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NAVOSH 19.1 Test #1


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To furnich each employee a place of employment which is free from recongnized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees
OSHAct duties for employer
A tree vloume instruction applies to all alfoat commands.
OPNAVINST 5100.19 series
Standard Organization and Regulations manual of the Navy, ehich provides training requirements.
OPNAVINST 3120.32 series
Who monitors safety and occupational health statics, and provides direct support to fleet units on safety matters
Command Naval Safety Center
If someone is assigned the duty of the safety officer as a Collateral duty what rank must they hold?
A commissioned officer of department head status
How oftern does the Safety Council meet?
How often are Industrial Hygiene Surveys conducted?
every 18 months
What does "SEAP" stand for?
Engineering controls
Administrative Controls
What is: replacement of a process, material or equipment having a lower hazard potential
Who establishes the Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program?
Command Officer
Asbestos can only be identified how?
In the Laboratory utilizing a polarized light Microscope
During the Pre-Collection stage of asbestos what are the two steps to be taken?
Restrict access within 10 feet of area

Secure exhaust and supply ventilation of space
During collection stage of asbestos what are the important things to note?
Secure ventilation, PPE, Cut 1/2 inch diameter piece of material, place in 4x4 polyurethane bag, and label.
What form is the Asbestos sample submitted on?
NEHC 5100/16
How long are asbestos records kept?
What do you do with the asbestos records after a command decommissions?
Forward to NEHC
How do you label an asbestos record?
1 inch block letter "ASBESTOS"
When does someone need to wear single hearing protection.
When noise levels reach above 84db or below 103db.
What form number is used to label a noise area?
NAVMED 6260/2
What form is used to record annual or periodic hearing tests?
What is considered a significant threshold shift?
15db or greater
If a STS is found when do you restest?
14 hrs of exclusion from noise levels in excess of 80db.
How often is training conducted for hearing conservation?
annual basis
Who establishes an effective respiratory protection program?
Commanding Officer
If a patient is 37 years old how oftern do they need a medical clearance for respirator use?
Every 2 years
Waht must the O2 concentration be for an air-purifying respirator?
What Chapter in the 5100.19 series is the basic standard operating procedure manual for resp. protection porgram?
How should all respiratory protection equipment be labeled.
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)/Mine safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved.
How should respirators be washed?
2 min in water solution of iodine (0.8ml of tinture of iodine to 1 liter of water)
Who often are fit-test conducted?
Prior to being issued and annually there-after

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