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usmle: anatomy: high yield


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dye passes from one cell to the next
gap junction
derivation of adrenal medulla
neural crest origin (S100)
neuroblasts develop into ganglia
tibial nerve function
plantar flexion of toes and inversion
composition of aortic valve and pulmonic valve
lined by endothelium and have abundant fibroelastic tissue plus a dense collagen core; avascular

MV and TV have a loose connective tissue core which is increased in MV/TV prolapse (myxomatous degeneration)
break humerus, wrist drop
radial nerve injury
post radical mastectomy- winged scapula
long thoracic nerve -> paralysis of serratus anterior
nosebleed and rhinorrhea
fracture of cribiform plate in ethmoid sinus
medial longitudinal fasculus demyelination in MS
bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplagia
parathyroid derivation
third and fourth pharyngeal puch
aortic arch derivates
pulmonary arteries
what runs along the radial artery
median nerve
artery affected in femoral neck fracture
medial femoral circumflex artery
EM of egg- where does sperm penetrate?
zona pellucida
where is metaphase II completed
greatest tendon strength
collagen type 1
initial wound repair
replaced by type I
type III
basement membrane
type IV
epiphyseal plate
type X (picture of bone, point where collagen type X is)
circle of willis
draw him!
CT liver
know where the hepatic vein drains into the IVC
nerve injured in midshalft humerus frx
radial nerve
layers of gastric mucosa
lamina propria
muscularis mucosa
what myelinates in the CNS?
in the periphery?

schwann cells
stage of eggs post-partum
meiosis I arrested in prophase
eye closed can't open; eye deviated down and out
CN III palsy
eye down and in
CN IV nerve palsy
child w/ popsicle stick in his mouth falls down causing the popsicle stick to hit the back of his throat and develops ptosis and meiosis of right eye
injury to the cervial sympathetic ganglion
vertical diplopia
CN IV palsy
patient with headache and physical findings of mydriasis in right eye in association w/ lid lag, and deviation of eye down and out
aneurysm compressing CN III
patient with a recent history of bacterial meningitis has horizontal diplopia in the left eye which is worse on gaze to the left
CN VI palsy
patient with bilateral lateral rectus muscle weakness
increase intracranial pressure
(papilledema usual present)
pralysis of upward gaze in an infant
hydrocephalus secondary to senosis of aqueduct of sylvius (=parinaud's syndrome)
multiple ocular motor nerve disorders
diabetes mellitus
weakness of quadriceps and an absent knee jerk reflex
herniated L3-L4 disk
pain in hip and lateral quadriceps, numbness of anterolateral leg and webbed space betweeng reat toe, weakness of dorsiflexion of foot, normal reflexes
hernated L5-S1 disk
young child falls on his outstretched arm and has pain in the middle and lateral portion of his clavicle, upper extremity remains in abduction, extension, and internal rotation
C5-C6 = Erb-Duchenne syndrome -> superior brachial plexus injury due to clavicular fracture
*most common frx in infants
patient has pralysis of the oculomotor nerve after a head injury
uncal herniation with compression of CN III
numbness of thenar aspect of hand
median nerve (carpal tunnel)
wrist bone with greates incidence of aseptic necrosis
navicular bone (scaphoid)
supracondylar fracture
injury to brachial artery andmedian nerve; danger of ischemic contractures in forearm mucle (Volkmann's ischemic contracture)
know the fetal circulation- which vessels have the highest oxygen content
ductus venosus and umbilical vein
EM of alveolus and macrophage
type II pneumocyte with lamellar bodies making surfactant!
EM of small bowel
histosection of seminiferous tubule- what cell makes sex hormone binding globulin and inhibin
sertoli cell
know the bands in skeletal mm
voice hoarseness post thyroid surgery
injury to laryngeal nerve
MRI of orbit- can you find the superior oblique muscle
no :(
MRI of abdomen- can you find splenic artery above the pancreas
no :(
fluid in costophrenic sulcus on CXR
x-ray showing elargement of the posterior heart
enlarged left atrium in a petient w/ mitral stensois
mri of carotids w/ occlusion of the anterior cerebral artery would effect which leg?
schwannoma in jugular foramen would effect which three CN
loss of gag reflex
laryngeal paralysis
loss of taste in posterior third of tongue
lesion of oculomotor nerve and UMN signs with a midline, midbrain lesion
weber syndrome
horner's syndrome- diagram of vertebra and sympathetic trunk- pick out the damaged ganglia
cervical sympathetic ganglion
groos of brainstem anterior view- find area of oculomotor nerve
frontal lobe lesion affects
bitemproal hemianopsia
leison at optic chiasm
commonly a caniopharyngeiona (derived from rathke's ouch)
inferior quadrantanopia
defect in superior fibers in parietal lobe
C2 transection of fascuculs gracilis
vibration and fine touch of LE only
CN III and UMN signs on opposite side
midline brain lesion
loss of pain and tem and UMN signs on opposite side
mid pons lesion
Horner's syndrome with localization of lesion on diagram
lateral medullary syndrome w/ assoc cranial nerve palsy in medulla and hypothalamus w/ assoc temp regulation problems
Parkinson's drug of abuse
blood preduction prior to birth
bone marrow
bochdalek hernia in posterolateral diaphragm on left
early in life; visceral contents extend into chest cavity -> respiratory distress
parasternal diaphragmatic hernia
present later in life
go through foramen of morgangni beneath the sternum
artery assoc w/ foregut
superior mesenteric
inferior mesenteric
damaged hearing in rock and roll band player
injured cochlea
faulty closure of urethral folds
assoc w/
faulty closure of genital tubercle
assoc w/ bladder exstrophy
feces draining from umbilicus...
urine draining from umbilicus?
persistant umbilical (vitelline) sinus

persistant urachal sinus

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