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how do parasites divide?
what are teh 2 nematodes that stay in teh gut (don't move from there)?
enterobius (pinworm)
trichuris (whipworm)
necator americanus is aka
what are the three roundworms that migrate to the lung at some stage of their life cycle?
necator americanus (hookworm)
ascaris lumbricoides
what are 2 nematodes that acquired by penetrating the skin?
necator americanus (hookworm)
in waht lifeform are ascaris, necator and strongyloides when they travel to teh lung? what about when they leave the lung?
larval for both
what 2 worms will not show eosinophilia b/c they don't invade?
what type of worm is a schistosome?
trematode (fluke)
what's the worm whose female travels to the perineum to lay eggs at night?
how do you acquired shistosoma?
through fresh water
what is the virulence strategy of schistosomes?
molecular mimicry (incorporate host Ag onto surface)
what is the zoonotic part of the schisotome life cycle?
water snail
describe what happens when schistosome invades human
penetrate human skin --> travel to hepatic portion of portal system to mature and mate --> travel to bladder/intestine veins to lay eggs. Eggs released into urine/feces --> nearby lake
what aspects of worms do we launch an immune response to?
eggs, dead worms
3 clinical manifestations of schitosome infection
1. dermatitis at site of invasion
2. katayama fever - immune response to eggs
3. organ/ bl vessel fibrosis - b/c of egg deposition + subsequent inflamm response (chronic)
what type of worms are hermaphrodites?
tapeworms (cestodes)
what are the boxlike segments of tapeworms called?
taenia solium is contracted how?
pork (undercooked)
what do tapeworms have that facilitate attachment?
taenia saginata is contracted how?
diphyllobothrium latum is contracted how?
freshwater fish (trout, salmone)
what is Echinococcus granulosus and multilocularis?
causes an extra-intestinal tapeworm infection (hydatid disease)
3 host defenses against parasitic infection
1. IgA = anti-amoebic
2. complement mediated lysis - classical/alternative
3. cell mediated immunity (limited role)
4 ways in which helminths evade host immunity
1. capsule (hydatid cyst)
2. mimicry (schistosome)
3. don't invade (e.g. ascaris)
4. induce immunosuppression
which tapeworm will form a cyst which is invisible to the host immune system?
echinococcus granulosus (hydatid disease)
typhoid vaccine
killed, intact bacteria
non-oral polio vaccine
killed, intact virus
oral polio
live, attenuated
hep A
killed, intact virus
killed, disrupted virus
meales, mumps, rubella
live, attenuated
live, attenuated
acellular pertussus vaccine
purified bacterial proteins
h. influenzae type B
purified bacterial polysaccharide
pneumococcal vaccine
purified bacterial polysaccharide
purified bacterial polysaccharide
hep B vaccine
purified viral protein
inactivated toxin
inactivated toxin
childhood vaccines in Canada
M - meningococcus
A - acellular pertussis
P - pneumococcal
5 - 5 in one - DPT, polio, H. influenzae
H - Hep B
C - chickenpox
what is epidemic typhus transmitted by?
body louse (lice)
Ehrlichia is what type of organism; transmitted by what?
bacteria (grouped with Chlamydia, Ricketssia) and is transmitted by a tick
describe invasion of ehrlichia
invade macrophage and prevent lysosomal fusion
toxoplasmosis Sx in adults are similar to what?
toxoplasmosis Sx in feetal infxns manifest as
how do you diagnose acute toxoplasmosis?
IgM capture assay - most patients 's IgM AB disappears within 6-12 months post infection
virulence strategy of trypanosoma cruzi
antigen shedding
how does plasmodium cause immunosupression?
it inhibits activation of T cells
what organism exhibits Ag shedding
trypanosoma cruzi
2 virulence strategies of plasmodium
1. Ag variation
2. prevent activation of T-cells
chloroquinine resistance in P. falciparum is mediated by
ATP dependent pump mech
what group does hantavirus belong to?
bunyaviridae (arbovirus)

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