process that introduces an item into the base munitions inventory referred to?
What is included in the commander's responsibility for the accountability of all ammunition items received by their organization?
Providing storage for proper security of, control over, and custodial responsibility for all ammo items received for immediate consumption, custody or installation.
What is meant when it is said an organization is "authorized" to obtain specified munitions assets?
There must be a written order, regulation operations plan, or other authorization for the requirement of these munitions.
What are two types of issues authorized for munitions items?
Consumption and custody issues.
Name the five basic types of turn-ins.
Custody, found on base, DIFM, organizational, expenditure.
List two examples of when you use the FOB turn-in.
Confiscated munitions, removed from amnesty boxes, items left from transient aircraft.
Who must review all found on base transactions?
What are expenditures used for?
To account for and document physical consumption of custody and stock record account munitions.
How long does the consuming organization or activity have to provide the MASO with expenditure documents after the expenditure has taken place?
5 duty days.
How does the MASO validate the transaction history?
By signing and offering the following statement "all direct input transactions for DD/MM/YYYY were reviewed and validated - no discrepancies noted".
How often is the list containing transportation individuals authorized to receipt for munitions updated?
As changes occur, or annually.
How soon should the shipping documentation be turned over to the transportation office for MICAP shipments?
Within 24 hours.
List three reasons munitions are shipped?
To comply with an RDO, for lateral support, unserviceable economically repairables.
State the purpose of inventories.
To correct errors in processing and storage operations by reconciling item record balances, lot # balances, and locations with quantities and locations of stock on hand or in use.
What does an inflexible and rigid inventory schedule indicate?
Inventories that are inaccurate and show many discrepancies.
A complete wall-to-wall inventory is conducted during which months?
March and September.
Who has the responsibility to develop written procedures for inventories at the base level?
List one action munitions storage area supervisors should take before the inventory deadline date.
Limit movement of items in locations to be inventoried to emergency issues and those transactions output before the inventory deadline date.
Accountability relief is necessary for what types of items?
Items that have been lost, stolen, or destroyed.
In relation to munitions accountability, how soon should an actual loss be reported?
72 hours after the discovery. 
Which controlled inventory item code (CIIC) assets always require a report of survey when lost?
Category 1 very high risk, Category 2 high risk, Category C, 6, 8, confidential, Category T top secret, and Category S or 5 secret.
Who certifies inventory adjustment documents and who approves adjustments that require a report of survey?
What is the purpose of document control?
To provide an audit trail from the time of receipt to final disposition for all munitions controlled items.
What are accountable documents used to show?
Increase/decrease in stock record account balances.
How often must document control files be backed up?
At least once a week.
Who should correct illegible or incomplete documents before filing?
The responsible organization.
When a document has been declared lost, what must the MASO do?
Certify a true copy and file it as the original.
State the purpose of a reverse post.
A reverse post is an action required to reverse or back-out an erroneous transaction without destroying the audit trail.
What procedures are used to process documentation when CAS is down?
Post-post procedures.
What happens to the accountability for training munitions when tasked deploy to a location with an established SRAN for longer than 30 days?
Transfer accountability of munitions to the gaining MASO.
Who is responsible for accurate accounting and reporting of all munitions located at the deployed or pre-positioned locations?
Who identifies all munitions requirements and on-hand or in-use munitions, and accurately accounts for munitions on custody records?
The organizational custodian.
What is the intent of contingency accounting and reporting?
To provide timely and accurate capability, inventory, and expenditure data to allow for theater and service level planning and resupply.

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