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a loose ethnic term that refers to all Spanish-speaking people from Latin America and Spain; equivalent to Latino
a loose ethnic term that refers to all Spanish-speaking people from Middle and South America and Spain equivalent to Hispanic
French Canadian ethnic group or members of that group; also, all citizens of Quebec, regardless of ethnicity
windblown dust that forms deep soils in North America
Economic core
the dominant economic region within a larger region; specifically southern Ontario and the north central part of the United States
the cutting down of all trees on a given plot of land, regardless of age, health, or species
Pacific Rim
all of the countries that border the Pacific Ocean on the west and east
Interstate highway system
the federally subsidized network of highways in the United States
Hub-and-spoke network
the organization of air service in North America around hubs, or strategically located airports used as collection and transfer points for passengers and cargo traveling from one place to another
Service sector
economic activity that amounts to doing services for others
Information technology (IT)
the part of the service sector that relies on the use of computers and the internet to process and transport information, including banks, software companies, medical technology companies and publishing houses
Metropolitan areas
cities with a population of 50,000 or more and their surrounding suburbs
Urban sprawl
encroachment of suburbs on agricultural land
an area found when several cities grow to the extent that their edges meet and coalesce
Fall line
a line of waterfalls and rapids that cannot be caused by boats
a combination of industrial air pollution and car exhaust (smoke + fog)
Thermal inversion
a warm mass of stagnant air that is temporarily trapped beneath heavy cooler air
Acid rain
acidic precipitation that has formed through the interaction of rainwater or moisture in the air with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted during the burning of fossil fuels
a natural underground reservoir
Ogallala aquifer
the largest North American natural aquifer, which underlies the Great Plains
Long-lot system
a system of long, narrow plots of land stretching back from the edge of the St. Lawrence River, which gave French Canadian settlers access to resources extending inland from the river
Boreal forests
northern coniferous forests
Taiga forests
sub arctic forests
a treeless area between the ice cap and the tree line of artic regions, which has permanently frozen subsoil
foreign-owned factories, often located in Mexican towns just over the border from U.S. towns, that hire people at low wages to assemble manufactured goods that are then sent elsewhere for sale; now also used for similar firms in other parts of Mexico and Middle America

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