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evolution 3


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beldings ground squirrels
dealt with altruistic alarming calling. that help his fitness by saving their young while potentialy putting them selves in danger
sperm competition
males sperm rights in the females. best way to do is when large number of males wanting to mate is large ejaculations and use your sperm judicously
hamiltons rule
stats that altruism behavior will spread if Br-C>0
study of evolutionary models and how they predict social behaviors
ess. three guidelines
1-never be the first to defet
2-be will to retaliate by defection
3-be willing again to coop with retaliation by defection
coefficent of relationshio\p. probability that two homologous alles are identical by descent
protein associated with the flu virus
generations can overlap
cooperative broods
specialized caste of nonreproductive indviduals
two taxa with the same trait that was derived from 2 different common ancestors
classifying relationship of orgnisms ie naming them
overall similarity characteristics of the now
shared evolutionary history of an organism
inclusive fitness
indviduals total fitness. sum of its indirect fitness. due to reproduction by relatives and made possible by the indviduals actions and direct fitness due to reproduciton
direct fitness
results from personal reproduction
indirect fitness
results from additonal reproduction by relatives made possible by an individuals actions

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