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Lesson 3


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a type of computer program used by hackers and unscrupulous advertising agencies to spy on computer users. these programs make computers less efficent and slow and sometimes provide thieves with important infortmation. they can also "hijack" a computer and use it to crash a website without the computer owner's knowledge
Function keys
keys on the keyboard that are used to give commands to the computer
Serial ports
ports used to physically connnect input and output devices to thee computer. serial ports transmit data one bit at a time
pointing device that works like a mouse turned upside down comtrols the movement of the on-screen pointer
USB ports
a new type of port thats taking the place of all the other ports more powerful and versatile than written parralel ports.
computer program thats written to cause corruption of data
Input devices
enables the user to input data and commands into the computer
flash drive
portable storage device that plugs into a UBS port
touch screen
input device where you use your fingers to point to an object on the screen
output devices
devices that enable the computer to give the user the results of the processed data
the number of pixels or dots that monitor can display
also called digital versatile disk full length movies can be stored on this med.
Parrallel ports
ports used to physically connect input and output devices to the computer . parrallel ports transmit data eight bits at a time
disk that can store up to 680 MB of data data can only be read from it
voice recognition
input devices used to speak commands into the computer and to enter text
device that allows a user to enter text and/or simple commands
Hard Drive
contained within your computers tower the hard drive provides the PC's main storage area. It contains my documents and all the other floders and programs on the C; drive

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