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Living Cells


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1. All organisms are made of cells
2. All cells come from cells
3. A cell is the basic unit of life or an organism
Cell Theory
Observations and conclusions made into the cell theory was done by
Robert Hooke
Uses electrons instead of like and magnifies things up to 500,000 times
Electron microscope
Uses light and many lenses to magnify things up to 1500 times
Compound light microscope
Cless that do not membrane bound organelles
Cells that have a membrane bound organelles and a nucleus
Flexible boundary or sac between the cell and its environment
Plasma membrane
Process in which a membrane only allows some molecules to get through it while keeping other molecules out
Selective permeability
has two fatty acid chains and a phosphate group making
Plasma membrane of a cell is made up of two layers of these
Creates a barrier between the cell and its environment by two layers with fatty acid tails in the middle
Plasma membrane
Phospholipids move within the plasma membrane (like water)
Fluid mosaic model
Help the selective permeable plasma membrane choose which molecules get into cell and which can leave the cell
Transport proteins (found in the lipid membrane
A fairly rigid structure located outside the plasma membrane of plants
cell wall
Provides support and protection for plants
cell wall
Control center of cell containing Chromosomes and DNA
Stringly web of genetic material and histone proteins found in the nucleus of the cell
Site where cells produce proteins according to the directions of DNA. These sites are made of RNA and proteins
Clear thick fluid inside a cell
Site of chemical reactions in a cell
Endoplasmic reticulum
Site of protein synthesis
Rough endoplasmic reticulum
Site where proteins go after leaving ribosomes to be modified or changed as needed
Golgi Apparatus
Organelle that gets proteins from Golgi Apparatus and transfers it to where it is supposed to go
Temporary storage compartment for materials usually found in plant cells
Have digestive enzymes (helpers) that break down food, viruses, old organelles, and bacteria
Cell organelles that capture light and turn it into chemical energy for the cell. Only found in plant cells
Traps light energy from chloroplasts and gives plants their green color
These transform energy for cells
Framework of cell (like a skeleton is our body's framework)
Thin hollow tubes made of protein used to help maintain shape of cell or cytoskeleton
Solid protein fibers that help maintain the shape of the cell
Made of microtubules and are in pairs and help in cell division
Many short projections (hair like)found on cell surfaces and help the cell move and feed
Long projections that move like a whip (usually only one or two in a cell). Help the cell move
Highly organized (complex) structures inside a cell
Makes ribosomes and is found inside the nucleus

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