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World Civ.: Social Studies: Hirsch: Grade 5


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Did the Maya civilization occur before or after the Aztec and Inca civilizations?
The _____ lived in Guatemala and parts of Mexico.
In Mayan civilization, ___ determined social class.
_____ served as a religious center for the Maya, containing temples, palaces, and hieroglypics.
Tikal, Guatemala
The Maya and Aztec had ______ religions; the Inca had a ___ religion.
polytheistic; monotheistic
The Maya had adv. mathematics as shown by their _______ and _______.
calendar; concept of "zero"
The _____ lived in Central Mexico from the late 1300s until 1519, when ______ arrived.
Aztecs; Cortes
_______ served as the center of Aztec culture, with canals and temples.
Tenochtitlan, under Mexico City
Aztecs conquered ________ to build their empire.
neighboring tribes
The Aztec religion included rituals of ______ ________.
human sacrifice
In 1519, Cortes took Aztec leader _______ hostage, which led to a battle between the Spanish and the Aztecs.
The ____ lived along the Pacific Coast of South America from 1438 to 1532.
The Inca were skilled _____ who developed both _____ and ___ ____.
skilled stonemasons; roads; irrigation systems
A conquistador named ________ brought guns and disease which led to the decline of Inca civilization.
Before the 15th century, Europeans relied on _____ ____ for silk, gold, and spices from the East.
Muslim Merchants
After the Crusades, ___ wanted their own trade routes instead of paying Muslim merchants.
The Portuguese wanted to establish a trading empire for both _______ and _________ purposes.
religious; economic
Prince Henry of _______ organized voyages to explore ____ ____.
Portugal; West Africa
The Portuguese learned navigation techniques from ___ ___.
Muslim scholars
Bartholemeu Dias was a ______ explorer who, in 1487, sailed to the tip of Africa, also known as the ____ ___ ____ ____.
Portuguese; Cape of Good Hope
Christopher Columbus was born in _____, _____.
Genoa, Italy.
Isabella and Ferdinand hoped to spread ________ and removed ____ and ____ from Spain.
Christianity; Jews; Muslims
The ____ ______ include Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.
West Indies
The ______ __ ___________ was created by the Pope to prevent a war over explorations between Spain and Portugal. It declared that seas to the East of Cape Verde belonged to ______ and seas to the West belonged to _____.
Treaty of Tordesillas; Portugal; Spain
_____ __ ____ sailed to the East Coast of Africa, where he met Ahmad Ibn-Majid, a Muslim sailor who showed him the route to India. From India, he brought wealth back to _______.
Vasco de Gama; Portugal
Pedro Cabral set out and eventually arrived in _____, but first landed in ______.
India; Brazil
Portuguese ships were able to gain control of Muslim trade routes because they were ______ _____.
heavily armed
In 1519, a _____ man named Magellan set out on a journey around the world, financed by ____ _____ __ ___ _____. Although he was killed in ___ ______, a ship from his fleet returned to Spain and was the first known to sail around the world.
Portuguese; King Charles I of Spain; the Phillipines
______ __ was a member of the Chinese emperor's court who sailed to E. Africa and Arabia.
Zhang He
The Dutch East India Company was assisted by the ____ ___ to control trade between the _________ and the ___ _____.
Dutch Navy; Netherlands; East Indies

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