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rise of democratic ideas


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For a breif perioud in the mid 1600s _____ replaced Englands monarchy with a government that he called _____.
Oliver Cromwell
By outsing _____ and placing William and Mary on the throne , Parliament established its right to limit the ower of the English monarchy.
King James II
In 1660 the monarchy was reinstated by Parliament which placed ____ on the throne.
Charles Stuart
what did greek civilization start as?
city states
each city state had its own system of what?
Athens was governed by a king who was replaced by what? Which made of three nobles who were chosen by an assembly of citizens.
who is regarded as the founder of democracy in Athens?
who initiated policies of political refrom including the determination of class of citizenship according to income rather than heredity?
who strengthedned Atheninan democracy by increasing the number of paid public officials which allowed pooer citizens to serve in the government?
Englands legal system built on precedents determined by the decisions of royal justices and became known as...
common law
What allowed all citizens to participate in the decision making of goverment?
direct democracy
The romans established a government made up of separate branches which controlled foreign and financial policies, this is known as?
What expanded romes early laws into a legal code which has had a prfound impact on the laws of most Western countries?
The romans demonstrated their respect for the democratic principles of justice and reason by adhering to written laws known as the what?
Twelve Tables
Jesus' followers believed that he was ....
the messiah
who developed the Jury trial?
Henry II
The first five books of the hebrew bible are called the...
During the middle ages the roman catholic church became...
According to the Torah whome did God choose to be "father" of the Hebrews?
Protestants wanted to reform the catholic church in the 1th century because they believed that the church...
was too powerful
The renewd interest non church matters which arose in 14th century italy was called the what?
what could influence the governing of england by withholding or granting financial support to the king?
"power of the purse"
englands monarchy began to lose its power when King John was forced by english nobles to sign the...
Magna Carta
because the what had "power of the purse" if could influence the governing of england?
who believed that the best government to maintain peace in a society was absolute monarchy?
Thomas Hobbes
After the French Revolution, napoleon Boneparte created a _____.
The American colonists resented the taxes assessed against them by what?
Before the present US constitution was framed the states were organized according to the _________.
Articles of confederation
In France the commoners abndoned the Estates General and formed a what?
National Assembly
Rousseau believed that the only government that was legitimate came from _______.
the consent of people
Baron de Montesquieo conclued that government could best be kept under control if it were divided into three separate branches. True or False?
In its Declaration of Human Rights the _____ set forth ideals of how people should be treated.
United States
By accepting the English Bill of Rights from Parliament, William and Mary agreed to limit their authority and England at last became a ________.
constitutional monarchy
Parliament established its right to limit the power of the English Monarchy, an event which became known as _______.
Glorious Revolution
European monarchs claimed that their authority to rule was given to them by _____ and that any opposition to them was a sin.
divine right
The religion of the hebrew people was called what?
what did the romans set up in which citizens chose representatives to make the decisions?
who learned about greek democracy when they defeated the greeks in a war for control of the italian peninsula?
One of the branches of the UN the ______ operated like a democracy.
General assembly
Charles Stuart began the period known as the ______.

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