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the part of the hindbrain that helps control such vital functions
retrograde amnesia
ability to remember visual stimuli over long period of time
peripheral nervous system
what's main function transmit information from the central nervous system to other parts of the body
mnemonic device
acronyms, phrases, or jingles
act of responding in the same way to stimuli that seem similar
state dependent
memories that are recalled better when the mood in which they were orginallt encoded is recreated
anterograde amnesia
memory loss from trauma that prevents a person from forming new memories
implicit memory
kind of memory that consists of the skills that people have learned
tendency to percieve a whole figure even when there are gaps in sensory input
what are acetylcholine and dopamine
color wheel
the spectrum of light bent into a circle
operant conditioning
primary and secondary reinforcers are important in
what are located between the axons of one neuron and the dendrite of another
sociocultural perspective
contempory psychology approach that emphaizes the study of ethniocity geder culture and socioeconimic status
a method that involves exposing a person to a harmless stimulus until he or she is no longer afraid of it
conditioned stimulus
a stimulus that becomes associated with an unconditioned stimulus to produce a conditioned response
what is caused by vibrations that causes changes in air pressure?
the gateway from the outer ear to the middle ear
philosopher who stressed the importance of introspection
the gland that secretes growth hormones and hormone that stimulate labor in pregnant women
spontaneous recovery
revival of an extinguished response
monocular cues
perspective and texture are examples of this
keeping objects in focus
what is the lens of eye responsible for?
stage of sleep were dreams are most vivid
what type of reinforcer increases the frequency of the behavior it follows when it is removed
the part of the reticular activating system that helps regulate sleep and alertness
the process by which we recall experiences, info, and skills
system that feeds back information about somehting happening in the body
part of the hindbrain thats helps control balance and coordination
height of sound waves
what does the loudness of a sound depend on?
recency effect
tendencey to recall the last items in a series
corpus cellosum
what is responsible for moving info from one hemisphere of the brain to the other
unconditioned stimulus
stimulus that causes an automatic response
blue, green, and red light
what are cones in retina are sensative?
part of the cerebral cortex that governs thought and language
systematic desensitization
method that involves relaxationation and gradual exposure to a fear stimulus
short term memory
working memory
rods and cones
what are the two kinds of photoreceptors
method of overcoming fears by pairing a pleasing stimulus with a feared one
a person's vestibular sense helps control
part of the forebrain that serves as a relay station for sensory stimulation
unusual drinking and eating behaviors can be caused by damage to the
perceptual preference for seeing smooth, continous patterns
the memory process that allows people to locate stored information and return it to conscious thought
latent learning
the form of learning that keeps knowledge hidden untilit is need
altered state of consciousness
state of awarness in which a person's sense of slef or of the world alters
memory tyoe if sensory register that holds visual memories
the basic building blocks of heredity
John Watson
founder of the school of behaviorism
something that produces a response
neuron that is sensitive to light
operant conditioning
form of learning based of the consquences of actions
cognitive activity
mental orcess such as a dream or memory
4 to 5
how many sleep cycles do peole go through each night
the process of learning to ride a bicycle is an example of
pituitary gland
what gland secretes many hormones that affect a wide range of behaviors
William Wundt
founded structurism
circadian rhythm
biological clock
Willam James
wrote the first modern psychology
stroboscopic motion
illusion of movement produced by rapid progression of images
outlines of objects
rods in the retina allow us to recognize what?
binocular cue
convergence is an example of what type of cue
somatic nervous system
part of the peripheral nervous system that transmits sensory messages
blind spot
the point at which the optic nerve leaves the eye
opening in the colored part of the eye
brain and spinal cord
the two main divisions of the central nervous system
central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
what are the two parts of the nervous system
middle ear
conductive deafnessoccurs because of damage to what?
false idea that seems real
bony tube in the inner ear that contains fluid and neurons
sunsitive surface of the eye that acts like the film of a camera
autonomic nervous system
part of the peripheral nervous system that regulates the body's vital functions
primary reinforcer
form of classical conditioning in which a food comes to be avoided
when a conditioned response stops occurring
electromagnetic energy
what light is made up of
sleep apnea
breathing interruption that occurs durning sleep
perception of an object or a sound thats seems real but is not
kinship studies
What type of study evaluates people who are related to try to determine the roles of heredity and enviroment
sematic memory
consits of general knowledge
what is consciousness concidered
bionacular cue
retinal disparity is and example of
thin fibers that transmit messages across synapses
endorine system
sustem that consists of glands that secrete hormones
what does the EEG measure the brains
kenneth clark
psychologist who studied the effect of segregation on children
pupils repond slower to light
why do many older ppl become farsighted?
sympathetic nervouse system
the "fight or flight" response to a stressful situation is activated by the
sematice code
info stored according to its meaning
removal of poisonous substances from teh body
the process of recieving sensory stiumlation
echoic memory
sensory register that holds mental traces of sounds
olfactorary nerve
nerve that sends information about odors to the brain
alpha, theta, beta, delta
what are the 4 types of waves
testosterone, estrogen, progesterone
what do the testies and ovaries produce
singal-detection theory
what attemps to find out how psychological factors affect perception
read, reflect, recite, review
the 4Rs of the PQ4R method
voluntary reponses
through operant conditioningpeople learn to control
classical conditioning
Ivan Pavlov's experiment with dog yielded information about
what does a sound's pitch depend on?
skin senses
pressure and temperature are example of this
left hemisphere
the ability to create language orginates where?
dificulties understanding speech
what does damage to Broca's area and Wernickle's area of the brain can cause?
act of responding differnetly to stimuli that are not simular
the process by which we interpet sensory stimulation
unconditioned response
a response that is automatic
difference threshold
minimum amount of difference that can be detected between two stimuli
absolute threshold
weakest amount of stimulus that can be sensed
nerve cell
even with eyes closed a person knows about the position and motion of his or her body parts becasue of
maintence rehearsal
method of repeating info over and over adian
parasympathetic and sympathetic
what are the autonomic nervous system divided into
primary reinforcer
stimulus that encourages a behavior by meeting an organism's basic biological needs
the memory process that translates information into a form in which it cna be stored
stroboscopic motion
The reason that movies are percieved as moving images because of this
fatty substance that protects the axon
the largest part of the brain
the method of teaching complex behaviors by breaking them down into manageable parts
adrenal glands
what produces the hormone adrenaline and noradrenaline
episodic memory
kind of memory that consists of specific
chemical senses
smell and taste are known as

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