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Extern Exam #1


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Surgical intervention occurs during
The maintenance phase of anesthesia
Surgical intervention occurs during the
maintenance phase of anesthesia
Retinal detachment is due to
Leakage of liquid from vitreous cavity
Dentist prescribes antibiotics for an infected tooth prior to extraction
to prevent bacterial endocarditis.
Hepatomegaly is
an enlarged liver
A TURP is performed to treat
Benign prostatic hypertrophy
A word root meaning kidney
An important preooperative preparation of a laser
is calibrating laser beam
The drug cyclosporine is used to decrease
the body'e natural immunity and given to the patient prior to organ transplant
An injury to a patient as a result of the activity of a health care professional is referred to as
A hernia that presents through Hesselbach's triangle is a/an
direct inguinal hernia
A 10 mm trocar is placed in the umbilical incision
for a laproscopic cholecystectomy
Eggers plate used in the open reduction-internal fixation of fractures
is slotted
The endocardial lead of a permanent is placed in
the right atrium
An abnormal bending backward ot the uterus is called
retroflex ion
Viruses reproduce by
host cell metabolism
The first priority in an emergency situation when treating a patient is
to provide a patient airway
Potts-Smith scissor is the best choice for
extending an arterial incision
A self-retaining retractor used for expoure
of the abdominal cavity is a balfour
The pulse oximetry reading should remain
at or above 95%
3-0 suture is used on the seromuscular layer when an end-to-end anastomosis of the
small intestine if performed
Tissue response monitoring system automatically adjusts the current of the
electrosurgical unit and reduces the need to adjust the power settings for different types of tissues
Manipulator is the technical term
for robotic arms
Bandage is rolled with layer of gauze between layers is the proper preparation of an
Esmarch bandage for steam sterilaization
The most common practice related to the order of performing the sponge, insturment, and sharp counts is
sterile field, amyo stand, off the sterile field
A resectoscope is used during
a/an TURP
The surgical procedure performed to correct the congenital absence of the roof of the mouth is a/an
A skin graft that consists of the epidermis and half of the dermis is a/an
split-thickness skin graft
Purse-string suture technique is used to invert the stump of the apendix during
and appendectomy
35-37 degree C is the
steam biological indicator incubated temperature
Calcium chloride is used to treat
bradycardia in combonation with hypotension
Gloves should not be obtained from the back table for
closed-gloving techniques
When closed gloving:
cuff of gown must be covered by flove, glove is aligned w/ palm down, fingers toward elbow, and scrub person should be only performing technique
The intermediate layer of a three-layer dressing
absorbs secretions
Instill irrigation fluids is the purpose of the third lumen in a
three-way Foley catheter
Spherically-shaped that occur in chains are reffered to a
If unsure of the sharpness othe metzenbaum scissors
cut two 4x4 sponges to test their effectiveness prior to the start of the surgical procedure
The presence of ketones in the urine when an urinalysis is performed
indicates diabetes mellitus
To maintain control of the gurney
the patient should be transported to the O.R. feet first.
10cc of fluid is required to inflate
the indwelling Foley catheter 5-cc balloon
16 lbs is the recommended maximum weight of an
insturment tray
Jorgensen scissors is commonly used to make the final cut in order to remove
the uterus during an abdominal hysterectomy
Trephine is used to make the
corneal cut during a corneal transplant
The temperature in the O.R. is maintained
between 65-75 degrees F
A common fear of pediatric patients that the surgical technologist must address is
seperation from parents
Internal carotid arteries
supplies the brain with blood
Staphylococcus aureus is the MOST commonly transmitted pathogen
in the operating room
Chest rolls are to facilitate respirations for the patient
in prone position
Centesis is the suffix that means
surgical puncture to remove fluid
Inflammation of the inner lining of the heart caused by bacteria is known as
A pregnancy that does not ocur in the normal location is called
an ectopic pregnancy
If two chest tubes are placed, the purpose of the second chest tube inserted in the lower portion of the thoracic cavity is to
evacuate fluids
Cottonoids are use during a
Bispectral index monitoring assists the anesthesia provider in monitoring the
anesthesia level during a surgical procedure
Pulse oximetry monitoring equipment is a noninvasive assessment of the
oxygen saturation level of arterial blood.
10 hours is the length of time
an item must be completely submerged in glutaraldehyde to consider it sterile
An absorbent towel should line
mesh-bottom of a tray locked
Cefazolin (Ancef)is an
The body's first line of defense against the invasion of pathogens is
uncompromised skin
The upper portion of the stomach is called
the fundus
The minimum teperature for a warm cycle when using the EtO sterilizer is
55 degrees C.
Stamey endoscopic procedure
is performed on females with stress incontinence that results in suspending the fascia oft he bladder to the rectus fascia w/ sutures
A mutagenic and carcinogenic hazard of laser use is
sugical plume
A type of inflamatory bowel disease w/ chronic inflammation fot he intestine is called
Crohn's disease
Production of insulin is not a function of the
Functions of the liver include
production of bile, detoxification, and metabolize fats and proteins
During a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft)if saphenous vein is not used the
internal mammary artery is the other vessel of choice
#2 nonabsorbalee sutures are used to repair
the rotator cuff of the shoulder
Valvulotome is used during a
femoropoliteal bypass to remove valves from the saphenous vein
The raney clip is a type of
scalp clip
Transphenodial hypophysectomy is performed to treat
tumor of the pituitary gland
Hypoxia is a condition when the blood of the patient w/in the surgical wound is
dark color
A term referring to nosebleed is
Failure of the sphincter muscles of the lower esophagus to relax is a condition called
When placing a patient in the lithotomy position
the surgical technologist needs to obtain stirrups for proper positioning of the patient
A degenerative joint disease is
During general anesthesia the patient is
The roof of the mouth is called
the palate
A patient w/ WBC count of 13,000 would indicate
an infection
When a surgeon is constantly requesting a higher current for the electrosurgical unit
Inspect the dispersive electrode
Thrombin loses potency
after 3 hours
A mechanical method of hemostasis used during orthopedic procedures is
oxidized cellulose
Methylene blue if frequently used during procedures on the urinary bladder or uterine tubes
it is mixed w/ saline and instilled in the urinary bladder using a Foley catheter. If the bladder ahs been injured, the blue solution will flow out into the pelvis
Total abdominal hysterectomy refers to the removal of the
uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.
Polyproylene mesh is an inert material that can be used in the presence of an
A penrose drain is used to retract the spermatic cord sinde the drain is traumatic, before using
the drain should be moistened in normal saline
Air must be expelled from the syringe and tubing prior to
injecting the radiopaque contrast
The t-tube is shaped like a T and allows the
distal placement of one arm of T and proximal placement of the other arm to facilitate drainage of the CBD (common bile duct)
The surgical indication represented by incomplete closure of the veretebra arches in newborns is
spina bifida
Surgical trauma to the first and second cranial nerves would cause loss of the
senses of smell and light
A tumor arising from the covering of the brain is a
Carpal tunnel release ia procedure that relieves
copression by the transverse ligament on the median nerve of the wrist.
Hydrocephalus is teated w/ a
ventriculoperitoneal shunt
thrombin application does not control bleeding in the
skin and galea
The pathology that involves the contracton fo the palmar fascia is
dupuytren's disease
Gynecomastian is the medical term that refers to the
abnormal excess development of male breast
Rhytidectomy is another term for a
face lift
Two surgical instruments commonly used to remove the midline hump in the nose are
chisel or rasp
The shin incision for a abdominalplasty is
low transverse
The lens and its capsule are removed in an
intracapsular extraction
During a total hip arthroplasty
The femoral head is removed

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