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Pest Control Unit 2 Part 2


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What is the #1 disease that the House Fly transmits
What are the 4 stages of life for a House Fly
Larvae (maggot)
This fly is gray in color, has a gray thorax, 4 equally broad, longitudinal stripes, non-biting, sponging mouth parts, and body hairs. Which fly is it?
House fly
A Blow fly is also known as what?
Blue bottle or Green bottle flies.
Blue bottle or Green bottle flies (blow flies) are identified by what?
Their large metallic shining blue or green abdomens.
Blow flies larvae can also be called what?
Surgical maggots.
Surgical maggots or blow fly larvae can cause what 2 disease?
Typhoid fever
This fly is small and moth like, body and wings are densely covered in hair, the females have piercing mouth parts, and bites at evening and night. What fly is it?
Sand Fly
What 3 diseases do Sand flies transmit?
1. Bacterial (Bartonella)
2.Viral (Sand fly or Pappataci fever)
3.Protozoal (Leishmaniasis)
Which fly transmits Trypanosomiasis (African Sleeping Sickness).
Tse Tse Fly
What are the characteristics of the Black Fly?
Small in length (1-5 mm)

Dark in color

Stout body with short, broad wings.
Onchocerciasis (River Blindness) is transmited by which fly.
The Black Fly
Horse and Deer flies vector what disease?
1.Bacterial (anthrax and tularemia)

2.Protozoan (trypanosomes)

3.Helminthic (Loa Loa infections)
Eye Gnats transmit what disease?
Eye Gnats are attracted to what?
Wounds, pus, and sebaceous secretions.
This insect has lyre shaped silver-white lines on thorax, with white bands on the tarsal segments.
Aedes Aegypti
The eggs of the Aedes Aegypti are laid how and where?
Laid singly on the side of containers at or above the waterline.
Which mosquitos bite during the morning and late afternoon and is considered a day biter?
Aedes Aegypti
Aedes Aegypti vector what disease? (4)
Dengue fever
Yellow fever
Filarial nematodes
Which mosquito has spotted wings?
Anopheles species
This mosquito keeps its head, thorax, and body at 40 or 90 degrees when at rest
Anopheles species
Most adult Anopheles are active when?
At night
Malaria is mostly transmitted by which mosquito?
Anopheles species
This species of mosquito occur in tropical and subtropic regions, breed in quiet water of all types, especially water that contains organic matter.
Culex species
When are Culex species of mosquito generally inactive?
During the day.

They are night biters.
What 2 disease do Culex species of mosquito vector? (2)

West Nile Encphalitis
What is an ectoparasite of birds and mammals?
Who is the chief vector of bubonic plague and flea borne typhus?`
Oriental rat flea.
What is a distinct characteristics of a hard tick?
Hard cover called a scutum.
How many host do hard ticks have during thier development?
2 - 3
After a blood meal hard tick females drop off host and do what?
Lay a single LARGE batch of eggs.
What disease do Hard ticks vector? (3)
Lyme disease (a spirochete)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (tick typhus)

Tick borne Rickettsioses of Eastern Hemisphere.
What is a distinguishing feature of a Soft tick?
Lack of scutum.
When and how long do Soft ticks feed?
They feed at night for a short period of time.
The larvae and nymph of this tick feeds several times before molting. Which tick is it?
Soft tick
This female tick feeds a number of times laying small batches of eggs after each feeding. Which tick is it?
Soft tick female
Soft ticks vector what disease?
Relapsing fever
Scabies can also be known as what?
An Itch mite
What are the medical importance of Mites?
They can cause dermatitis in workers handling dry foods, respiratory complications when their by-products are inhaled, Urinary tract infections and/or urethral stricture, and gastrointestinal disturbances.
How many legs do Mite larvae have?
How many legs do Mite nymphs and adults have?
This pest is known to infest warm blooded animals including man, is not known to vector disease, is considered annoying and can seriously affect morale. What is it?
This pest is flat, reddish brown, wingless with sucking mouth parts, a nocturnal feeder, and bites produce small hard white wheals. What is it
What is the common name for Rattus Norvegicus?
Norway rat
Which rodent is the most common and largest of rats?
Norway rat
Brown rat, house rat, barn rat, and sewer rat can also be called what?
Norway rat or
Rattus Norvegicus
Rattus Norvegicus average life span is how long?
1 year
Which rodent has coarse fur, heavy set body, tail is shorter then body and head combined?
Rattus Norvegicus or
Norway rat
What is the home range of the Norway rat
100 to 150 feet
Which rat produces large fecal droppings
Norway Rat
What are the preferred foods of the Norway rat.
Garbage, meat, fish, veggies, fruit, cereal.

(good to know for proper baiting)
Which rat leaves run markings near floor.
Rattus Norvegicus
When fluorescing rodent urine what color will it glow?
What is the common name for Rattus Rattus?
Roof rat
What is the life span of a Rattus rattus?
1 year
Which rat is frequently found on ships?
Roof rat
Which rat has a tail longer than head and body combined, slender body, pointed nose, and large prominent ears
Roof rat
What is the home range of a Rattus rattus
100-150 feet
Which rat preffers to eat seeds, cereals, veggies, fruit, grass, leather goods, chocolate, and members of its own kind?
Roof rats
Which rat is an agile climber and leaves run marks in over head?
Roof rat
Which pest is the smallest of domestic rodents, tail is about as long as head and body combined, ears are moderately large and prominent.
House mouse or
Field mouse
What is the home range of a field/house mouse?
10-30 feet
What disease is the House mouse known to vector.
Hanta virus
Which rat fecal droppings are small and rod shaped?
Hosue/field mouse
What are 4 control methods for all rodents?
1.Eliminate sources of food, water, and shelter.

2.Keep food storage areas clean.

3.Prompt disposal of garbage.

4.Rat Guards
What type of rat guards are not approved for use?
Chinese rat guards
What is the only approved method for catching rodents aboard ship?
Are rodenticides authorized onboard ship?
No, unless the infestation is so severe an Entomologist must spray. This is with C/O approval.
What instruction covers Deratting and Deratting exemption procedures?
BUMEDINST 6250.14 Series
Who is responsible for procurement of the Deratting Cert.
IAW BUMEDINST 6250.14 Series
What must all deployable vessels maintain, since they could be deployed to foreign ports?
A Derat Cert.

IAW BUMEDINST 6250.14 Series
When will Derat Cert. be required?
Enviromental Health Survey (EHS)

Medical Readiness Evaluation (MRE)

Entering foreign ports.
How long is the Derat Cert. good for?
6 months
Who can extend an expired Derat Cert. and for how long?
The original issuer can extend the Cert. for 1 month once.
What are the specs. for placing rat guards?
1. Must be 36" in dia.
2. six feet from pier
3.Point of cone toward ship.
4.The cone must be attached to line securely to eliminate gaps. Rags may be used as fillers.

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