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Intro to Theatre Test One


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The purpopse of theatre is to entertain, conver and artistic message, and...
which of the following elements affects the relationships in a theatrical space?
formality, size, and audience arrangement
In theatre we have recognizable patters, but they must be__________, otherwise they're just ___.
meaningful, coincidence
A citizen in Ancient Greece meant
enfranchised males
which of the following were most important to Greek society?
religion, civic duty
Dionysus is the god of?
Wine and fertility
An___ is a cart used to wheel out dead bodies on the ancient Greek stage.
Where was the Theatre of Dionysus located?
on the south slope of the Acropolis
How many plays were contributed by each playwright at a theatrical competition?
Three comedies and one satyr play
Select the letter which names the playwrights in order from oldest to most recent:
Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides
Who was considered the most 'modern' of these writers?
Which of the following was not a Greek tehatricdal convention?
different costumes for each character
Who took responsibility for the pagent wagons in the processionals?
the guilds
Which of the following is not a technical aspect of dramatic action?
After we moved into the Elizabethan era, what did teatre focus on?
legends, historical chronicles, and classic stories
The Elizabethan era can be pinpointed as the time that theatre became?
Which theatre was widely considered the first permanent purpose-built theatre?
the theatre
which was not true about Elizabethan theatre?
they didn't have to worry about censors
what were the spectators who watched from the Yard called?
Seating on four sides of the stage
Arena/ in the round
clearly makred division between the stage and the audience
props and furniture used more than scenery, so audience can see from many angles
arena/ in the round
seating on three sides
seating can be arranged in many configurations
has a fly system
lots of possibilites for innofaction, like actors using same space as audience
similar to a standard stage, but moves the actors deeper into the audience
these plays were the first performed on the steps of the church, and were allegories spoken in the vernacular
performed in a processional, these plays were not officially connected to the church
these were performed in church, in latin, by church officials
these plays were also called miracle plays or passion plays
the exit of the chorus was called the
the interactions between characters were called
the entrance of the chorus was called the
the first portion of the play was called the
te part wehre the chorus sang and danced was clled an
T/F: A street or a warehouse could be theatrical spaces, as well as traditional theatres
T/F: Dionysus was the son of Zues and another god.
T/F: We know for sure that women did not participate in a ny part of the City Dionysia
T/F: A Machina is a literary convention, not a stage convention
T/F: Elizabethan professional theatres supported themselves only with their ticket sales
T/F: There was no froof over the center of The Globe theatres
T/F: Theatre and Cinema both rely on audience/actor reciprocity
T/F: One benefit of cinema is that it can more easily focus the audience's attention.
Eric Bently described teatre as __ performs ___ for ___
A, B, C
The most important part of the process for playwrights is
the producer is mainly concerned with ___ so that s/he can profice the ___ necessary to put on a play.
finances, resources
In addition to production duties, a producer may also be concerned with:
selecting a season, fundrasing
Which is not a standard obligation for a director?
researching the historical period
this type of audition is a superficial "narrowing down" of the actors, and someone could be sent home based on physical appearance:
open call
stage images are visual compositions that reflect
situation, emotion, relationship
which is not one of the three types of movement we discussed?
Who would be responsible for researching the historical period of the play?
it's a designer's job to read the play for meaning, and also for
the most important thing a set design must do is provide
what function do all the design areas have in common?
they set the mood and atmosphere
a set design must combine ___ and ___
function, appearance
"whings' are what kind of soft scenery unity?
this kind of soft scenery unity can be opaque or transparent
what is a basic framed unit called
which design element's major tast is to establish a character's economic status, time, and place?
to change a light's intensity means to change its
what kind of sound is a doorbell
reinforcement of action
acting is an exstension of human behavior, an __ and __ of how people move, speak and interact
imitation, augmentation
the three main areas an actor would approach in training are
voice, movement, scene study
the are of the stage closest to the audience is
What is the term for Stanislavski's method/technique of acting
emotion memory
what does an actor's Ethical connection to a charater mean?
the coices they make in crisis
If you wanted to make a comment on how deep an actor's voice was, you would refer to
romantics felst that truth could be found in
the details
which of the following was not an aspect of melodrama
they are all aspects of melodrama
realism was concerned with the influence of ___ and ___ on characters
heredity, environment
the realists wrote mostly about __ subjects
What two authors influenced the advent of Realism
Freuid and Darwin
Realists and Naturalists sought to understand human behavior in terms of natural __ and ___
cause, affect
the major argument against realism was that it was gratuitous and disqusting. the realists countered by saying that:
they focused on what actually happened, trugh, reality
rejected all established forms in favor of entirelly new forms
truth isn't rational and can't be represented, favored metaphor
replaced logic, reason and unity with chance and illogic
T/F: Expressionist productions often had the actors performing mechanized or robotic movement
T/F: The emergence of cinema circa 1929 was interesting, but it didn't really have a big affect on theatre
T/F: Expressionist production approach took care not to reflect the character's condidion in the settingq
T/F: The Group Theatre was modeled on Stanslavsky's Moskow Art Theatre and Method Acting technique
T/F: The NEA subsidizes art through limited term grants, not guaranteed support
T/F: The United States considers subsidization of art to be a cultural responsibility
T/F: Brecht's production technique asked that all the design elements worked together to be a cohesive whole, instead of being fragmented
T/F: Absurdism denied human beings ability to make rational choices
T/F: Bertolt Brecht was strongly influenced by communism
The domant form after WWI continued to be
simplified realism
Elia Kazan halped to define the production style of phychological realism, which included skeletal sets that allowed
easy shifts of time and space
Expressionism emerged in 1910 in
___ was a form of theatre theory that preceded Absurdism and denied the existance of God and universal rules of moral conduct
Karen Finley and four other performance artists had their NEA grants vetoed because of claims of
Max Reinhardt's directing style was known for
recreating original audience-actor spatial relationships
The 'well-made play' format requires that the play has
believable resolution, clear exposition
This theatre artist was the first to use the incandescent electric lamp in his lighting design around 1879
Adolph Appia
Theatre of Cruely was called by this title because
the audience members were likely to be forced to confront unpleasant personal impulses
Theatre of Cruely focused mostly on:
internal, unconscious impulse
to achieve Brecht's ideal of alienation, a production must
inturrupt the audience's emotional involvement
Brecht's theory of theatre asked audiences to be __ about the play they were seeing.
What did the Expressionists see as the force destroying the human spirit?
materialism and industrialism
The Federal Theatre Project produced theatre about the world around them called:
Living Newspaper
The NEA stands for
National Endowment for the Arts
Two notable playwrights of psychological realism were
miller and williams

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