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dissolved gases in water
dissolved oxygen: a healthy water body will have 3 ppm or greater, carbon dioxide: high levels are unhealthy to aquatic animals like fish
a substance that dissolves another substance
concentrated solution
strong solution
soil, clay, rock, factors that affect the ground movement, compaction of the earths materials,
west nile
carried by mosquitos, affects people with a weak immune systems, childer/elderly
alga bloom
nitrogen and phosphate compounds found in both animal waste and fertilizers cause alga bloom. uses bacteria to break down dead algea which uses more oxygen so there is less for the fish
industrial/hazardous wastes
illegal dump sites, leaks from landfill sites, chemical spills from pipe or leaks or accidents
agriculture/sewage runoff
animal waste: bacteria and viruses, chemicals: fertilizers and pesticides, sediments from land erosion
single cell animals: plantlike, animal
single cell plants that live in water, algea bloom is where there is a rapid growth of algea due to an over abundunce of food, takes away oxygen which sufficates fish
industrial/hazardous waste
chromium: cancer causing, copper: can damage the liver and makes water taste bitter, cyanide: extremely toxic, iron:mining, dangerous in high concentrations, ph: less then 6 and greater than 8.5, salinity: salt
the volume of space between earth material
sources of contaminates
energy, agriculture, industrial/hazardous wastes, sewage
mixture that has a substance dissolved in it. a solution will still be transparent to light. a good indicator that has something dissolvedin it is a physical change in colorq
earth material which alows the free movement of groundwater through it, gravel, sand and stone
water resources
limited supply of fresh water. 97% is salt water that comes from the oceans
ammonium nitrate, phosphates, nitrates
obtaining and use of energy resources is the major cause of being polluted
shapless one cell mass, most harmful to humans, carries the disease dynesty which causes diarriah and vomiting, transmitted through feces
animal wastes
ammonium nitrates, phosphates, nitrates, sulfides, chlorine which is used to disinfect water
the abilty of water to move through earth material, the most important factor of a good aquifer
natural contaminates
iron: a lot of minerals contain iron compounds in them, hardness: the amount of calcuim and magnesium compounds that are dissolved in water, silicates: a lot of minerals contain silicate compounds in them
the process when acid is added tod a base each particle of an acid can be nuetralized by a base particle, if u have two base particles you will need the same number of acid particles to neutralize.
combination of substances that can be physicaly seperated
saturated solution
a very strong solution there is so much solute in the solvent the the solvent can not dissolve any more
substance that gets dissolved by another substance
a bacteria found in the intestines of animals and humans, presance of it in water is a strong indication that reccent sewage or animal waste conamination
found beneath the earths surface, most people get their water from a groundwater resource
a single cell protozoa with cilla which they use for locomotion, plasam odium, causes the disease malaria and is transmitted from the bite of a mosquito
uses of water
each person drinks about 1.5 liters per day. water is used for bathing cooking cleaning. industries use about 10 bilion liters per day and farms use 375 billion liters per day
dilute solution
a weak solution,
more energy
mining adds sediments to the water, oil spills, nuclear: releases radioactive wastes, power plants release heat into the enviorment gas molecules dissolve in water and come back down as acid rain
a single cell organism that forms a green scum on ponds or drainage dishes, contains chlorophyll, gets energy from sun light
biological contamination of surface water
is more common then chemical contamination, causes more illness than chemical contamination

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