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How do people find out they have the disease?
people find out they have the disease by getting their blood tested.The test does not measure the actual presence of aids/HI V;it measures the immune cells that try to combat HI V.Testing positive means the immune cells showed up in the results, and that you have the virus in your body.
What does HI V stand for?
HI V is short for " human immundeficiency virus. "
What does aids stand for?
Aids stands for acquired immundeficiency syndrome.Acquired means something you got after you were born.Immundeficiency means your immune system lacks what it needs to protect you against illness. Syndrome is a pattern of signs or symptoms of illnesses that occur after a period of time.
What is a virus?
A virus is a small organism ( to small to see without a microscope ) that can exist inside people and make them sick.
How is the aids virus transmitted?
Researches have identified three ways in which aids is transmitted.
. Intimate sexual contact
. Exposure to infected blood
. Transmission from an infected pregnant woman to her fetus.
What is the most common way of becoming infected?
Sexual transmission of the aids virus has occurred mainly among homosexual and bisexual men, but has also occurred among heterosexual men and woman.
How can people using drugs get Aids.
The aids virus also afflicts intravenous drug users who can be exposed to infected blood by sharing hypodermic needles and syringes.
What are some treatments for aids?
Many treatments for aids have been tried but a cure has yet to be found.
What are some of the symptoms?
Some symptoms are usually pronged. they include:enlarged glands, tiredness, fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, night sweats, memory disorders, weight, and coordinate problems.
How can you prevent Aids/HIV?
To prevent transmission of the aids

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