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Vocab- Chaps. I-III


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1. very great or bad: extremely serious, severe, or painful an acute financial crisis 2. perceptive: keenly perceptive and intelligent an acute grasp of foreign affairs 3. sensitive: very powerful and sensitive to detail acute eyesight The acute scale measured the sample for the experiment acute
1. satisfied: self-satisfied and unaware of possible dangers 2. eager to please: eager to please I find the complacency of the upper middle class disconcerting. adjective
obese: somewhat overweight Some would say that the new girl is corpulent, but that's just mean. adjective
1. pretend something: to make a show or pretense of something She feigned ignorance. 2. invent something: to make up or fabricate something 3. copy somebody or something: to imitate or copy somebody or something Why would someone want to feign madness in today's society? Transitive verb
1. of ruddy complexion: having an unhealthily glowing pink or red complexion 2. ornate in wording and style: ornate and overly complicated in wording and general style That new girl over there has the most florid skin, she will never get a date. adjective
irritable and complaining: irritable and likely to complain or misbehave The fractious little girl was a bother to all her teachers. adjective
1. hint of something improper: an indirect remark or gesture that usually carries a suggestion of impropriety 2. law interpretation of possibly libelous language: in a legal action for libel or slander, an interpretation of words that are claimed to be libelous where the meaning is not obvious 3. law gloss for technical legal word: an explanation of a technical legal word, usually given in parentheses Mrs. Jones resented the innuendo that she had not responded quickly enough to her husband's cries for help. adjective
1. without energy: lacking vigor and energy a languid gesture 2. sluggish: moving slowly A languid afternoon breeze flowed over the beach. adjective
1. rural: relating to the countryside or to rural life 2. idealizing rural life: presenting an idealized image of rural life and nature 3. of clergy: relating to Christian ministers or priests or their duties 4. giving advice to students: involving the giving of personal advice and support to students on the part of a teacher as opposed to simply teaching them 5. used for pasture: describes land that is used as pasture 6. of sheep or cattle: relating to or keeping sheep or cattle Van Gogh turned pastoral subject matter into modern art. adjective
1. dictatorial: expecting to be obeyed and unwilling to tolerate disobedience, 2. expressing urgency: communicating urgency, command, or instruction 3. law closed to further consideration or action: ending, or not open to, discussion, debate, or further action You have been found guilty of this charge and it is not open to appeal or challenge. adjective
closeness: closeness in space or time My dorm is in close proximity of the laboratory. noun
contemptuously indifferent: full of contempt and arrogance His manner is supercilious and arrogant. adjective
1. inane: lacking ideas or intelligence, or showing such a lack a vacuous remark 2. idle: lacking attention, concentration, or serious thought a vacuous stare 3. lacking content: having no content or substance ( archaic ) The man had a very vacuous mind. adjective
1. pale: unhealthily pale, especially from illness or grief 2. indicative of low spirits: suggesting ill health or unhappiness He gave me a wan look. 3. faint: lacking brightness A wan star was spotted in the night sky. adjective

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